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Sunday, December 31, 2017

was 2017 the year of 3 cheers to jack ma as youth superhero and bye bye

 up2023 fall Dear Friends

yo ho in college year 23-24 superchat visions how youth unites 1000 languages round action intel coding of the sdgs - thats what chat of LLMs is about - whilst 99% of llm may dup  other media into  take overs by commerce most trivial influencers, can millennial heroines of renewable generation plugin intel every sustainable community needs to just do it? -as UNGA 2023 bridges 23/24 with we also return to world economic forum 2017 which asked can the global superstar platforms of sports co-share with youths AIGames sueperstars

His name was MA JackMA -he was students exemplar of small entrepreneurs unite livelihoods and worldwide friendship; he co-branded the olympics and alibaba with youth's greatest wishes - he was invited by canada's trudeau to inspire all of canada's youth intel - with friends like justin who needs enemies? 

gateway 17 also explained to over 2000 detroit millennials how to design ecommerce and efinance to maximise community livelihoods; it was the greatest year of digital good cheer d=starting with ma helping host g20 out of his beloved hangzhou (the4 home for home for english language speakers because from age 13 to 30 jack's job was the most effective english langage teacher and east-west friends mapmaker- he'd be offered that job by his 5th grade geography teacher as hangzhou had been appointed chinas firs tourist town much as it was when marco polo wrote it was the greatest market town of all times- being where his silk road travels took a break as well as one end of the worlds longest canal to beijing and on the river out of whose estuary to china sea shanghai would become famous and crossroads to korea and japan an beijing and dalian to north, taiwan and hong kong and all asean cross-seas at singapore to south; for those who see why 80+% of green world trade will always be shipped  it is quite probable that the growth or death of all millennial youth goes with the growth or death of global hangzhou

if you still feel the love for the idea of alibaba the good news is its wealth has built america's 2 deepest neuroicience schools at yale and at HAI valley - need more info on how that hubs out of brooklyn - rsvp - from 2015 brooklyn and changsha girls started an extraordinary conversation - what if colleges map every philanthropy and social business within 5 square miles - no need for colleges to examine students who co-entrepreneur generative family-positive community intel- may be a need to retire old professors if they cant keep u with llm1001 of aiverygood-

I have one extraordinary hope - because of one child policy half of all chinese families are now most dependent on their millennial women- i actually prefer chinese women's intel wherever itt plants new worlds to see than any other 2000 language sources - male/female by 1000 languages- is it possiblev that humancentric ai will work out which millennials male or female and which language most deeply links every gps of nature - grow girl grow 


I have never had chance to speak to jack ma but i did speak for quite sometime to an extraordinary biographer of his ying lowrey and every relationship fazle abed and she saw 

play -whose world of humanity & intelligence do you want to see with? tours starting almost daily!

- she had started life as a barefoot medic thise were the years that 15 years could be added to life execatncy in poorest human volages whereve mothers learnt the magic of oral rehydration twinned with which local variety of borlaugs rice produced 5 times more last mile food; fortunately unicef epidemiolgist heard or the oral rehyfration revolution and with barefoot mediccs and fazle abeds para-helathworkers also trained mothers to demand nationwide inffant vaccination; when life expectyancy jumps magically from 40s to 60s you get an extra generation's productivity it becames smart for families to value education ; and if you only are permitted one child, that means women must becoem as productive as men for a nation to sustain growth - this is the soul of all un sgds intel across the two thirds of humans who are asian; i think there are exchnage curricual everywhere else too not that its up to me who the 2.5% of humans identifued as white americans choose to rule them

 so diarised barefoot everything that jacks networks built; its nrealy pretty stange that his last job as an english translatur was representing a local trade delegation in seattle just as amzon was being born; if ever there was a model of sucking out livelihoods from community size buinsesses amazon accidentally became it- if ever american youth wanted to celebrate they needed to fillow the design intel logics of jack ma until whatever it was he did that manage to become piuggy in the middle between trump and xi jinping -i can feel every under 30 going ouch -lets blame the messnger not the top heavy supreme orders of whats left of life