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Monday, May 31, 2010


YEAR 74 of Economist Intelligence Modeling with NET (Neumann-Einstein-Turing)

In addition to a few transitional passages, This Summary features

  • Recommendations, 
  • Findings 
  • Date-stamped emergent/emergency hypotheses to be valued exponentially- the NET culdn't have been clearer in their briefing to economists on both opportunity and threat of birthing engines for brainworking and autonomous worldwide services. If 80 years of inventing telecoms and electrivcity from 1865 had spiralled into 2 world wars, thn a failure to ubite nations and peoples through their new engibeering would likely be species critical. Remember too it was back in 1905 that Einstein had first published that Newtonian Science was an approximation that was chaotically wrong in interfacing with nature's system depth. (A plague that eded the world might play at such micro level that it would be invisible to human eyes and its total volume would fit in a can of coke)
Finding 1 

Emergency Hypothesis 1; Von Neumann on behalf of the net simplified the main leadership survey of Economist jounalists; ask leaders what good peoples will unite wherever they get first access to at least 100 times more tech every decade. By 1975 Moores Law proved the reality of Neumann's exponential wisdom so the Economist developed a future history genre

  • 1976 Xmas Issue Entrepreneurial Revolution
  • 1977 - East of Iran The Future of half of the world's peoples -then 2 billion o4 billion; today nearer 5 billion of 8 billion including even large majority of millennials
  • 1982 Why not Silicon Valley everywhere; and Intrapreneurial now with Gifford Pinchot
  • From 1983 the book denre 2025 report - see former sciebce editir ViscountvRidley's assessment of this book's impact on the last tears of non-digital journalism - Ridley bokmark

Finding 1 Transformational technology is always a race between (mediation of ) Very Good and Bad Engineers.  More precisely in cultures with insufficient public media it becomes a race between Good and Poor Engineers with masses of people blinded from what future system consequences are locking in next generations possibilities of Life. Related : last Chapter Keynes General Theory of Money, Interest & Employment

Emergency hypothesis 2; in 1983's 2025 Report; what would be best for millennial generationwould be a worldwide reality tv progrm hosted jointly by all public service broadcasters (Eg BBC and India's DD as it was in 1984). This shuld be tined as digital media was becoming as massively impactfull as tv age. it should pose two or three life critical goals and ask the public to respond with online soultions as well as a more detailed list of inetrgenerational goals

1983   chapter 6 financial transformation to end community poverty 

Recommedation 1 :Regarding World Sries of AI Safety summits co-launched by King Charles Fall 2023

Both satefy and expoential opportunity can be freed educationally by cataloguing hundreds of good human intellogences of the 2020s but code selection process them round a handful of exemplary leadership. We illustrate by recommending benchamrking with this quintet of hi-rrust hi-tech hi-touch connectors of best of human spirity and engineering wezardry..NB This could be relevant to a KELLM (Kings English Large Language Model) but would need to cascade into versions for every mther tngue if is to celebrate education as multiplying good inteligences by and for everyone and in line with nature's bottom-up and borderless flows.

King Charles AI World Series (Launch at Bletchley 2023 was 59th year that Charles has mediated positive transnational dlows beginning with diay notes og hus delegation as UK teenage represetative to Tokyo Olympics 1964)

Jensen Huang, Since 1993 Taiwanese Americans have been interested in desiginbg a second type of comutational process- instead of the classic one dimensional processing one accelerated compytation archirecure celebrates multiple paraal dinensional analyis appropiate for games, climate modeling, life science breathroughs and Aerificial Intelligence in that order of play over Nbidia's 31 years 1993-2024 

Demis Hassabis. Britsh and American brdging of AI is lfortunate to be liked by as deep a maths mind and games designer as Hassabis. Arguably he is the first games designer directly relevant to Eibstein's tranformational maths of 1905 which was also take over so much of the NET's lifetimes leaving them morely a decade to celebrate their legacy around the architecture of intellifence machines. See Neumann's final notes: Comouter and Brain which anticipate valuation of neural netwrk algorithms and the difficulty acafenic silos measuement science would have in accepting computational machine engineers. Incidentally Hasabis also links  in the Crown Asset of Cambridge Science park with his quaerter of a century of gaining interdiciplinary acceptance across Univerity of London with his chef engineer assignmets at valley headquarters of google bran 

Fei-Fei Li's struggle as a 20 something doctorate in 2000s complememts Hassabis in many ways. Fortunately Hassabis met her at Stanford in 2009 while sponsored by UK royal Sociery of Neuoscience ( Gatsby) and both Huang and LI imply that coursera' NS and KOller had specically scouted out Li from Princeton with the view that an annual world championships of deep data learning needed both he concsientious detaile approach and the democratisation of coding as incluing both women engineers and womens assessments of local community needs

Our 5th intelligence Fazle Abed died in 2019. By this time his intelligence had been brewing across the valley for 19 years. Notably Steve JObs admits that in the previous 17 years in spite f launching apple mac to enf big brotherdom, he had near zero knowledge of networking needs of world's oorest or most disconnecred families. Hs damily committed to helpin ensure wonen empowerment brewed everywhere the Valley linked from 2001 and it imoacted his design of the mobile revolution as well as eg the Doerr fund for mobileIn 2001 Steve Jobs fanily invited Fazle from Bangladesh to clarify needs of billion vilage parents (mmainly mothers) who were about to access electricuty andf (mobile) phmes for the first time. To the extent taat goals of the milennails generations are codes, we can track how Valley Women leaders from 1982 onwars need this wake uo call to 21st C nerds. In fact Stanfird's first new schools on Climate is advised by 2 of the women already featuring in The Economist 1982 "Why Not Silicon Valey everywhere" as well as Mrs Steve Jobs. To that extent the spirit of Abed former regional ceo for Royal Dutch Shell who transformed his last 50 years to empowering wome to end poverty unites undesranding of Valley Enfineers and global vilage parnetal love anywhere.

Recommendation Start to include whose intelligebce do you most recommend people linking in regarding what urgent purpose. See if your pilot intelligence summit firts with the subnewks the codinf table belo illustraes

KIng Charles

The kings address aunching ai world series made it clear that whie he of course values every nations sadety, he sees miracles emerginf from ai that can help all humans advance. Can the kings english llm model focus on education ai inteligence changes cmmunities need to deep data analuse and operate. Also some illneses like cancer have always been connected to tracking envirionmental sata. Will there be large ai leaps forwrd in cancer or indeed any illness that is correlated to local environmental contexts The Ai community calls this data sovereignty as being a local must even wg=hile the algorithms may breakthrugh from worldwide research

Life of cheering on commonwealth mutual support where local communities arebmissing a best solutin the peples can mainly operate in teams. (Most of todays economy interfaces locally around service teams or direct digital intelligence). Which local frabchises need to be owned by the community is the value priduced stays mainly in the community fir its development

Ptinces Trust and other royal family netwrks support local community builders across uk.The princes trust even banks some rech social businesses

Royal societies while mainly london centrc exist for almost very professional skill. There are particular ones eg rr=oyal geo, architecture, arts that prince charles cheers n carbon zero innovations through and linkin such bbc commentatirs as attenborough and oceans paul rose.

Prince Charles has as good as knowledge in Brtain as antone on how 5 places/peoples develoed 1964-1980 - japan korea s taiwan hong kong singpore and indeed his local paper in St James (The Economist) kept clear notes. This brings us to why I recommend any relationships with taiwanese entreprenueys- they were the formally apprived epicentre of food science of borlaug alongside philippines; they becane the moel of chiese speaking trading ports including containerisation; and as it turned out the have developed the chips needed for ai breakthroughs; i am not smar enough to underatnd all the politicalnimplications of this but it can be obvious thatwherever ai advances humanut we have people like Jensrn Huang Maurice Chang Jerry Yang Joseph  Tsai and Lisa Su to thank- and my experience thygh limited is tha the taiwanese people are both exrorinarily hard working and family focused. The hope is the Kings English Ai world series summit celebratte taiwanes gifts to the world at every relay step

Fazle Abed
Prince Charles actually knighted Abed. And there is evidence that the ryal damilies of UK , Netherlands, Japan both valued Abed's work most internationally and indeed could see it as reconcilig histirical conbflicts across asa that their empires had done the most to spiral

Abed got the right balance on 3 dynmanics of women empowermnt - women's productivity as being as valuabe as mens; whilst a future world may ideally see husbands play equal role in childcare, as of today in poorest countres kids depend most on their mothersand eg such local gov priorities as community safety, non-linear livelihood education (ie at any age), homes thare are basicaly healthy to develop ou of and supported by community wde resilience. When a dsater happens its your communitywhose intel need operating first

Whats intersting about abed's womens communities is that in 21st they have lepfrogged where parners hav brought them first electricity in mobile form and first phones in mobile form. Theu=y have shown in al of tge first 6 goals digital can make servivs of thse goals better value for ythose with the least. Ask yourself whether the sme can be said id you live in one of the 10 richest countries

Between 1970 and 2000, a billion women around abed activated ibcrease in life excpectancy by 20 years and to within about 7 of world averages. It is what is needed to incease life expectancy that very porest countries need. And this has a worldwide benfot of preventing infectious diseases which are oten one of the reasons why historically some regions have lagged far behind in life. Wjen the average age is 60 investing in education for all makes snse. Quite franckly when average life expectancy is low 40s there are logical reasons why general education loses out.

The worlds leading health journas have agreed for a long time now that there are missing curricula - eg girls mental and hysical health every year from 9 through 16. The main reason seems to be these would be best designed as peer to per and with optimal real and digital- something the classrrom graded education system is worst placed to deliver

fei-fe li

3 of thhe transformations of human ai ibntersected in silion valley betwen 2009-12 even while the rest of the west was disinvesting in youth invetemnts because of subprime. These were more efficeinnt computer arvhitecture fir deep data analyis; games raining machines to do analyses tunes to nature which have too many data diensions fir huans to breakthrugh; proof that computers can be trained to learn but this requres duferebt aprproaches to the firts 50 years of centralised programming

. The third of these was orchestrated bt dr fei-fei li and for tech investors was seen as the breaktghrough moment. Its a good thaing that fei-fei li has always been most interestd in education than in busiens per se. She remains the glue to which ages of youth are free to try out goodai for their ages the world over. Fortunately Jensen Huang and women empowerents melinda gates funded an education ngo around Li so she had own voice since 2014 as well as representing stanford , diversity's intersection "women of color". engineering practice & academics,  and for 18 months interning in google cloud. Geographically all of Fei-Fei Li at stanford, Jensen Huang at Nvidia, Demis corporate owner Google are within a few miles of each other. The valley which became vrabded as silicon valey around intel in 1970 miht more energetically be called Human AI Valley now. While some chalenges ay be solvable withiut AI, it is likely that any erinctuon critical chalenge can nwo only be solved with tech even if this means chnaging some ole rech.


 suvnetwiek codes

Riawan Ameruca wordclass chip and other inteligene

Other female immigrants nost inspired by Huangs intel platfirms

leading climate and life scentis

Those adbacvong accerelated compute archtcture both the 2000 billion transtir chipsd and the new democratisation of coding

intrapreneurial subsections of nvidia matching 20 by trillion dolar sectirs beyond being a top digital company

-clarifying wheher foundation models of big digotal clients are distinct from all other foundation models

local dbig data soverignty - essenril to majority of all nations albeit smaller than the big 12 nation

puzzles to keep 10000 peple atedning the number 1 maths summit series GtC 200-24 (freely on demand)

where des ecery grade of education transfirn its purpose rounf muktilting intelligence - eg several college partnerships od huang family foundation including their joint alma mater oredon state and jensens foundinf sposorship wuth elinda dates of fei-fe li's ndo ai-4-all - every age group and any poicymaker!

Local soverignty of big data/langage culturesd as essnetial to millenasd as frst renwable generation

In 1951, the Economist Editor Geoffrey Crowther sent a journalist for a year to Princeton & New York primarily to see how the NET recomennded interviewing leaders on the coming age of intelligence machines. 

As an editor Geoffrey's experience was unique: it included nearly 2 decades of weekly editing The Economist either side of world war 2 and compiling the centenary autobigraphy of The Economist 1843-1943. That intergenerational lens explains why the ethical potential of trans-generation economic develoment should not be confused by monetary goverance - an issue that may make autonomous machines particularly hard for legislator and big banking forces to value transpaently. Geofrrey also despatned a rooki journalist but with the unique mental experinece of worldwide maps die to spending his last days as a teenage allied bomber command. The jgsaw of how English had become a large lanuage model (sometime culturally, mostly buiness wise) across Asia and the old world's transcontinent. Back in 1860 founder James Wilson had failed in his biggest mission dying of diarrhea in year 2 of queen vicr=tria's charte bank intended to free the quarter of humansin the Raj with their own taxation system.

All of the net had paased within 6 years of their first training of The Economist. But Von Neumann had sent some last notes; by 21at C expect to be interviewing what will people unite where first to get a milion times more tech access per decade. That's the current situation for anyone accessing moores law, next G leap in telecoms and accelerated computing architure - see last month's 10000 engineers conference on that GTC 2024 moderated by the Engineer's rockstar Jensen Huang.