Economistarts.comking and worldclassdaos....First 75 years of schools brief with alumni of von neumann & The Economist ... web3: AI change teacher
read all about it - how english speaking world service failed humanity in spite of at least 16 years time to live up to this 1984 tech-wizard charter of sustainability to 2025 invites you help fix this join first 100 person zoom in memory of Queen Elizabeth - greatest public servant English speaking world
Help publish youth's web3 year of 23 -rsvp
It would be interesting to know what Queen Victoria wrote in her diary when her first special envoy to
charter bank by and for india's peoples died 9 months into landing calcutta of diarrhea;
and why it took another 112 years before
girls empowrment first asian bank - BRACooperation started up by a reformed Oil Company man began saving humanity
M3 crisis: 1/1/2000 missing 2025 report's media good
(chapter 6 pdf download written 1984) opportunity of majority of world being aware of humanity's greatest risk = greatest mis-timing of my life; hope its not 2020s terminal mistake for our uniting species
Help publish youth's web3 year of 23 -rsvp
Can 100 times more tech per decade since 1930 advance enough COOPERATION to sustain millennials out of every inhabited GPS? tick tock by 2030 it is mathematics (of chaos) likely that we will know whether 2020s being saved us from mother nature's wrath and irreversible species destruction. Most exciting decade to be alive. Cooperation needed at and every game worldrecordjobs can help you and yours and meta-soc play
From our archives- 1860 17 years into founding Economist, James Wilson's most ambitious project partnering queen victoria in launching chartered bank by and for the quarter of peoples on india subcontinent stalls.
Wilson dies of diarrhea 9 months after landing in calcutta. 85 years later sir kenneth kemp (father in law of Economist's Norman Macrae writes up legalese of Indian Independence. Sir Ken did not know that partitioning was about to happen. Peoples of East pakistan draw colonial aera's shorterst straw - not only a colony of West Pakistan but blocked out of access to what have been south asia's superport. 23 years later cyclone kills a million peoples and shell oils regional young superstar ends his contract to start helping women build the new nation of Bangladesh. The greatest economic miracle produced by a billion asian mothers begin. The first network cooperation - oral rehydration ; 112 years after wilson's death illiterate village mothers first homework is how to mix boiled water sugar and salt to stop diarrhea killing one thord of infants in tropical villages. Inspired by this abed and 1 billion women map 30 cooperation platforms 1972-2019 - BRA-C (Bangladesh Rural Advancement Cooperation). First meta partnership BEAC UNICEF Tropical china; from 1996 leapfrog partners beyong vilages without electricity start to web end poverty's races. Japan and silicon valley ask abed to go international - vrac university with james grant as first world class colege begins 2001
meanwhile in 1890s london 2nd editor walter bagehot continues queen victoria's project - can the English Constitution end the slave making mentality of corpoartesd like East India company with a commonwealth constitution. Although many believe Victoria did plant this legacy for the 20th C royal family - not in time for east Insia comoany to ruin another quarter of the world's lives - the chinese after 1960 clsoe themselves to global trade rather than accept ultimatum to accept opium as a currency. Just as it takes peoples of the place we now call bnagaldesh 110 yeras to start freeing their own trade, so too contenetal china. By 1972 out of desperation both bangaldesh and china depend on raiing womens productivity from mear 0 to more than that of men in every community developing children. On the Bangladesg side follow the mapping of the reforemd oil company ceo fazle abed; on china tropical side note that one child polict meand half of all familiyies start to be dependednt on how brillainatly entrepreneurial their 20s something daughter becomes

Dedication: Sir Fazle Abed 50 years (2019-1970) supporting billion women end poverty:.Notable learning curve exponentials of diarists of Economist & global village audience interactions impact of global viewspaer disapperaed did first 150 yeras of our diarists map enough intel for millennials to be the sustainability generation?
. what if human development determined by family's social network quality situated within web 3 2 1 0 after electricity before webs 00 before electricity
Primary purpose founder (London Scot James Wilson 1843) can global viewspaper mediate goals 2 and 1 end hunger and end poverty- changing slave making tdae toward multi-win commonwealth: wilson's pjhilosophy Smithian (last writings morality of markets before engines; first 16s of engines impact on national branding; wislons 2 signature partnership with queen victoria - end corn laws starving half of ireland's population; go to calcutta to start charter banking by and for the people; sadly wilson diee of dairrhea withing first year in vacutta but son-in-lam bagehot continues transfolrmation of Englsh Constitution
From 1951 given greatest scoop by vin neuamann - ask what peoples do with 100 times more tech per decade 1930 to 2020s-particularlycan zero sum games be resplaced by sustainable above zero sum trades - eg networks applying life critical knowhow multiplky value in use opposite to consuming up things
Norman Macrae's learning curve in 28 years before being mentored by Neumann: first 13 years home schooled btitish embassies including Stalin's moscw; then soend s last days as teen navigating airplaned bomber commandnd Burma before 6 years of good fortune; last class taught by keynes cambridge; mentired at Economist by sur geiffrey crowther autoboigrapher of Economist's first century
stories from mapping 100 times moore: best ever western leader decade fyt=ure chalenge - kenned'y's moon race primarily biproduct satellite telecoms (alumnisat) and interdendence - 2 atlantic segments : america's new european; Euro's old; asian about two thirds of humans dependent on pacific coast's world trade (that leaves up to 15% to decide which ocean integrated their muti-win games0; age 39 macrae permitted one signed survey a year- begins with 10 years of surveys of what futures do peoples want - 1962 Japan and rising Asian neighbors; 1963 people of Russia; 1964 peoples of Brazil & Latin America ...1968 peoples of south africa; 1969 rainbow peo[ples of USA- from 1972 alarmed by nixon's exit of dolar from gold standard begins 40 tyear future histiry genres with early fici on fintech, edtech, healthtec as well as energy markets; from 1976 joined by prodi argues for future capitalism grounded by sme networks not just bigger and bigger corporate and gov; 1984 prepares for last 5 y years at Economist with 2 genres - 2025 report book first published with chris macrae on updating sustainability deadlines and opportunities/threats of web1-3; biography of von neumann ; last article dec 2008- huge risk web 2 age of millennials will be underinvested with youth having to bail out elders; can blockchain distributed finance be last chance antidote to every greater political havoc of printing paper money?
Systems truth - big organisations hate innovation (ironically artificial intel best at integrating deepest real time data in way no human gov can do real time)- notably powerful western people blocked from transparent unlearning by media & lawyers; gov2.0 is about how hard one transformation of gov is since horse was fastest way to communicate; industrial revolution 4 shows how hard for big corporates to innovate beyond past system; 2020s last chance crises may involve privileged gamesters racing into web3 societies who havent yet learnt from billion poorest women attempts to leapfrog from web00 (without electricity)in 2001 friends of billion poorest women proposed solution - new universities who share their alumni's open community to community sdg solutions- see and discuss meta challenges to as predicted in 1984's 2025 report transformation of edu essential to survival of human beings (echoing HG Well's civilisiation race between edu and catastrophe) .. women4empower; herstory's turning points - some dates approx as took decades- if we've missed or wronged herstory (valuing womens planet Xponential multipliers with men's) -please rsvp - all errors mine alone gandhi 1906 thrown off south african train-starts 40 years of chnaging education from infant up (see -seeds future of mandela nets; 2020s gteatest ever network multiplier gandhi &montesorri; remultiplied einstein 1940s; in 12 post war yers greatest ever maths networkers leave legacy of 100 times more ytech per decade; from 1951 scoop of what to do with 100 times more etch relayed tp economist journalist for humanity; by 1960 ai labs twinned to face both coasts (pacific 75% of human sustainability; atlantuc 25%); by 2020s media's last chance at transparency see as too much data streaming from every gps not to blockchain and humansAI (see; 1843 smihian james wilso starts royal society newsletter gossiping why royal family need to celebrate sdg1 and 2 end starvation of eg Irish; ebd impoversiation of british raj; biggest underknown -did queen voctoria despatche wilson with idia's own chartered bank to get rid of him or to design multi-win commonwelath trading; in any event wilso dies of diarrhea within 12 months landing cacutta; it tales 112 years and partitionining of india subcontinnent before former oil company regional ceo fazle abed fimaces solutions of end diarrheas as killing tropical asian infants and end starvation by maximis vilage rice tech (borlaug)- having celebrated 100000 vilages first demonstartion of these solutions - unicefs japmes grant sonsors transai extension; coming from china missionary epidemiologist family - abed and grant partner in nationwide vaccination against infant diseases; thats 3 of the first 30 mass colaborations of the who ended poverty 2019-1972 (as for other models of western aid, who knows but data shows whatever else thy did it wasnt the vast majority of extreme povery ending); see the irony of web00 world (no electricy ) contributing more to sustainability than ever other world at - finders crossed web3 starts to emulat development economic leaps of web00 women; 1758-62: very intersting adam smith scotnds worldwide contribution to human development let alone emotional intel; bes ever summary of nature and humans market purpose before endines; best ver plea to startup engine applications everywhere not juts london 1760 east idia company's admin MOMENTS OF THE ECONOMIST - founded 1843 to mediate sustainability 2 primary goals - end hunger & poverty by Smithian James Wilson; 1943 centenary's autobiogtraphy compelling testinmong on what went wrong with negineerings in 20 most advanced nations (19 white); from 1945 Economist takes on Neumann's suggestion of greatest journalist scoop ; what to do with 100 times more tech per decade 2025-1945?; is there an optimistic rational way out of Orwellian Big Brother endgam?. If so how will educators and youth web & do what economists and elders cant even imagine/ ANNOUNCEMENT - from june 1 2022, the first post of every month will often linkin the previous month's update of - In turn this is one of the main celebration collabs of 2025Report and friends celebrating progress along the roadmap to UN secretary general's digitalisation "UN2.0". Codesmeta welcomes co-editors rsvp help AI make 2022 youth's most collaborative year-
2016 glory to every natural deity sept 2016- after 1st year review of SDGs jim kim makes his biggest move- what unhq and unesco have just reported is sdg4 wont happen before 2100- so he starts a pre-nft club on digotally cooperative education in geneva (getting unctad blessing to intro any educatir interested in etch to itu); just in time for engineer guterres to take up 10 year chair ofiun2.0 - from summer 2017- digital cooperation research becoems the bo=iggest chnage movement the world has ever seen with any government invited to benchmark nay unite un2.0) 2122 unga summit on ed no longer fit for purpose 22-23 school year of greatest every pprize sdgmetaverseprize.orh and more unseen wealth compounding out of ed3 nfts than all the oil wells on earth

Tuesday, November 29, 2022 - why did The Economist's crew go into over-time

 we (friends of Macraes Norman & Chris & anon sci-fi writer) began the 2025report genre in 1983; itself an extension of Economist research around von neumann's scoop (mediated journalistically since 1951 by dad (alumn of Keynes as well as teenage navigator allied bomber command Burma, and student of what James Wilson and Queen Victoria had plotted in changing English constitution from 1843!) at The Economist   

The Economist, 1843-1943: A centenary volume

Stranger than fiction? The Economist was founded in 1843 by a Scot who wanted to end hunger and end poverty. Here is the first 100 years of James Wilson's ...

1951- what goods would humans unite at the edge of 100 times more tech er decade (by 1965 -there were at least 5 neumann motivated AI (ArtsIntel) corridors- gordon moore's law reconfirmed stanford region's pride of place after tokyo ai-in-asia advanced bgfgest ever chip order (from a tokyo calculator manufacturer). WE were well aware of Orwell's option 1 endgame for immersion in tech, but was there a humman pathway out of tech beaming up and down from every GPS?

commons' exponential timelining of human sustainability's last cross roads , whilst requiring trust in  intergenerarional vision and transparent exponential auditing, is not an exact science-

 and, whilst we still believe our 1984 through 1993 (decade of reports in different languages - last being swedish 1993) setting of 2025 was a reasonable date- stuff have happened since 2015 world of nations' declaration of the 17 sustainbilirty development goals- while the UN2 movement of digital cooperation has worked deeply on system mmapping since 2016 now confirmed by 9 transformation pieces  distractions including 7 no trumpist usa, covid, the world according to Putin and being FTX'd (3ed time in 21sr C that a vicious american arrogance has propagared poverty-multiplying wves - ref 2007+ subprime and early 200s dotcom and utility-destruction - eg enron, worldcom, big 5 partial auditing of beginning digital life) 

SO we enetre 2023 as half time to  promising youths susdtainability whereas not withstanding the goods that peoples  have sought to Unite since 2015, our universal system is spiining towards extinction faster than 2015,  

whither millennials neing the first sd generation? - forgive urgency's impolitiness- we are not going to extend beyond ; if you want to map 8 billion beings cooperation in sustainability out of every community and gps PLEASE join us now -eg can you & yours extend linkedin newsletter or pioneer changeteacher or join 6000 educators=for-youth-freedom ed3dao or help search .... ) 

or forever hold your peace- we need constructive help- anyone being supportive weird-even is welcome - those bringing emotional or monetary destruction will not find any clean air time within the media we seek to co-cteate - more at worldclassbrands chartering since 1988 and

what had happened by 1965 - 5 geo-corridors were connected (however invisibly) in neumann's cooperative search for humanising artificila intel as the solution to sustaining species; BUT the cost had been tremendous - jfk had been assasinated;

ASIA RISING STORIES DECDICATED TO 2/3 women and harvard reporter Ezra Vogel as well as those cited below

 the japanese had spent 20 yeras being the first post-nuclear era nation (inviting every culture to join in win-win trading staring with korea taiwan, the pacific cross-seas of HK and singapore); fortunately they were empowered wiith the first global broadcast - satellite tv of tokyo olympics (fast firward covid may have stalled Japan celebrating 2020s update but osaka 2025 expo can be back on data osaka track, culture soc5.0 and ai curation -whats ar/vr expereimces rise out of osaka expo can be linked to the billion womens university movement - the legacy of fazle abed and the starting momentum in 2016 of educatirs at the un whose learning curve has become guterres Un2.0

NEUMANN NORTH- previously the legacy of neumann had started around 2 corridors

north east of princeton throigh eg ibm and dec to MIT ai lab (and eg doding moon landing)

south through gov ai inliuding speace dc-texas-florida

macrarthy iurst formally twinned mit ai lab with stanford

so in addtion to Tokyo Stanfird Princeton North at MIT, Princeton S (Us gov) 


we have where the goats of maths were bred- the swiss corridor begun round tele sectirs ITU in 1865! formally thge Un tech expert twinout of Geneva from bit=rth of multilatral desingn in 1945 

Monday, November 28, 2022

 hello from first impressionof  soft launch Flatiron Festival Dec8 State of 2023 Meta-being ; blended zoom and real meets from 9.30am EST (Jeanne of - beingAI HK will start zooms up ...) womens (UN  AI envoy) ethicalmetaverse (Geneva) 2017+ cultural brief 1 2

 chris writes: HI may I intro Vincent  spent last 4 years redesigning Fazle Abed's (billion women empowerment) University cooperation worldwide out of Dhaka (this also became first lady of Doha's co-vision a decade ago when she started building biannual ed and health summits around her womens uni campus). Makoto is a veteran of Japanese Wall Street recently moved to London as well as youths cheerleader of (since start of covid they have blended major UN virtual summits with 24 hour round the  world humming & youthful musician events)

Sometimes I call the NY version of meta & verse "curating the flatiron experience" as that's where and when people like john jeanne and leslie ( father conceptuualised xerox parc before it was moved east coast to palo alto's west) have discussed this in ways that seemed worthy of all human development- I recommend that's  fitting as flatiron was the original cross-roads to new y0ok (the times square before times square 25 block(chains) north became arts meeting space). Its interesting which new york community does HK need to sandbox first. Please see footnote for more on how vincent and makoto inspire us - even though we launched global broadway in  spring2019 out of the times square mattiott!

Please feel free to co-edit clauses below (trying to co-imagine what 2023 meta-state of world needs social action scales)  2030report  would like to applaud these responsibilities of 2020s beings- 
  • according to SDGs and UN2, 2030s is when youth are First Sustainability Generation and elders investment power truly cheer this on out of every GPS on th planet 
  • According to media designers, women empowerment and artists- some time before 2030  most human and community time will be advanced in metaverse/web3

Therefore 8 billion humsa beings may now want to map how to spend time next, especially any teacher or students time

*Feminine gamers cooperation (Emotional * Intel) culture
Can now be designed because in web3 communities own the properties they co-create - if you only recall one think about blockchain invention 2008- its about openly valuing ownership who created/intended what
Explore the world making good friends/family links worldwide & locally
90% of fashion/celebrity value launched & spent virtually- so youth choose/co-create new sustainability heroines web3

Own your skills dashboard (according to Korean AI grandmasters: triangularise HIt-Hit-Hit (hi-Trust, hi-Tech, hi-Touch)
Be curated by smart avatar personal trainers who
authenticate depth of data diversity  real time (safety, freedom to imagine for all)

*Humanising ai now augments all 5 human sensing
If scout from your community finds eg urgent sustainability solution- no longer postcard wish you were here; beam you into experience eg tokyo's expo 25 can be where worldwide curation by Anime Avatars  celebrated - new definition of how art connects us all (personal example from xmas 2007 went to bangladesh 16 times to explore 50 year evolution of billion womens development culture; if good metaverse existed multiplying educational change networks and friendships thousand times more productive/ achievable as should be all best for 360 degree  world connecting)

*Data coding is key. What this means is people need to peacefully remove government and professions unless they serve 1945's deepest goals: rights, inclusion, trust,  l revolution being transparent valuation of public goods; from 2016 UN2 now offers 9 transformations all good government map by and with peoples freedom

==================================optional extra detailing

PLEASE FORGIVE Following worldwide trade mapping-errors are mine alone, ; I AM SURE MY MEMORY OF ORDER OF PLAY is a mess- need local observers corrections
From EconomistDiary - in 1962 Japans' Asia Rising models were discovered to be what two/three humans who are Asian most needed development to design and reward. JFKennedy agreed 1962; then at tokyo olympics  1964 prince charles agreed too; and the first global broadcast of humanity was satellite tv'd. By the time man had landed on the moon Japan's win-win trading corridor extended through Korea south and taiwan to the cross-sea superports of HK and Singapore. But when Nixon took dollar off gold standard according to the economist that ended the $ as the people sustainability currency and became the big get bigger systems monopoly. Hence form 1972 The Economist began future history genre and from 1976 called for new societal constitution Entrepreneurial Revolution 260+ smith/Watt 70 neumann 50 fazle abed , 20 fei-fei li, 1 Zbee  All of these interpretations depended whether you were moderating von neumann's scoop first shared with economist journalists 1951 - what goods will people unite at the edge of connecting 100 times more tech every decade? (which indeed silicon valley has been a demonstration of since 1965 moore law - intel's programable silicon chips being response to receiving an order double the size of all other clients from Japanese-Asia world trade corridor, in fact a calculator manufacturer, probably casio- this joining tokyo -stanford at the midst of AIgood labs. And so the future spirals depending whether you prefer maths of 40 year intergenerational view or 90 day smash and grab (latest version FTX as worse even than enron and up there with being as bad as subprime)

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

 happy thanks john and vincent - do you have time to join zoom 8 dec at either 10am or 11am EST? ;

Mr Metaverse & Me Earth & Ms Metaverse 1 2 - an annual cooperation search of world class daos

 i have updated why abed and jeanne' lim needed by every web3 youth at I would like to ask 6 people including you - can you make a 2 page vision for web3 & intergeneration cooperation of under 30s can sustain the world; I would like to send out version 0 over xmas holidays and get published in last version of dad's 2025 report to be circulated glasgow 265 th adam smith moral sentiments summit june 2023- john can you see if jeanne will join in dec 8 - microsofts female head of ethics due to participate 10am east coast tome dec8- john separately would wolfram want to join private email with von neumanns daughter- at start of year she wanted maths people to launch ai hall of fame but maybe thats the maths dao now?!

Saturday, November 19, 2022

 Through the 2020s Economist Diary aims to be at the crossroads of several professions my family tree contributed. As global diaspora scots we have often convened in Glasgow or my patrenal family's resience in Isle odf atam but not lived in Scotlamd. In fact we have lived and worked in  or withmost asian countries peoples; my dauf===ghter has actualy f=grown up since 1997 in Washington Dc so that gives me some sort of view of every hemispeher; from 2015 I have felt taht the UN's attempt to innovate giv2.0 was also where my afthers' last projects became in my case 16 trips to Bangaldesh to map a billion womens empowerment since 1972

what i will try to do from now on is clarify which profession a post spaks most to 

here is one to the brand media and mediation community Q&A welcome

Ewondered if you have ever come across Brand Consultancy of Leo Burnett. For last 6 years of 20th c I helped them form that but ultimately they applied opposite advice to my main text book brand chartering - how brand organisations learn living scripts -. At one time around 2000 3 of the largsest ad agencies and 3 of the big 5 accountants were all tapping into my work, Bot as my experence of valuing intangibles developed all the biggest fraeworks of brand and auditing diverged from my search for world's most trusted purposeful orgs and networks. I am not sure wher my expereince meshes with yours but look forward to discussing. If you have a look at eg - the purpose of lifelong education in web3 world is probably my last big  search now I am 71 years old and trues to link many generations of my family's experience including dad's half century influencing The Economist and his signature works Entrepreneurail Revolution & Future History of Sustainability.

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

 This week we look at good & bad blockchains by good and bad crypto -pls keep nominations coming - as always by bad we mean spinning millennisl neaer to being the first extinction generation. But as the jury may be out on some of these 2by2's we also curate some cases independent of crypto funding

Good BlockChain without Crypto

AT mathsdao we vote Blockchain as 3rd most timely (digital world) maths system crisis (crossroads of compound opportunity & threat) world has ever seen. Search blockchain without crypto - see cases such as law2.0, safety of value chains from coffee to blood diamonds to nuclear to health2.0 .

WorldClassDaos with or without crypto

Have a look at world class daos where we have catalogued community scaling organsiations we like where quite frankly we havent checked all of theur crypto statuses. This happened partly becasue I spent a long time tracking the development of some hong kong inspired community building ideas linked by woemn empwerment and UN sdgoals - eg - they were perapring to launch nft crypto as part of their funding when the platform they aimed to used suddenly mentioend a 305 tax- so they are thriving by other means of funding currently

 1   FTX has become probabky the world's worst crypto - by which I mean there have been other cryptos that looked all scam but this is a massive exchnage which has broken every rule under custodial finance sun. Its like we have not learnt anything since cases like Robert Maxwell or Bernie Madman ruined millions of lives.That someone so vain could be at a crypto helm should not cause extra regulations - crypto has always needed some but when push came to shove this guys mindset (albeit under arguably extreme but predictable misfoerune) would break the rules whatever they were

.Good Block Bad Crypto.
I dont like putting bitcoin temporarily in this sin box but I do becasue I think it mattered that virtual world's main coin be designed around minimising volatility. Now one of the problems of btcoin is the anonymity of satoshi - is his team still running it and if so have they ever been concerend with vlatility as much as I am? I must admit I am going to have to take some holiday time to reread everything satoshi has ever said as I believe blockchain is one of the most timely maths invention ever (more at but perhaps its non vrypto blockchains that I need to study given ssustainability goals tools are what exists to help search out.
Good Block-Good Crypto...
...Bad Block Bad Crypto.../Bad Block Good Crypto

Because my daughter had grown up in washington  region, I have some inside tracks to this which may make inconvveneing reading ( i try my level best to answer comprehensible questions if this topic is as urgent to you as it is to my peer networks

Back in 2016 I knew blockchain research was going to be doubly difficult in ammerican politics. There's a weird public event hosted by usaid -called planning for transition. I wasnt as sure as the now 8 yera old obama saturated aid experts that hikary was a shoe in. So I asked the question which i hoped would plant tech as something aid workers led beyond parties. Can you tell me how you see blockchain cases chnaging aid. There was silence - then someon with least tech expertise put her hand up. I'll take that - not at all- i hear blockchains are too energy inefficient. Thus started what I would have to call 6 years of the most sustamability tech ingornat gov city among advanced nations- even today as biden passes his half time in better election shape rhan expeted- the tech for sustainanility shape of us government is bad. When I say this we luckily have a valation framework at the Un which while its applying to itself also aplies to any place government helping its people turn systems towards sustainability instead of missing last exits out of extinction or endless far north arms races. 

Monday, November 14, 2022

background to ft schools brief economics

 at the economist dad norman macrae met von neumann 1951- & inherited scoop- what open goods would unite peoples with 100 times more tech per decade; neoliberalism diverged whole answer when US took dollar off gold standard- future histiries from 1972 Entrepreneurial Revolution

economics has always designed at least 2 opposite sustems - keynes is simpest one chapter view -what intergenetaional future are we designing

opposite maths from who can take the most from 90 day smas and grab or even 90 second algorithms

one solution would be to require all tecahers from k-12 up to read last chapter of keynes general theory mosney interest emplyment

keynes start with issue - what happens if a handful of academic scribblers become constitutional law- and if that handful represent elders not the next generation facing 100 times more tech per decade

keynes concluded twhat would compund would be risks to species extinction

Thursday, November 10, 2022

2022 = 60th year since dad Norman at The Economist started connecting asian and western youth as if sustainability depended on this - Aiming to end 2022 (leap forward with second half of UN sdgs race 2023 eg  designed to celebrate 10000 most exciting youthful storytellers of goals and actions of sustainabliity generation)  with lots of celebration of asian mediated solutions which  every western millennial and educator needs to know exist - to be ready for web3 decentralisation anywhere in need

this weekend - an extraordinary edtech summit is led by asian american in New York Vriti Saraf; if it hadnt been for covid likely she would still be at the whittle school in shanghai - certainly new york and east coast education's gain

if you look at or we look at many ways 

that Guterres Un2.0 would not exist with asian ed tech starting up digitk ciperation acriss the UN in 2016


fascinating whos leaping up UN  rankings of egov because most of the basic of empowering citizens with digital gov can be replicated from anywhere that first shows how - Singapore is one place whose egov solutions almost every others nations' citizens can gain from knowing about

next year will be 40th since dad and I sent 2025report to the publishers - how to escape orwell's big brother endgame - assembling final edition of that still work to be done on finding escape routes (from hell's like Putin , next void or nature's wrath) - 

wonder if Musk will; join us with twitterversal case; if noy how about or my extraordinary debriefs last month from

estonia and slovenia are other stars as their versions of AI help augment human skills - japan has partnered with slovenai and tehe 14 UN colleges to spread these celebrations

wow and thanks everyone chris and lessons from billion poorest asian mothers

Friday, November 4, 2022

 hello have started a newsletter at linkedin can we the peoples linkin a different future ? Ironically it seems to me that if we cooperated around hi-tech we could solve so many crises that somehow tech has so far accelerated. My family and connections have been questioning tech and leadership for 71 years now when my father at The Economist met von neumann in 1951 and was told to ask what goods would people unite around wherever they had 100 times more tech per decade - eg moores law soon gave those linked in to silicon valley 100 times more tech and satellite telecoms have always been to my peer networks the most curious gravitational force that kennedy's moonshot decade brought us. A new year round schools competition has been started - enter by Xmas to ensure your place is connected with 10000 viral storytellers of sustainability by spring 2023 - in my mind this will open up opportunity for community funding of sustainability solutions see

Also here are links to our 2 sister journals published out of Glasgow University - in June 2023 Glasgow intends to host 265th adam smith celebration of moral sentiments around the theme microeducationsummit we aim to discuss what changes are needed to education and design of technology and community building if the younger half of the world are to be the first sustainability generation- if you have questions or potential contributions you can either contact the journal editors via the web sites or ask me to send your mail on - I am at - I may be back in Glasgow by summer 2023 but currently strive to mobilise new yorkers around UN tech envoy roadmapping of UN2 and indeed all improvement to public servies that the best of tech and human intel could bring

Monday, October 31, 2022

 ED- This week all EST King Charles fav ashden 3pm wednesday ; #chronfest-higher ed mon/tues 12.30pm

Imagine if webs@33 link every human 1 2 2BE : skills digital dashboard, personal lesson avatar

help reconstruct 75 years of The Economist's Schools Briefs - pro-youth economic futures; next deadline xmas2022 for youth's 10000 moat viral storytellers for good at SDGmetaPRIZE ; would like to be celebrating by summer 2023 a most cooperative 17 daos by goals -at minimum women empowerment goals 5 4 3 2 1 - if you love how edtech can change everything call in at UN2's 4 extraordinary Digital futures revolutions uniting peoples/communities : Dig Coop:: Dig Cap Building: GlobalComs AIGOOD -find out which places near you leaping UN egov rankings- amazing Mongolia my fav surprise from UNGA last month ... which are top 10 livesmatterplaces for all youth friendship solution exchanges : hong kong & where is Fazle Abed's dream of womens graduates uniting beyond alumni nets leaping forward next

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

 real time diary chats also at linkedin1000 articles - start here

or contact for free 30 minute zoom guide around younger half of world's most exciting cooperation maps

SGoal 3 beam me y=to meta up scotty

6 weeks left to enter greatest stories ever told with humans - see sponsored by UN tech, Xprize alumni, LA teenagers and I ge=uess majoority of youth designing web 3 in line with education see eg or
meanwhile specifically on goal 3 health

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chris  washdc & NY + 1 240 316 8157

On Monday, 17 October 2022 at 12:51:05 GMT-4, Tommy Jones <> wrote:

Dear Chris,

I hope you are well.

As you previously attended an FT healthcare event I wanted to reach out and highlight the FT Global Pharma and Biotech Summit. Taking place from 07-09 November we will return in-person to the Royal Lancaster in London, gathering CEOs, policymakers and thought leaders from the industry.

Secure your place here.

Join us again this year to learn about new frontiers for business and healthcare, networking with senior exceutives and discuss key topics including:

  • Where are investors in life sciences putting their money?
  • How can data science be applied at the molecular level?
  • Will cell and gene therapies transform healthcare for millions or a select few?
  • Pricing and market access - What to expect in 2023

Sneak preview of the companies already registered to attend:

AstraZeneca, Astellas, Amcor, Bayer, Bain & Company, Baseimmune, Biogen, Boehringer Ingelheim, Deloitte, Eli Lilly, GHO Capital Partners, GlobalData, GSK, Johnson & Johnson, Latham & Watkins, Linklaters, London Business School, NHS, Pfizer, Roche,Sandoz, Sanofi, Syneos Health, Thermo Fisher Scientific, UCL, and many more.

Next week we will be launching our event and networking app - Brella. Which will allow registered attendees to see who’s attending, create your own personal agenda and schedule one-to-one meetings.

Join them by securing your place today.

If you would like to find out more about the event or speak with me directly please email me, or call me on the details below.


Tommy Jones
Client Liason Manager

T: +44 (0)20 7873 4959

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