123 "Tomorrow, Intelligence =1 What we compute:2 What we communicate: 3 Whether Mother Nature chooses to cancel our species." Scary huh! www.economistdiary.com -records show 3 men foresaw exponential acceleration of this intergenerative crisis in 1945. The NET: Neumann Einstein Turing. By 1955 Neumann noted a Large Language Mediation solution but he also entered terminal cancer and Einstein died and Turing Suicided. For over 50 years we raced to design global media while forgetting NeuronN maths
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.One day Jensen Huang may make ED's AI Hall of fame redundamt, meanwhileFeb 2024 what a treat- Nvidia ceo explains freedom of million times more comp coming to community near you..Entrepreneurial Revolutions intergenerational laureates origin Von Neumann's NET; dedicated to Royals of UK, Japan, Netherlands UK Royal Society's Economist James Wilson 1843+. Adam Smith/James Watt Morality 1758+ -
1970-2019 : Fazle Abed 1 billion women;;; 1994 onwards Fei-Fei Li with thanks to friends of Steve Jobs, Melinda Gates and Taiwanese Americans for Humanity:: correct errors chief ignorance networker: chris.macrae @yahoo.co.uk wash dc writes: please see AI20s.com for review of 23 as year of Chat and why/how we discuss with bard 24 as year of intelligence action and breakthroughs of UNsummitfuture.com ; also why King Charles launch of AI world Series (Bletchley-Korea-Paris-NY sept 2024) is our fav short youtube of 23..also for parents consider .Dec 2023 Royal Institution Lecture on AI
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Thursday, December 31, 1981

3/19/2024 Intelligence fans most critical day yet.

 Why crucial update of

5 Taiwaese most likely to save humanity

Fei-Fei Li's friends of educationally opn AI4all

Policy makers collision of 2024's top 10 tech chage multipliers which man-made intelligence merely gravitates

Update of King Charles Diary of Brit's versions of Rnglish language logics and rhymes since bard and newton's visions collided

.....more crossroads coming UNsummitfuture.com


Today's Intelligence fan's most important day yet thanks to Nvidia's Jensen H - to see why www.economistdiary.com/1981 - My family & i started up 2025report of intelligence most important future days on my 30th birthday 1981 which in turn was also dad's 30th year of meeting von neumann and agreeing economist journalists would try to live up to being neumann's future diarist. Why today? update by nvidia's leader - when Jensen saw crossroads of fei-fei li's 2012 AI Imagenet world championships breakthrough he started building million times less costly computers for those doing biggest data analysis. With Melinda Gates he also founded Li's education NGO ai-4-all. which gave her a 4th platform independent of 2 NSF, 3 Stanford, $ Google Cloud J is one of 3J's pacific coast taiwanese americans linkin uniquely youthful doers of change for societal good openly connecting all others. Another Jerry is heads Stanford trustees while his artistic Japanese wife helps mrs doerr with agenda of the new climate school at stanford. The third taiwanese family led by Joseph built the neuroscience labs at their alma maters stanford and yale and have been celebrating mental/physical health of black girl superstars out of brooklyn and san diego. Of cause there's also Maurice Chang ove in Taiwan still the producer of individual chips - 80 billion of which are configured in gpu bought from Nvidia. Wow what an amazing world of innovation we're traveling through!. Much Moore at update www.economistdary.com/1981 www.2025report.com final edition www.economistwomen.com


previously Golden Oldie 1955's Diary

tracking who's at ai for good events connected by UN -2023 version is the first beyond houlin zhao's consistent vision

Year 8 of craziest series of communications summits my family has attended since dad was only journalist at birth of EU Messina 1955.

This series (hopefully intended for millennials fans of intelligence saving humanity)  began September UN NY UNGA 2016 at year 1 review of goal 4 education. While 90% attending Gordon Brown's pow-wow (year 7 after he attended Glasgow's remembrance of dad's purpose -see journal of new economics - adam smith 2.infinity) said we need more money for edu; 10% led by soon to be retired public service world bank leader jim kim and alibaba leader J MA said not until we redefine edu around everyone improving everyone else tech as well as human intel. 

It turned out over in switzerland there's been a type 4 enginnerers venerable branch of UN ITU (attached to the league of nations predecessor where einstein hosted 1920s transnational intellectual cooperation pow-wows)  which designs futures of all telecoms since 1865. The next day Kim-Ma met UNCTAD leaders over from Geneva in NY and at this The meeting it was agreed how switzerland (also home of bottom-up health servant leaders and WHO) would  help Guterres 10 year birth of UN2.0 starting January 2017 get off to a quick start; that's how the AIforgood summits were born (kudos to redoutable public servant Houlin Zhao) and soon blended with ITU's WSIS since 2005 as 24/7 virtual platform where the future of students of intel could help millennials be the first renewable as well as generative generation. 

Royal Society Report : First 10 years of Fei-Fei Li's Rebirth of AI intentions of Neumann-Einstein-Turing https://royalsocietypublishing.org/doi/10.1098/rsos.221414

The first was graced by fei-fei li: 2017 was 6th year of her world summit imagenet bring ai out of ai winter and the 4th year since the birth of her ngo au4all with its 2 foubdinf sponsors Nvidia's Jensen Huang and womens moments of intelligence Melinda Gates2.0 (ie now starting her own foundation not just being Bill's number 2) . Intriguingly from summer 2017 Melinda Gates was asked to ne main chair of Guterres UN2.0 digital UN and Fei-Fei Li started ptepping for 18 months at google cloud as well as her extraordiary congress deputy briefing congress  summer 2018 https://www.c-span.org/video/?447599-1/artificial-intelligence.

Worlds you see with AIG & TEA

Chris Macrae MA DAMTP Cantab
Unsummitfuture.com HumansAi needs everyone .Bye to digital governance hello valuetrue LLM. Dear Friends NY^Brooklyn Let's Unite 8 Bn Beings now!

08:30 - 09:00
  • Culture
    Innovation & Creativity
    Environment & Climate Change

Setting the goals and shaping opportunities to identify high-potential AI solutions and generate AI for Good problem-solving opportunities to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

Internationally acclaimed A.I. artist Harry Yeff uses AI to question the limit of his own voice, an opponent like duet and mentorship that pushes to new-voice and expression. Already among the best beatboxers in the world, Yeff’s lines of pursuit training with machines have pushed his capabilities into realms that truly begin to sound un-, non-, or posthuman. 'Machine Inspired Voice' is an ongoing research exploring multiple AI driven processes to develop new articulations, phraseologies, and compositions in human voice expression and true A.I. partnership.

  • Food
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    Robotics for Good
    Digital Economy

Connect with AI innovators and problem owners via the Robotics for Good Stage, SDG Stage, Discovery Networking Zone, and Leader Lounge Talks.

  • Space
    Environment & Climate change
    Robotics for Good

Experience never-before-presented state of the art AI innovations, solutions, breakthrough research advancing AI for Good

The ever increasing amount of space debris and collisions pose a significant risk to the satellites providing critical services. Discover how emerging augmented and artificial intelligence technologies can be used to map and monitor space debris, aligned with the Traditional Ecological Knowledge, to promote sustainable practices in space.

  • Metaverse
    Environment & Climate Change
    Robotics for Good


Roundtable discussion on how AI and the tech industry can help the 40 AI for Good UN partners to innovate and leverage its knowledge, data, and expertise to achieve global impact at scale.


*Invitation Only
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    Smart Cities