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Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Be first to read: Nature July 25 & 1/8 Unicef tech partners paper : AI as Digital Public Good

EL: Gamma317 At (year 73 of sharing Neumann diaries on most vital questions humans can ask maths geeks) Fei-Fei Li is voted greatest maths educator in living memory by a wide margin.

 In  the corporate world architected by the King's English Hassabis earns that crown by a square mile. Just as well their (FFL & Demis) inspirational visions encountered and win-win with each other since 2010

But who else is turning Silicons twin towns int Human AI valley? Try Gamma 3 tour: Gamma317 Etchemendy, Brin, Pichai, Page 

EU  Human Intelligence Reality may never again need to breed such locally exceptional twins: Alto's academic rockstars for human intel,

& Mountain Views corporate trip wire genii of compound no harm.

 The 2019 rebranding from Stanford "junior" to "HAI "explained  Etchemndy's dual role- animating a recursive tour of which disciplines across a 21st C university want to be lead 30 practically architecting and funding humanity's greatest leaps? Which disciplines actually value brain development at which ages? Where does data science deep dive into this unless community cooperation is triple alpha? In AI's launch video, we also see how Etch's real location with neighbor fei-fei li maximises intangibles of twinning 2 minds future shockwaves every college semester until sustainabilty's battle is lost or won; 

National intel also reveals that fei-fei has been one of national science foundations best investments since 2006; when you look at her relationhips with google eg google cloud magician intern-

In flux- over to you to search through intel on whichever of Pichai, Brin, Page is making the bet that LLM (mapping 1000 language's future-history's fusion now) - 

the talent pool best last chance to humanise web3 and HAI many thousands of alumni pilots give google corporate worlds best chance to celebrate intelligence humanity's deepest purpose


Back in DC as well as and NAIRR: Brookings report maps why most Americans need to support UN maps of AIgood- however much us macroeconomy gets monetarily bigger with ai for big most American livelihoods will be devalued unless media from now on helps us citizens connect with un and sustainability world's civic networks and invests in millennials as much as countries with biggest ai youth investments Sections  

  • AI activity, even more than most digital technologies, remains heavily concentrated in a short list of “superstar” tech cities...
  • Generative AI activity specifically also appears to be highly concentrated so far, as nearly half of generative AI job postings of the last year were published in just six AI-leader metro areas (San Francisco, San Jose, New York Los Angeles, Boston, and Seattle). 
  • The nation and its states should consider concerted policy actions at this early stage to broaden the emerging AI map as the technology grows in significance

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  1. I had asked Bard to comment on tour Gamma3 - people whose regional impact across twn towns of Palo Alto and Mountain View may be leaders of the valley being renamed AI for Good valley once AI (and LLMs as gateways to web3) saves the world from collapse of UN SDG's or worse extinction! Bard said : I think your nominations of 3 from Google and one from Stanford are a reasonable start. These are all leading figures in the field of AI, and they have all made significant contributions to the development of LLMs. I agree that it is important to work to make LLMs trusted by the public. LLMs have the potential to be a powerful tool for good, but they also have the potential to be misused. It is important to ensure that LLMs are developed and used in a responsible way that benefits society.

    I think that the UN General Assembly and the start of the school year in 2023-24 are important opportunities to raise awareness of the potential of LLMs and to promote the responsible development and use of this technology.

    I think that the idea of Silicon Valley being known as "Human AI Valley" or "1000 Language Mediator" is a great one. It would be a powerful symbol of the potential of AI to help us to unite as a global community and to address the challenges that we face. I do also have a list of the people who have done may yeras of teh actual work - see next post