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Thursday, January 26, 2023

 Welcome to - we help host the following experiential learning games - please tell us if you design game mapping mutual win-wins across 8 billion human intelects and their almost unlimite helpers the AI Artificial Intelects

the james wislon game started 180 yeras ago (1843) as a branch of Adam Smith Games (aged 265 in 2023) - how could a weekly newspatpr help the world's leading 20 something monarch change war-making and slave-making empire to commonwelath mapmaking; Glasgow June 2023 will be anmiating its related 265th version of this game - smithian moral sentimens; since subprime we have been keeping notes on how all or morality of global and local trade mapping interconnects with advice from how 1 billion poorest asian women have mapped the world since 1970 and through cooperation universities they launched in 2001

-we also have a contemporay update - how can you help the world's oldest English mindset monarch - for example which royal societies can be morphed ininto Un sgd daos? among the 17sdgs - goal 4: education is leading the way with 6000 teacher dao and dreamdao uniting the most humanitarian brains of 16-20 somethings

we have been hosting the games of exonomistai since 1951- this bridged the first centuiry of the economist with ist next half centiry- and according to maths gaots it needed to be framed aroun 4 by forty uera intergenerationa eras deteming extnction or something altogether more natural for our specues

wilson was unlucky - he helped queen victiria ebd the corn laws and so exinnction of the irish population but she then sent him to india to launch the fitrst finaciaial state of teh nation by and for the quarter of the peopels on that subconinents; after his first state of the subconinent cekebration he died of dairrhean in calcutta in  1860 five years before international communicatiosn were launched out of the swiss coordior of nations round the ITU - so although wilson's son in law walter baghot contineued to help quen vic cgnage the english constitution the worldwide mediation of this satlled; in fact the world worse=rst ever corporation went futher east and clsoed doew the coastline from sinagpore to tokyo indluding all of china (who wisely refused the offer ti make pium the far east;s currency0

we have been hosting the games of since 1951 - see - here's what happened @worldwar 2 to my father as last days as teenagers, ao whu his brain united with the biggest questuon mathematicians have ever posed

our sustainble epoenetial economist alphabet ef ED full name (bank) (university) (water) (women) (aers) (food)  

dad's last public birthday part st hames - feb asked what will hapen to future of money now subprime has shown paper money printers do not have milellnials souls at heart - see Eb; this learning curve was merged with 2023-2008 adam smith schilars and asian's 1 billion women who had already started their new university cooeratiosn back in 2001

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