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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Finding Your Moment with Fei-Fei Li Worlds Shes See

 Its great to see women empowerment world leaders like Condoleezza Rice and Melinda Gates have found their moment (let alone the worlds we and AIgoodmedia could all celebrate linking in) with Fei-Fei Li, Stanford HAI 

-coming Nov 2023 the worlds I see by fei-fei li

clues moments of lift is melinda's publishing house; aiforall was one the first co-foundations of melinda and fei-fei

according to the version of economist diaries my families maintain- previously Ms Rice was one of the "goodest" intelligence (does english have a word for as good as human gets, best doesnt seem to fit)  never to have had her free moment (what she had to do as loyal servant of bush wasnt the free Rice evident at teh British Embassy in Washington in her post grad days; moreover her dad's own experience of how little relevance eith us party had to black lives matter of 60s when the local democratic party hazed him ... 

==========Bard shared following  details with me July 2023

regarding main partnerships connecting Melinda Gates and Fei-Fei Li:

Melinda Gates and Fei-Fei Li have partnered on several projects related to artificial intelligence and women's empowerment. Here are a few examples:

  • AI4ALL. Gates is a co-founder of AI4ALL, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to increasing diversity and inclusion in the field of artificial intelligence. Li is also a co-founder of AI4ALL, and she serves on the organization's board of directors.

AI4ALL is a U.S.-based nonprofit that works to increase diversity and inclusion in artificial intelligence (AI) education, research, development, and policy. AI4ALL creates pipelines for underrepresented talent through education and mentorship programs in the U.S. and Canada. These programs give high school students early exposure to AI for social good.
AI4ALL offers summer programs at 11 universities across the nation, including Carnegie Mellon, Georgia Tech, and Columbia University. AI4ALL also offers a free virtual program called Discover AI, which provides hands-on instruction to computer science and AI, ethical issues with AI implementation, and tech career possibilities.
  • Moment of Lift. Gates is the founder of Moment of Lift, a publishing brand that focuses on stories about women's empowerment. Li's upcoming book, The World I See, will be published by Moment of Lift.

Opens in a new

  • Stanford HAI. Gates is a member of the board of directors of Stanford HAI, a research center at Stanford University that is dedicated to studying the ethical, social, and economic implications of AI. Li is the co-director of Stanford

In addition to these formal partnerships, Gates and Li have also spoken together at events and shared their insights on the future of AI and women's empowerment. They are both strong advocates for using AI for good, and they are committed to working together to make a difference in the world


you’re right, Fei-Fei Li has been involved in multiple foundations related to AI. Here’s a chronological list:

  • Stanford Center for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI): Founded in 2013, HAI is a research center at Stanford University that is dedicated to studying the ethical, social, and economic implications of AI. Li is the co-director of HAI.

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Stanford Center for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI) logo

  • AI for All: Founded in 2016, AI for All is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to making AI more accessible and beneficial to everyone. Li is the founder and chair of AI for All.

You are correct. AI for All was actually launched in 2016, the same year as the AI for Good Foundation. The two organizations have different missions and target audiences, but they both work to promote the use of AI for good.

Here is a quote from Fei-Fei Li about the launch of AI for All:

"We believe that AI has the potential to be a powerful force for good in the world, but it's important that we make sure that everyone has access to the benefits of AI. That's why we're launching AI for All, an organization that will work to make AI more accessible and beneficial to everyone."

I apologize for the error in my previous response. I am still under development and learning to be informative and comprehensive as possible. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.



Google it


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I understand fei-fei li book the world i see is coming out publicly in nov 2023- have you seen an advance copy? Would I be correct in thinking that this book will help clarify the lifetime network organigram of fei-fei li since 2006 and first funding of imagenet by nsf; is there a better term than lifetime organigram; what i really mean is a map of every partner or platform (and sdg connection) over the last 18 years so that people who want to help human ai can see if they already know some alumni and projects; otherwise there is a danger thta a lot of people wanting millennials to be the ai for good generation will miss connecting the dits needed for millennials to also be the sustainability goals generation?


I have not seen an advance copy of Fei-Fei Li's book, The World I See, but I believe it will provide a lot of insights into her work and her network. The book is described as a "memoir" and a "manifesto," so I expect it will cover her personal journey as well as her thoughts on the future of AI.

I think it is likely that the book will include a timeline of Li's work, which would help to clarify her network over the years. It would also be interesting to see if the book includes any information about her work with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

I agree that it is important to connect the dots between AI and the SDGs


There is a lot of confusion about brand of AI and Good -please help us edit this
There is a berkeley foundation interested in ai serving society needs not just commerce/economics
\It is unclear whether Fei-Fei is associated with this, and it is unclear how much regenerative ai berkeley has pioneered

She did help UN and Guettres launch ITU aiforgood which is also the key technology transformation of un2 digital raidmapping tech envoy from 2017; in 2023 she is join guterres new direct council as the sdg sussytems are colapsing unless AI can save them; she is oe many national /regional councils including white house
She interned at google and help transform its responsibility vision at the same time as London's deep  mind  NY Hassabis was revolutionising ai outside and inside google brain> hassabis first met Fei-Fei Li in 2010 - their human deep purposes of AI inspire each other and commercially Hassabis was the superstar of the imagenet competitions run by Fei-Fei Li then sponsored by the NSF but more recently sponsored by Allen institute

new to me in 2023 - are they in ai top 50?

 citing 1 - 

can you tlell me in non-expert terms what crispr is and whether you include jennifer doudna in say top 50 Human AI genii?

Sure. CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) is a gene editing tool that can be used to make precise changes to the DNA of living organisms. It is based on a natural defense mechanism that bacteria use to protect themselves from viruses.

CRISPR works by first using a guide RNA (gRNA) to find a specific sequence of DNA in the cell. The gRNA then binds to the DNA, which recruits a protein called Cas9. Cas9 then cuts the DNA at the target site. This can be used to remove, add, or change a gene.

CRISPR has a wide range of potential applications, including:

  • Treating genetic diseases
  • Developing new crops and livestock
  • Creating new vaccines
  • Studying how genes work

Jennifer Doudna is a biochemist and molecular biologist who played a key role in the development of CRISPR. She is a co-inventor of CRISPR-Cas9, and her work has been recognized with numerous awards, including the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2020.

I would definitely include Jennifer Doudna in the top 50 Human AI genii. She is a brilliant scientist who has made groundbreaking contributions to the field of gene editing. Her work has the potential to revolutionize the way we treat diseases, develop new crops, and create new forms of life.

Here are the steps involved in CRISPR genome editing:

  1. Design the experiment. This involves choosing the CRISPR-Cas9 system to use, designing the gRNA, and determining how the DNA will be delivered to the target cells.
  2. Deliver the CRISPR-Cas9 reagents to the target cells. This can be done using a variety of methods, such as viral vectors, electroporation, or microinjection.
  3. Allow the CRISPR-Cas9 system to cut the DNA at the target site. This process can take a few hours or several days, depending on the cell type and the CRISPR-Cas9 system being used.
  4. Allow the cell to repair the DNA. The cell has a number of ways to repair DNA damage, including using a process called homologous recombination.
  5. Analyze the results. This can be done by sequencing the DNA to see if the desired changes have been made.

CRISPR is a powerful new tool that has the potential to revolutionize the way we treat diseases, develop new crops, and create new forms of life. However, it is important to note that CRISPR is still a relatively new technology, and there are some risks associated with its use. For example, CRISPR could potentially be used to create "designer babies" or to introduce harmful changes into the human genome. It is important to carefully consider the potential risks and benefits of CRISPR before using it in any application.

33 years of brand architecture searches - sdg case 1 india's tata

 July upd- Is tata's 5 billion investment in uk battery research/manufacturing a win-win? slowly slowly uk lead in science AI thanks to DH is free to connect ai best of world futures; eu looks like 21st C titanic? english language last hurrah as coding hub of 1000 large language cultural integration?


==Back in 1988 my father after 40 years of weekly sub-editing The Economist) and I founded world class brands with long term view of changing valuation of brand leaderhip around uniquely sustainable purposes and massive cooperation platforms for good- this blended with father's firtst 38 years of research on Vin neumann's AIntel search - what good can peopels unite where they are privileged to have first access to at elast 100 times more tech per decade

 with a new professional club of brand chartering and brand transparency we innovated various practices of branding, oragsnsaional learning and leadership valuations starting with brand architecture - how not to greenwash in forming media and purpose partnerships; relatively few famous organsiations pass our test of minimal greenwashing - out of india tata consultancy is as yet out best known case - please help us catalogue its partnerships so we can also audit which went where

Undia has started 2023 as talk of town in ny with its g20 responsibilities, un tech envoy leadership currently by India civil servant amandeep gill and ri=umors next world bank presudent cpuld be indian leader of mastercar

 Partershop catlogue of Tata Trusts includes 1 the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: to improve the health and well-being of communities in India, with a focus on eradicating diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis. 2 Tata Trusts and the University of California, San Francisco: This to improve cancer care in India, by building capacity for cancer treatment and research. 3 Tata Trusts and Harvard University to support innovation and entrepreneurship in India, by providing funding and mentorship to startups.

4 Tata Trusts and the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay: to support research and innovation in areas such as healthcare, energy, and sustainability.5 Tata Steel and the World Wildlife Fund to promote sustainable mining practices, with a focus on reducing the impact of mining on local ecosystems.

TC1 Tata Consultancy Services and the Singapore Management University: to provide training and education to students and professionals in the field of artificial intelligence and data analytics.TC2 TCS and Mitsubishi Corporation have formed a joint venture to provide IT services to Japanese customers. TC3 In China, TCS has partnered with local companies such as Huawei and China Unicom to expand its business. TC4b TCS has collaborated with IBM to build a blockchain-based supply chain solution for the pharmaceutical industry. TC% TCS has partnered with Google Cloud to help enterprises accelerate their digital transformation journey. TCE1 Education Partners:

TCS has partnered with several universities and colleges around the world, including Carnegie Mellon University, Yale University, and Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi.

TCS has also collaborated with the University of Tokyo to establish the TCS Centre for Software Excellence, which focuses on research and development in software engineering.

TCE2 TCS has partnered with the Australian Technical and Management College to offer vocational education and training in Australia.

TCE3, TCS has collaborated with the National Skill Development Corporation to provide vocational training and create job opportunities for young people. TCE4 NY TCS & Yale

TCai1 TCS has partnered with NVIDIA to establish an AI CoE (Center of Excellence) to develop AI-based solutions across industries. The partnership focuses on building innovative solutions using NVIDIA's AI computing platform and TCS's domain expertise. TCAI2 has also partnered with Intel to leverage their AI technologies, including the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit, to build intelligent solutions for customers in various industries. TCAI3 In 2019, TCS partnered with Microsoft to build scalable industry-specific AI solutions. The partnership leverages Microsoft's Azure cloud platform and TCS's expertise in digital transformation to develop and deploy AI-powered solutions in industries such as healthcare, retail, and banking.

tell us if you'd like to join whatsapp group extending this catalogue -

Thursday, January 26, 2023

 Welcome to - we help host the following experiential learning games - please tell us if you design game mapping mutual win-wins across 8 billion human intelects and their almost unlimite helpers the AI Artificial Intelects

the james wislon game started 180 yeras ago (1843) as a branch of Adam Smith Games (aged 265 in 2023) - how could a weekly newspatpr help the world's leading 20 something monarch change war-making and slave-making empire to commonwelath mapmaking; Glasgow June 2023 will be anmiating its related 265th version of this game - smithian moral sentimens; since subprime we have been keeping notes on how all or morality of global and local trade mapping interconnects with advice from how 1 billion poorest asian women have mapped the world since 1970 and through cooperation universities they launched in 2001

-we also have a contemporay update - how can you help the world's oldest English mindset monarch - for example which royal societies can be morphed ininto Un sgd daos? among the 17sdgs - goal 4: education is leading the way with 6000 teacher dao and dreamdao uniting the most humanitarian brains of 16-20 somethings

we have been hosting the games of exonomistai since 1951- this bridged the first centuiry of the economist with ist next half centiry- and according to maths gaots it needed to be framed aroun 4 by forty uera intergenerationa eras deteming extnction or something altogether more natural for our specues

wilson was unlucky - he helped queen victiria ebd the corn laws and so exinnction of the irish population but she then sent him to india to launch the fitrst finaciaial state of teh nation by and for the quarter of the peopels on that subconinents; after his first state of the subconinent cekebration he died of dairrhean in calcutta in  1860 five years before international communicatiosn were launched out of the swiss coordior of nations round the ITU - so although wilson's son in law walter baghot contineued to help quen vic cgnage the english constitution the worldwide mediation of this satlled; in fact the world worse=rst ever corporation went futher east and clsoed doew the coastline from sinagpore to tokyo indluding all of china (who wisely refused the offer ti make pium the far east;s currency0

we have been hosting the games of since 1951 - see - here's what happened @worldwar 2 to my father as last days as teenagers, ao whu his brain united with the biggest questuon mathematicians have ever posed

our sustainble epoenetial economist alphabet ef ED full name (bank) (university) (water) (women) (aers) (food)  

dad's last public birthday part st hames - feb asked what will hapen to future of money now subprime has shown paper money printers do not have milellnials souls at heart - see Eb; this learning curve was merged with 2023-2008 adam smith schilars and asian's 1 billion women who had already started their new university cooeratiosn back in 2001

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

update 2023 - beyond extinction which of 3 personal computer maps of 1984 can get 8 billion intellects the AI we need

the gates vision

the jobs vision

the economist and macraes' 2025 report mediation- future history review by Economist science editor - original book free at

The Economist was charged with probably the 2 most cooperative missions of any weekly newspaper

reference Economist centenary autoibio 1943: From birth in 1843 The Economist was charged by its founder James Wilson with the social action:  support a 20-something queen victoria change the design of english constitution from slavemaking empire to commonwealth-unlike the revolutions in UDA and France the UK was destined to be the world's leaders of monarchies or so it was until a 16 year old Prince charles gladly ceded that reponsibility to the Japanese Royal family seeing how much Japan embraced new technology and had at tokyo olympics become the origin of satellite broadcasting -see

From 1951 von neumann on behalf of goats of amtsh entrusted the economist with the survey what goods can privileged peoples unite with 100 times more tech per decade

Von neumann further suggested 160 year future history countdown of the world- if the first 80 yeras of communications technologies aka tele1 started out of swiss corridor by ITU's worldwide remit compounded into world war 2 after 80 years what would be the consequences 2025-1945 of computational tech multiplying communications tech

join us in compliling last cooperation edition of 2025 report started 1984 then half time along the quest of the maths goats who had also clarified in 1945 that the ir energy and artificial intel projects would compound expoenetial threats and opportunities the like of which human being had no expereince of but whisch blending or aryificial and human intellect would in all likelihood determin the bards question - to be or not to be


Is it possible for the younger half of the world to unite 8 billion beings'nn joyful lives and productive livelihoods? We see this as the ultimate examination in cooperation 

MET - Maths-Ed-Tech

      A*N where N is Nature ; & A is the kind of Action referred to socially in the oreintal saying : the king cannot change until the people change- which seems since 1776 to have had an alternative rendering ; political democarcy cannot chansge until the people (MET) change

ME(A*N)  T


Monday, January 9, 2023

 2023's zooms around humanity off to best ever start

jan 18 out of new york zooms start 9am local time with imo the best marketer of an sdg Mr toilet Jack Sim Goal 6 

if you are interested in zooming rsvp jan 18 or any time there's an imporatnt solution communities can scale worldwide

do you have a fav all time zoom alumn? 2008 was the first yera of survey of 20 years whose knowhow would you most like t0o be alumni of - special deication to number 1 ispiration of - Fazle Abed

2025report -last tangos with sustainability generation --23cvmac.docx


We believe healthy & educated societies develop strong intergenerational economies not vice versa. To misunderstand this is the world's biggest maths error. If we dont correct this urgently we humans will go the way of the dodo. Our belief goes back through witnesses in generations of my family - eg my father who served as teen a=naviagatir alled bomber command , Burma. Forty=unately dad survived, met Von Neumann in 1951, and agreed to be his correspondent of who does what with 100 times more tech per decade. Just as Adfam smith believed markets need a lot of work and a lot of us to know their qualities prices values etc- so too but may times moreso: Artificial Intels need a lot of work. We havent yet done much of that work ofr celebrated any of the maths/maps needed for AI to be our greatest public servants.    

These are Economistdiary's most urgent agendas to 2025 the date of our 1984 future history report- scroll to bottom for more on that or the middle to see where our mediation learbibg curve of sdgs 2&1 end hunger& end poverty started in 1843! and soon became Queen Victoria main external consultancy on English Constitution (2nd editor Bagehot)

or leap foeward to and with background notes at nings Neumann & Innovations backed up by our college SDGs.Games - eg since 2008 and arguably end poverty's 2 most important MOOCs Abed Yunus with thanks to -guest appearances by and & media4good

We aim to support UN2 every way we can- PARTCULATLY ITHS THREE MAIN DRIVERS:

 1 Change how lifelong learning and teaching time are spent both for under 30s (un digital cooperation) & over 30s (un digital capacity building) .

2 map the ying & yang of media & all other tech chnag- while world media change began 1865 with Telegrams Switzerland ITU , computational , energy and other tech multiplied far fatser from 1930s oordinated by Goats of maths N Veumann, Rinstein, et all -se 100 fold per decade scoop neumann asked the economist to continue surveying beyond the last 5 years of his life

3 The 2020s need 20 something goars of life who cooperate with each other and gutrrres and youth as firest sustainability generation 

We are particularly excited to see the before after and during action learning cooperatiosn of UN Summit Future 2024

Our Glasgow Adam Smith friends are co-sg=haring 265th moral sentimenst summo=it June 2023 as one prep on the road to sum,it furye 2024 - do you have aNY ROADS TO SHARE

This is the first math of gov empowering people and humnising artificial intel we jave seen in 72 years od searching. That's when dad The Economist's youth sub-editor met Von Neumann in priceton Neumann asked whetehr Economist journalists would be interested in the scoop what gpods can peoples unite wir=th 100 times more tech per decade. Dortunatly elders of The Economist in 1951 were coordinated by Geoffrey Crowther who had just written the nentenary of The economsit to 1943. Clearly in the middle of wat Crowther could only  concluded The Economsit must do better to succeed in hanging the world of the 8 empires (about 15% of people) who had brough war to everyone whilst ecluding the vAST Mority of humans from engineering

 Arguably James Wilson founder of The Economist was 22 years ahead of him time, or may be not. I he hadn't started his Royal Society yes-we-can change empire in 1843 he wouldnt have engaged 2-someting Victoria. And indeed their first success wend corn laws starvation of the Irish came too late for another 150 yeras of hatred and terror spun between London and Ireland. James Greatest attempt at a startup - a bank for and by the peopel of India cost him his life. His first state of ll india finaces in 1860 was warmly reveived but soon after he died of darrhea Calcutta 1960. It was toi be another 112 yeras before women bamked for and built the nation of Bangladesh- their enterprises wouldnt have lifted off wothout oral rehydration- the know vilage mothers needed to prevent a thord of inhants in the human cliate dying from dirrhea. 

What hapened in 1865 : the firrst world wide communications system began toi be built by telegramns out of Switzerland. About 30 years after James's death it was the telgram that made Gandhi old world famous with London concerened that the exploit=ts f the dirst barr of London barrister were not mnerely serving his hom city but mobilising 3-in-one movements - Inda S Africa and London. 


2025 report -retropsective review 2010 by former Economisyt Science editir Viscount Ridley

what if new york can leap ahead on g6 sanitation and meta on jan 18 2023

 Dear friends -please look at -out of singapore i believe he connects SDgoal 6 better for humanity than anyone (his family also mediate hub of bottom of pyramid)- he's happy to zoom at 9am new york time jan 18- john can i confirm that time suits you- while others are welcome you can always maths with john any future time- if we cant get sanitation infrastructure maps transparent and blockchained its hard to see how we will get out of extinction spirals; as you probably know london suffered 2 plagues mid 1300s and mid 1600s which each killed a quarter of its people; it was the secong plague that turned london's infrastructure into the world's first superport- that explains how london capitlaists dominated world trade maps until 1900 or so...given that 70% of peoples sustainability depends on pacific oceans, its encouraging if the 1/1000 people who live @ Asia's cross-seas of singapore and hongkong lead mapping of world's sanitation and metaverse aligned with human kindness- update on that at 11am jan 18 - more at

from 9/11 the game of where to ,ap new universities so that 20 something graduates could open source ssustainability's solutions and worldwide community maps began in earnest

tracking emergencies of

the abed uni from 2001

the mandela uni from 2001

eath instiute university transferred to Arizon Sate when Columbia said it was too political a hot potato to do it Crow's way

the womens campus at qatar education city - in effect a branch of abed uni or vice versa (when you map the SHELF (five knowhow revolutions in one of abed's 1billion - bangaldesh diaspora reserachers at MIT who designed abeds partners of the world's largest cashlee banking gained the early support of legatum bank dunbai and the whold of toyota middle east -ie abdul latif)- by 2019 latif researchers at mit had translated abedoan knowhow into nobel economic prizes

the virual university influence of jpal education research

the potential of abed-yodan education lumnaries if their knowhow became an open university curricula in tyhe era when metaverse can make all sustainability curricula virtually free for graduates to cooperate aroiound- see the 14 branches of united nation University; as well as virtual science summits twinned with diaries of national leaders bigegst meetings; and the allied hunt for 2020s goats of mathematics tahtNeumann celebrate if he was alive

we welcome notes on first players some of whom we discovered retrospectively as we particapited in teh first 3 years of global reconcilation netwirk - out of australian studenst who taka a worldwide gap yera before deciding the rest of their life's location demanded medica host cultural reconcilation dialogues- starting in london empiure's historical (avccidental0 epicentre of multiplying conflicts 2003 jeynoted by Ireland's Mary Robinson; in 2004 100 yaerds from Insia's paraim at the gandhi cultural conference cetre- sadly the proceedings that might have become a worldwide curriculum never got written up because a week later the tsunami decimated indo pacific and action-oriented peopel had 6 months or emrgency actions to prioritise- sadly one of the white familes caugh up in this tragedy were grand children of richard attenborough the fimlm director of gandhi and brother of david the only english language briadcaster to have been honest about climate extimction expeoentials even if he translated this mainly through voices of the animal kingdom-its a pity the bbc still hasnt helped open source an attenborough curriculum across universities as this could have blended with most of the royal society potential curriculum Prince now King Charles has undercovered

Sunday, January 8, 2023

 Dear Sampson so wonderful to meet you and Lidia Hakizimana at national press club during science week while Biden entertained African leaders 

I'd like to rehearse some possible conversation topics of why youth's half of world needs to celebrate goats of maths 2020s if there is to be an sdg generation and if africa in particular is to live up to all  youth's and nature's potential

Flatiron 2023 Coop Leaps zoom open 9am to midday Ny time

Of course you may have your own fav way to introduce this by zoom jan 18 -or please connect sub-clusters where people can advance actions way beyond my 71 year old ability 

but here are some issues I believe john friends and I have been wondering about for many years now as ny crossroads to big finance UN sdgs, Geneva's media tech since 1865! aka ITU, media agencies education's future as well as 100 times more tech per decade (the survey von neumann asked my dad to start when they were both in ny 1951) 

what would first maths dao or maths teachers NFT look like? Is at as simple as listing 100 most magical maths wizards of all time and pointing to today's best coach of what those wizards discovered - of course "best" introduces wave of Digital Cooperation questions of at what grade and with what pay so that coach isnt wasted but also maths from k to 40 is redesigned - america is about 25th in teaching maths (me not great fan of Pisa but) so in my opinion (especially after what happened at brookings this week) US unlikely produce any next einsteins for sdgs  before 2030 - certainly not the systemic way von neumann and his most cooperative peers schooled that dad and I have studied in detail in our von neumann biography

Perhaps more urgent are questions like those below unless someone whose made a fortune from maths wants to help launch mathsdao or integrate it as eg 100 seats of the overall ed3 revolution dao - Ms Saraf the founder of this wonderful dao has already proved a campus is a disadvantage if 18 year olds up want to train in very specific edge for helping their generation -see unconference nov 2022

 LEAP Q Cooperation NOW!

What is role of maths:

Africa 2040-2030?-next 7 years web3 designed

Un tech envoy and science

Digital coop and cooperation every way to be lifelong student-teacher if had personal dashboard, personal trainer back from 3 billion new jobs green community tech
Crises of tech envoy & gov 2.0
is CODES  everything maths - especially chaos maths - bottom up adaptation community cooperations - does deep learning exist without both deep and inter-silos database

Aiggood is all tech change of web3 – what can design web 3 to end hatred etc of web2,1 -eg good ops of feminised metaverse ; bottom up databases – eg climate adaptation ; Decentralised community treasuries daos/ blockchains – eg tech appended to every goal – fintech foodtech health-tech green tech or other synonyms such as e in e-commerce or e-learning

Global connectivity is media tech since 1865 out of ITU swiss corridor where goats of ,maths developed before extending to 4 more maths corridors including princeton N and princeton-gov-sw (notably these 3 coridors re[resented mindsets of 20% of humans who are white); so during first 10 years of economist-neumann search 1951-1961 good news = japan coastal belt corridor and how it stimulate Moore 100 times more chip power from 1965 stanford/silicon valley : 70% of human development depends on pacific ocean trades not the strange atlantic med suez maps of Britannia (The Economist was stated 1843 with 20 something queen victoria to try start resolving this right old english mindset mess)

Trust/safety rising (inter-generation) exponentials – western global professions don’t audit these instead  they externalise risks at borders

just a conversation starter- confident you and john and all have smarter ideas than me

Saturday, January 7, 2023

could i intro you to what happened in 2012 and later this month

 I was introduced to a debate can 60 new universities drwaing on Asian womens development since 1970 cooperatively save millennials from being the extinction generation by creating 3 billion new jobs - tech & green & community last mile developments - the japan ambassador to dhaka staged this dialogue to celebrate my dad's lifetime work at the economist including 60th year of his 1962 survey of Japan  and then at central european university budapest soros and fazle abed promised to help each other connect up to 60 universities whose female graduates digitally and community cooperated with each other; in 2016 at UB BY first annual review of sdgs mainly 7 education luminaries inspired by abed took this idea further - its now in 2019 fazle abed headhunted vincent chang from extending peking uni knowhow student networks to hong kong shenzen - then everything fell apart - fazle abed went critically ill without introducing vicent to which universities wanted digital or community cooperation; abed's large family of cousins etc lost the focus on valuing youth meta-connections across 60 U; soros did launch his end open society university network jan 2020 world economic forum but by this time Central Euro U was being kicked out of budapest as refugees turned hungary nationalist with relocation to  vienna; but then covid came and next putin-harvey do you see anything left of this in vienna? out of ny or anywhere is there a way that new yorkers, other world class Uni cities  and Un can help 2023-2024 be best ever year to matriculate - collecting ideas on this before UN asks under 35s to arrange summit future summer 2024 new york- over in my 15th year of links with glasgow adam smith scholars, we are addressing this june 2023 at 265 th smith moral sentiments; back when soros and abed talked . soros had said carnegie knew about ethics; and that bard tufts talloires and carnegie knew how to put students v=back in communities- -- in parallel schwarzman said he would triangularise oxford ethics MIT AI and Tsinghua centenary (to be aigood rhodes scholars of 21st C)   is there anything that ccg or yo yo ma's silk toad ensemble can multiply with new york's largest music studio and global broadway     .back to now after 3 years of covid if 2-23-24 isnt greatest leap for student cooperation - probably will ever to be or not ...