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Saturday, December 31, 1983



What if Satoshi Taiwanese?

Chris Macrae MA DAMTP Cantab HumansAi needs everyone .Bye to digital governance hello valuetrue LLM. Dear Friends NY^Brooklyn Let's Unite 8 Bn Beings now!
Was Satoshi (Bitcoin's inventor) Taiwanese?

Spring 2024: In these - Intelligence's most urgently curious times to be alive- please consider Taiwanese who are helping millennials save the world from media's artificial ignorance and elders (mostly) unintended war on next generation

Before reviewing real-time alumni networks of Huang, Chang, Yang, Tang, can you help us chat up hall of ai fame saluting Satoshi as one of 2 fictional Taiwanese who saved humanity's race to love one another? -How can we show how to go digitally without borders to data zooming (and now chatting) what intelligent millennials most need to interact between every GPS.

Imagine designing media and monetisation, let alone how education spends life's time, to celebrate sharing life critical knowhow through every community facing climate or warmongers or bubbled up monetary crises to family wellbeing.

Contextually, let's see if we can deep vision SATOSHI's Entrepreneurial Revolution 2008? He appears to have been Democratising Money for Millennials to be Renewable- his actions suggest this. He emerged as world's biggest banker never to take a cent out of his savings account- he thereby designed possibility of banking for any peoples needing a worldwide exchange alternative to paper currencies wherever politicians were subpriming or wargaming or otherwise inflating ever more terrifying policies. Mind out for Candidate Quacks , Fall 2024 is likely to inundate peoples in unprecedented PR disrespect for human decency

FACT IS 99% of US Academics have faked every paper on Entrepreneurial Revolution since Xmas 1976 Economist Survey on urgent need to design gov2.0 bottom-up so that small enterprises and communities everywhere can generate last mile services. NB Keynes in last chapter of General Theory had called out exactly such a risk of an elite claiming to know how to run all human lives.

Isn't it time to fail elite boffins from applying the King's English at least until King Charles AI World Series summit celebrates who is supporting youth intelligence ahead of American Donald Quackmans

Hitler's propaganda machine had a seemingly small advantage compared with today's com tools. For quite a while, only he had audio tape recorders. Whilst allies had to make speeches real-time, Hitler's recording droned on 24/7. We need to see/educate how much risk we all face in 2020s isn't actually AI risk, its bad coms designers and their biggest clients. See footnote 1 for more detail

Behaviorally, good media design needs to stick to a deep common sense ;needing far more guts than trumping over everyone, at least in my families scottish diaspora experience of family building beyond nations. Let us consider some amazing common sense Taiwanese folk have guided our digital tool building around

CHIPSFORALLMaurice Chang made Taiwan the epicentre of chips world because Texans wouldn't listen to his early 1980s view that Americans were getting dangerously close to losing manufacturing democratisation of chips even as the race was on to design of person computing networks were

Today, Will Americans truly listen to Taiwanese American CEO Nvidia Jensen Huang (NB his annual corporate keynote is on Monday 18 March) or King Charles democratising superchips worldclassLLM for communal good needs to be the kindest game ever played.

RSVP to nominate testimony:-

AIVeryGood testimonies Feb 24: Nvidia CEO LLM World Gov; earlier in Feb Policy Condy Rice : World Bank Ajay Banga

Back In 2001, Steve Jobs invited the deepest women empowerment entrepreneur Fazle Abed to Silicon Valley to debate what billion poorest Asian women wanted from personal networking given that between 1984-2001 Jobs had so far failed to design his dream of a machine that ended big brotherdom (the original purpose of apple mac).

Jobs and his family made sure that Stanford Commencement students heard what his 20th C version had not known about deep diversity. At the same time Taiwanese Am Jerry Yang and his Japanese Am wife started transferring there wherewithal from founding yahoo to Stanford. Fist (2004) with a yahoo professor Horowitz of what will chip revolution bring next. Then with an interdisciplinary tech lab and experimental clouds business and encouraging youngish students (Koller & Ng) to design coursera and headhunt Fei-Fei Li and tell Hassabis that Yes natural Science AI needed game players

Meanwhile the Tsais put their wealth into neuroscience labs in their Alma Maters at Yale and Stanford. And started celebrating black girl justice movements as well as buying up black basketball teams and Brooklyn Barclays arena.

And over in Taiwan, Ms Tang pretty much saved the nation from Covid. The elders in government didnt know what to do so she paired them up with younger tech coaches. Over to Gemini to log up how her Taiwanese millennial peers helped save the day as Digital Taiwan accelerated due to covid. Audrey Tang, Taiwan's digital minister, played a crucial role in their successful fight against COVID-19. Here's some information about her that aligns with what you've heard:

  • Tech Expertise and Openness: Tang, a renowned hacker and advocate for open government, was instrumental in using technology to combat the pandemic.
  • Bridging the Gap: You're spot on about the coaching initiative. Tang recognized the need to bridge the digital divide within the government. She paired younger, tech-savvy individuals with older officials unfamiliar with digital tools. This peer-to-peer approach helped navigate complex technologies and utilize them effectively during the crisis.
  • Transparency and Collaboration: Tang championed transparency by creating platforms for real-time data sharing and public participation. This fostered collaboration and trust between the government and the people.

Here are some additional details about Ms. Tang's contributions:

  • Digital Innovation: Her ministry launched the innovative "Face Mask Map," a real-time platform showing mask availability at pharmacies. This helped prevent hoarding and ensured equitable access.
  • Combating Misinformation: Recognizing the "infodemic" alongside the pandemic, Tang's team worked to combat fake news and misinformation. They did this by promoting factual information and leveraging citizen engagement through social media.

Ms. Tang's story is one of innovation, inclusivity, and leveraging technology for social good. Her approach during the pandemic has been lauded internationally as a model for effective crisis management.

FOOTNOTE 1 After a tea party in the British Embassy in Stalin's Moscow 1935,  Peter Drucker and my father started diaries version of transformational  entrepreneurail system beyond Hitler & Stalin. Their design logics linked in Adam Smith's morals, JB Say's coining of the E-word, James Wilson attempt to help Victoria democratise commonwealth instead of slavemakers waves, Keynes's survey of who exponentially locks in future gen's possibilities. Could the NET's brilliant gifts to brainworkers and autonomous governance be the antidote to how past communications engines had spun wars?, See log by ER log

Revolutionary E has a dramatic future history. Between 1776's Irish telling the Brits they were no longer needed in designing US trade in 1776, the French cutting off the kings who owned all the peoples assets, and queen Victoria giving London Scot James Wilson founder of The Economist Charter Bank to go design the money by and for developing the quarter of humans who lived on the Indian subcontinent 1859, we have seen freeing money empower some extraordinary transformational moves. But why do Americans seem to value bossy public servants rather than deeply humble ones? That is a question of identity Americans now need to ask themselves- are they enemies or friends to children the world over. You cant design intelligence both ways. Or at least what Neumann-Einstein-Turing advised over and over is Top-Down secret intelligence always takes over from bottom-up open community action networking unless the peoples fearlessly/entrepreneurially keep ahead of those who seek to control intelligence.

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Chris Macrae MA DAMTP Cantab HumansAi needs everyone .Bye to digital governance hello valuetrue LLM. Dear Friends NY^Brooklyn Let's Unite 8 Bn Beings now!
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