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Saturday, December 31, 2011

July 2023 Un leader Guterres -links 1 2 - asks world class AI people to meet him & clarify what they can do for sdgs - we asked bard is this most important meeting between world leader and world class engineers since kennedy -here is some of our chat - for more I am at +1 240 316 8157 ; below we aim to branch out sdg by sdg- if there could be one world class leaders and engineers meeting on goal that matters most to your life- whose intelligence you want there?

Hence it seemed appropriate in these here 2020s with every human life to play for -  to twin our original name with - goal by goal 

eg lets start with SDG2 - on 7/26/23 an amazingly frank meeting was mediated in wash dc by Axios and the world food program in usa,


I am grateful to all those who organised remembrance events after death of my dad Norman Macrae summer 2010 notably The Economist Boardroom, Adam Smith Scholars Glasgow twice who took over dads archive and launched 2 new journals, Taddy Blecher who played truant one evening from a skoll world championship in Oxford to brief londoners on 64th follow up to dad's 1968 survey on S Africa where the term Entrepreneurial Revolution was coined for a call to intelligent societies to digitalise/satellite media far smarter (intergenerationally cooperative) than where over-commercial tv spun us ; and The Embassy of Japan in Bangladesh who introduced me to the greatest inspiration my father didnt quite meet Fazle Abed.

Through 16 trips Abed was now into years 11-20 of always asking (a topic he had been trained by Steve Jobs to demand attention to from 2001) how next to get tech's very best leaps priortised to the billion poorest village women (and their male folk ie the bottom quarter of pyramid as friend CJ coined -.

help post strawan world class Ai for each sddg ; Subject SDG2 -yesterday world food program briefing DC Axios was desperate- in 2015 it looked as if hi-tech hi-touch world had ended starving mothers and children. Next college year, war, (aka UN global futures ) climate likely starve many millions. So i asked my fav AI for a plan - here goes , bard: I think the ideal first meeting of AI world experts with Guterres would be a brainstorming session to discuss the following:

The current state of AI research and development in context SDG2

The challenges and opportunities that AI presents in the fight against hunger

The specific goals that they seek to achieve in next 7 years

The partnerships they would need to build to achieve these goals

The resources that they would need to be successful

I think it would be important to have a diverse group of experts at the meeting from different disciplines, different parts of the world, and different organizations. This would help to ensure that all perspectives are represented and best possible solutions are developed.

I see the meeting focused on action. The experts should come away from the meeting with a clear plan for how they are going to use AI to address the challenges of hunger. They should also be clear about the resources that they need in order to be successful.

I think that this is a very important project with the potential to make a real difference in the world. I am optimistic that if we work together, we can achieve our goals and create a world where everyone has access to the food they need to survive and thrive.

Here are some specific AI experts who I see as valuable participants:

Fei-Fei Li, Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University and Director of the Stanford Human-Centered AI Institute

Demis Hassabis, CEO of DeepMind and co-founder of Google DeepMind

Mustafa Suleyman, former Chief Scientist of Google DeepMind

Andrew Ng, Founding Director of Coursera and former Chief Scientist of Baidu

Yoshua Bengio, University of Montreal (or Michael Crow ASU)

I believe that these experts have the knowledge, experience, and vision to help us achieve our goals. I hope that they will be willing to participate in the meeting and help us to make a difference in the world.. writes yup I'd prompted bard with good news announced in Geneva AIforgood summit last month -itu and all SDG3 branches of UN are forming hi-level AI team but not clear they accept starvation as killer disease. And Guterres made some more good news -see eg


UN Intel Property: The Eighth session of the WIPO Conversation will take place on September 20-21, 2023. The topic of the session is Generative AI and IP.


ED: with AI GAME; AI SDGS3 HEALTH - key focus of August

we note this july 25 summary of ITU AIfor Good announcement oh high level health AI  

ITU News

A new United Nations initiative announced at the AI for Good Global Summit focuses on scaling up artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for health.

The Global Initiative on AI for Health is spearheaded by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).


AI SDGS 5 we hope Guterres (August) meets Fei-Fei Li, Condoleeza Rice & Melinda Gates in August to make quick leap for AI women empowerment

Sunday, October 30, 2011

is education also only way to free combination of pro-youth markets/

Hello Everyone and CMS in particular

Yes I very much wanted to be in touch - if net generation connectivity loses both pro-youth education/media and pro-youth economics then mydad's life work on net generation being worldwide youth's most productive time (search 100 leading investors in practice leaders of this youth future) will be destroyed - ditto any family whose life's work has converged on pro-youth net generation, and joy of cross-cultural world citizenship as pathway to peaceful 21st C

We are inviting educators who are passionate about job-creating and pro-youth education to get together and see the next year or 2 critical in converging on microeducation summit- in developing world this can be framed round post-2015 millennium and green goals, in developed world this is also connected to getting both economics and educators to be pro-youth , jobs focused. Unfortunately in spite of Obama being elected as youth's yes we can president 5 years ago he is stuck in a system which wont let him lead unless massive youth networks do. You would know better than I but i expect the same may be epitaph of Kalam 2020 and Manmohan Singh in spite of latter being one of the greatest end-underclass economists that ever lived having had same tutors in cambridge as dad except he was a few years too late to have direct tutoring by keynes

Its 40 years since father and I first saw 500 youth sharing knowledge around an early digital network and it took us and dads friends of entrepreneurial revolution 10 years to write the first book on investing in the net generations 3 billion new jobs -all needed mobilisation by hi-trust educators to leverage bottom up community sustainability and the power of million times more collaboration technology than when man raced to the moon. The alternative was indeed George Orwell's big brother endgame as well as ecological collapse and so loss of peace in ever more localities. By one estimate USA already spends one seventh of whole gdp trying to control local violence - gun lobby's very non-economical way to run the homeland, violence as nightly news' staple diet and control of society's elder majority by fear, depression, addiction, negative emotions...
There are some gamechangers in education which I believe are the last chance to get back to a world where everything we invest in is pro-youth - aims to help next generation be more productive, sustainable and culturally heroic out of every community

Above all are Massive Open Online Curriculum -see eg articles in The Economist - systemic content of these will become a once off battle between pro-youth educators, versus those whose power depends on making education more expensive or are beholden to governments PR needs in every way that those exclude youth. The MOOC may also be berners lee's last chance to empower web as educationally smart and open in every way that tv-ad mass media dumbed down and broke flows into over-professionalised silos

There are also student competitions being massively celebrated especially where students come up with missing peer to peer practice skills , and there are free university formats - eg nurses who want to give back to society should be trained for free and can be the most valuable grassroots information networkers of 21st C as well as a brilliantly happy way of empowering womens productivity

Sir Fazle Abed who runs over 50000 schools and was WISE first winner of "Oscars of Education" accepts above ideas and will be convening various worldwide collaboration meetings- first one will probably be in dhaka in march.

I also try to connect youth @ MIT (Boston) where berners lee and open technology is designed around extraordinary bottom-up mobilisation of smart stuff

There are I am sure various curriculum that the world needs to see the cms version first - do you at CMS already have a MOOC team? how can we connect your pro-youth practices of education with the handful of institutes that understand this crisis across the entire education value chain primary, secondary, tertiary? To take a specific example financial literacy needs to start with a primary curriculum and then integrate secondary and tertiary. Sir Fazle Abed is already Aflatoun's largest operator- this being a curriculum of financial literacy that started in indian orphanages and is now in 90 countries. It needs to be prominent in MOOC world before someone puts a lot of money into designing a financial literacy curriculum which isnt pro-youth

(Also if as keyned concluded economists compound rule either design or destroy the futures most people need form each market then we need a mooc of pro-youth economics- I am trying to re-link in my father's life work on that at Unfortunately most of the shareholders of The Economist have forgotten The Economist was founded 170 years ago to mediate an end of hunger and an end of slavemaking empire. However the one rich family who gets this are also champions of microenergy awards and we hope Mostofa will arrange that family's last safe tour of Bangaledesh's green energy at about the same time that sir fazle abed and dad's Japanese friends host dhaka's first brainstorming on MOOC and microeducationsummit

cheers chris macrae
skype chrismacraedc 
washington dc 301 881 1655
also copied to 
zasheem who is arranging sir fazle abed inputs into MOOC and massive curriculum sharing and uniting nursing networks through adma smithsian glasgow
Bhuiyan (student competitions)  and Mark (investors), Monica youth and famous artists peace movements and Naila/Shafqat (open technology) who all have some access to what of yunus and youth knowhow (social action) can be freed to becomes massively open
taddy blecher - free university model with mandela, branson, google africa
paul australian youth and medics future
ganesh - another gandhian

next discussion of all of above - 18 january - yunus and youth of state of alabama, emerging USA home of the first university of poverty

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