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Monday, September 27, 2021

adam smith scholars join me in writing we have entered the last 8 student/teacher years of UN's sustainability cliff

neatly 40 years ago i co-authored the 2025 report- changes communities would need to demand if sustainability of millennials was possible

we are behind the curve on our top 10 challenges from basic health to true media offers deep details monthly on one world leadership summit that every teacher/parent should know of if we are not to examine our kids on total misinformation as well as make many of them either unemployable or in student debt

Sunday, September 12, 2021

help assemble zoom diary of 21-22 - 100 events every global graduate needs to share knowhow of

universities that spend too much of their students time on monopoly teaching by individual professors and monopoly exams certified to the confines of those professors old brains -and keeping their alumni separate from worldwide alumni collaborations -  are probably the greatest risk to your nations younger half ever being the sustainability generation

 anyhow lets assemble the 100 most open minded leadership zooms in 21-22, and the review claims for and against 

 or help us assemble the most collaborative univesrsity in the world - the global university of poverty