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Monday, September 25, 2023


 Who’s intelligence can help UN & Guterres and younger half of humans save the world?

Right now UN leader Guterres is selecting up to 25 people whose HAI (Human and Artificial Intel) can most help every UN partner and human being connect the 17 sdg promises all nations made in 2015 to millennials being first sustainability generation by 2030

2023 =73rd year of diaries begun with Von Neumann (Father of Computing Engines) & Economist 1951

we are convinced that extraordinary technology advances and mother earth's abundance can support up to 10 billion thriving human beings if we celebrate good intelligence

at we gamify intelligence with survey : who’s intelligence do you see as most advancing humanity 1950 thru 2025 extended to 2030- adapts a survey begun with von neumann in 1951 by Economist journalists

We have been asking bard chat- about data yo see if UN leader Guterres already plugsin chats with AI games nominations like these:

Ai world’s favorite mathematician

the world’s top female philanthropist

the top person at google responsible for the race to deliver the most trusted 1001 language model - ie translating in 1000 mother tongues most practical solutions communities can app versus any identified sdg challenge- ed see challenges presented sept 2023 at UN including these which made everyone in the room cry

MoC says: Let’s viralise very good chat - who else’s intelligence role could peoples be chatting about now so that Guterres assembles the 25 people whose intelligences may help him most with the challenges he laid out last week at UN General Assembly and has timelined as school year 23-24 of Global Futures - - see ed3envoyUN message at linked  accompanying this post . Here's part of a gamebook being published with early players of AIGames. Below we provide links to some of Intelligences' greats from our research to date

5 HumansAI most exciting innovation ever seen; to see its possibilities start with Drs L&H -more

9 23=24 will be college year of seeing what west's 2 greatest female philanthropists do with HAI more

1 in 1094 steve jobs knew little of world poverty as he launched personal computers- to have deeper intel of human race before iphone; in 2001; hosted silicon valley's 65 th birthday party for fazle abed who'd webbed billion poorest women to end poverty; they agreed change 21st C Uni more

2 by2003 Kim & Gates wanted abed intel (notably on to change global health - more

8 health and Paulo Freire intel are keys to both abed & Guterres as servant leaders; abed's 80th birthday part 2016 planted idea of Kim & Guterres that sdgoals could only be achieved with un2 transformation ; Melinda Gates was asked to lead report; she helped make human ai pivotal to all system change ; meanwliile Sheika Moza had launched the first global education laureates around abed and designed womens education city/uni and world's deepest refugee edu partnerships - see unga with guterres - more

Dr Fei-Fei Li hosted 9 annual summits of imagenet out of stanford 2009-2017; google took note asked her to spend 18 months with them while google leaders accelerated investing in their alma mater stanford; somewhere around 2018 Stanford HAI (human ai) was launched as the most exciting partnership movement ever

================if we define good AI as that connecting communities and younger half of teh world with UN sdgs then action networks of good ai did not actively exist beforee 2009 (note also deepmind founder hassabis says in 2011 trying toi fund an ai company was not a poluar thing to do); also becasue good ai movement involves collaboration round training computers to vision- a massive open source competition ran for 8 years imagenet/stabnfirdd fei-fe li before there was much demonstration of magic of aigood ; experts might say that von neumann's last neuroscience lectures computer and the brain were relatively forgooten the doctorates of fei0fei li and hassabis approved in late 00s

tech diary in association with diary begun with von neumann 1951

the UN's ITU partners agreed on telecoms 3g stanard increasing data exchnages of digital by 100 fold from around 2001; and 4g potential of data clouds between any gsp started scaling in 2009; ut in the west from 2009 it was handful of big digital companies that privately collected public data (algorithms ewere designed round profitable corpoate platforms) so big corporate ai could be said to have been over 10 years ahead uf public awareness; when people say ai has suddent lenerged in 2020s all the tech that has been accelerating in efficiency has been building for a long time - what we need is very one to get educated about human and artifici=ial intelligence games - see or tell us where communities anfkids from 7 up eg ai dance at celev=barte what is the 21st C's new literacy; the UN ITU launched webinars and summits on AIforggod in 2017 thanks to new UN leader Gutteres and moves started 2016 by then world bank leader jim kim; among western leaders they asked melinda gates to chair report on how agrate transformation of un2.0 and indeed all egov, govtech or gov2.0 models - estonia is recognised as first gov to fully commit to giv 2.0 from early 200os and it was estonial tallin who gifeted the world skype; singapore., korea and several asian countrues have been leaders in demaning ai literacy curicula come to schools but all in all23-24 is the best schools year for anyome who wants to connect un sdgs which though decalred in 2015 by all nations haven't got noticeable liftoff as appraised general assembly 2023 (half time to 2030 prmises made to millennails) - see our linkein newsletter

please note that definitions are strange and can vary by hemisphere; its tru that village phones in some developing countries began womentech or fintech and solar tech from late 1990s- what some call leafrod mdels of fundreds of millins of people who had never been gridded for electricity or phones , we might call best of end poverty intelligence- see eq quadirrs bangladesh, reeta roy masrercard fundation africa, mpesa nick hughes (on behalf of vodaphone kenya ariubd 2005 as well as kenha's ihub ushahidi - some would call africa;s twitter for d=good)

(happy to publih public corrections if you'll sign - i'm )

Sunday, September 24, 2023

 Timeless, Borderless, I love the world's greatest mathematicians. 

Openly applied their intelligence can help save our human race from disasters and connect us to advancing human condition around nature's evolutionary deep data coding. First, I asked bard llm for a top 10 of mathematicians before 1900. 

HG Wells: Civilisation is a race between education & catastrophe
Please note  educated societies do not require everyone to do maths. They do demand that the community role of teaching  plants open curiosity and collective behavioral confidence thanks to attentive awareness of magics gifted  us by mathematical greats. Quite simply education (and parenting)  fit for purpose helps next generations see and celebrate the mathematical wizards of their world and lifetimes on earth.

My father Norman (with good fortune to survive being a teenage navigator allied bomber command Burma) was assigned the privilege to pretrain in Princeton 1951 with the NET (Neumann's leadership of Einstein and Turing). Why and how were they launching  engine type 6 "compotation" to correct any misuses of man-made engines including type 5 communications engines mediated worldwide out of Switzerland from 1865. 

In particular the Economist's war-time editor Crowther having just completed the centenary autobiography of The Economist wanted Neumann's futurist advice in training journalists to rediscover peacefully living up to The Economist's founder's constitutional bargain with Queen Victoria : design into English Language  mediation of social action to take part in "a severe contest between intelligence that presses us forward and an unworthy timid ignorance destructing our progress".

To map urgent intergenerational consequences for 2020s human beings and their large language models please see  - through 23-24, can we map what it will urgently take for 8 billion beings to help goodwill unite nations?

Friday, September 1, 2023

Hsave you ever seen a more exciting 45-year learning curve?

23/9/upd UN general assembly month -AIGames is currently testing various gameboards- simplest is lists or pack of cards used in this blogs and tours of Architects of Intel; our mathsdao celebrating fei-fei li and other world class female mathematicans using tic-tac toe -9 couples with what english chattering classes call consequences: reviewed by bard;   friends20 looks at crossword formats- a concern how does your brain recall (and share recall) of alumni of those whose worlds you see as most inspiring humanity's futures

Intelligence Games. wedenesday 10am NY

 These began with a chat with Marina Von Neumann- if her father John Von Neumann or his peer maths NET  Einstein Turing were alive  -whose intelligences would be systemically and cooperatively valued most as advancing humanity 2025-1950?

We started using the goals all nations declared in 2015 as a leadership checklist. As well as goal 16 advancing peace -was there anyone John's NET would add for G1 ending poverty, G2 ending hunger , G3 valuing everyone's basic health, G4 livelihood learning for all, G5 women being as productive and free to make the most of lifetimes as men .
This chat reminded me of my family's most valued book . Back in 1943 The Economist's editor Geoffrey Crowther edited a centenary autobiography of The Economist. The Economist had been founded by London Scot James Wilson in 1843 to advise Queen Victoria and Royal Society's chattering classes on continuously mediating a better empire and a smarter worldwide language. James  focused on the idea of commonwealth  actionably mapping  the twin goals -first advocated 1758 by Glasgow University of Ethics & Engineering Smith and Watt - the ending of systems that spin poverty and hunger. 

Geoffrey concluded in 1943 that after 5 types of engineering -physical energy* instrumentation * transportation *electricity - *from Switzerland 1865 ITU communications engines -  what was actionably missing was triangularising the exponential goal of peace and goodwill to all with goals of end poverty and end hunger. Thus he hired a rookie journalist (dad who had survived being a teenage navigator allied bomber command Burma , sent him to go study consequences of releasing "man-made" engine type 6 computational with John Von Neumann. Thence it was decided a generation of economic journalists should value asking leaders : what goods will peoples unite wherever they are fortunate to get early access to at least 100 times more computational tech every decade? Now, you're invited to start playing the AI (Architect Intelligence) Games.. 

bard and its 1001 language remit has been helping us examine where Economist journalism aided or hindered Intelligence Games - help needed in improving : AI Games: Architect Intelligence  

other subgames appear at sister webs eg where the HAI worlds I see of Fei-Fei Li Melinda Gates Condoleeza Rice, Jennifer Dowds, Priscilla Chan are due  for liftoff early november

all the best chris macrae + 1 240 316 8157

Shall we design AI & web3 for survival of under 30s

ChrisAIgames Macrae MA DAMTP Cantab
Year 73 End Artificial Ignorances, value
Play the AIGames to find out.

Or empower UN to free learning/actioning communal sdgs and tech college year 23/4 -


EE  If you are in any college in NYPrinceton region and want ideas on building world women see with good intelligence now, please mail me or east coast time phone +1 240 316 8157

Asvancing humanity 2030-1950 - engineering multiplier 6 computing engines