KC3.dev-- ed3envoyUn.com : The Economist's story begins 1843 as a London Scot JW's diary of how to support 20-something Queen Victorian transform constitution of an island from slavemaking gunboating empire to hoped for commonwealth; it took James Wilson's life (died Calcutta 1860 of diarrhea) and legacy 180 years to get to 2023- can media (Swiss UN global connectivity since 1865) design cooperations whch millennials need TO BE 1st sustainability generation (Applause) or extinction's destiny (boos -dismal beyond belief FTX RVP #45 subp 911 ...). Since James was an alumni of Adam Smith - we welome all diarists to 265th moral sentiments summits Glashgow UUn June 2023 - chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk ( after action debrief ecop26.com)
Economistarts.comking and worldclassdaos....
Lot of cooperation needed to advance Guterres UN priorities of 2023 - where can we connect -chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk
Join the dao of 2025report- last edition beyond extinction: the overall story of co-research von neumann scoop- who will unite what good with 100 times more tech per decade - chapter 1 how 5 tech eras have accelerated since 1865 -3 in the last 30 years.
chap2 how from 2016 the UNs framework offers first transformation in gov serving people since beginning of government in king's English - can you all be in time to celebrate most massive cooperations for good
guest chapter 2 page visions of those talking on redesign of 2020s be that web3, dao decentralised finanace , regenerative communities- which tech is applicable, which tech gets in the way?
how before 2016, a billion poorest women set the pace on sustainability economic modeling- learn from 3 phases- designing 10000 person communities with no electricity; sharing the university of leapfrog modelslessons from 15 years of playing annual game of worldrecordjobs.com
appendix of terms as they first appeared in the economist from 1951 (often their original meanings have been altered by vested interests - check out whom and avoid their advice like the plague
Tips for making 2023 most cooperative year of 4 billion youth & 4 billion elders start with browsing bop at linkedin - tell chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk which coop to eD headline at eAI eArts eB eU eWA eWO eF eG eL
First 75 years of
schools brief with alumni of von neumann & The Economist ... web3: AI change teacher
read all about it - how english speaking world service failed humanity in spite of at least 16 years time to live up to this 1984 tech-wizard charter of sustainability to 2025

queenofhearts.city invites you help fix this join first 100 person zoom in memory of Queen Elizabeth - greatest public servant English speaking world
Help publish youth's web3 year of 23 -rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk
It would be interesting to know what Queen Victoria wrote in her diary when her first special envoy to
charter bank by and for india's peoples died 9 months into landing calcutta of diarrhea;
and why it took another 112 years before
girls empowrment first asian bank - BRACooperation started up by a reformed Oil Company man began saving humanity
M3 crisis: 1/1/2000 missing 2025 report's media good
(chapter 6 pdf download written 1984) opportunity of majority of world being aware of humanity's greatest risk = greatest mis-timing of my life; hope its not 2020s terminal mistake for our uniting species
Help publish youth's web3 year of 23 -rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk
Can 100 times more tech per decade since 1930 advance enough COOPERATION to sustain millennials out of every inhabited GPS? tick tock by 2030 it is mathematics (of chaos) likely that we will know whether 2020s being saved us from mother nature's wrath and irreversible species destruction. Most exciting decade to be alive. Cooperation needed at www.sdgmetaverseprize.org and every game worldrecordjobs can help you and yours and meta-soc play
From our archives- 1860 17 years into founding Economist, James Wilson's most ambitious project partnering queen victoria in launching chartered bank by and for the quarter of peoples on india subcontinent stalls.
Wilson dies of diarrhea 9 months after landing in calcutta. 85 years later sir kenneth kemp (father in law of Economist's Norman Macrae writes up legalese of Indian Independence. Sir Ken did not know that partitioning was about to happen. Peoples of East pakistan draw colonial aera's shorterst straw - not only a colony of West Pakistan but blocked out of access to what have been south asia's superport. 23 years later cyclone kills a million peoples and shell oils regional young superstar ends his contract to start helping women build the new nation of Bangladesh. The greatest economic miracle produced by a billion asian mothers begin. The first network cooperation - oral rehydration ; 112 years after wilson's death illiterate village mothers first homework is how to mix boiled water sugar and salt to stop diarrhea killing one thord of infants in tropical villages. Inspired by this abed and 1 billion women map 30 cooperation platforms 1972-2019 - BRA-C (Bangladesh Rural Advancement Cooperation). First meta partnership BEAC UNICEF Tropical china; from 1996 leapfrog partners beyong vilages without electricity start to web end poverty's races. Japan and silicon valley ask abed to go international - vrac university with james grant as first world class colege begins 2001
meanwhile in 1890s london 2nd editor walter bagehot continues queen victoria's project - can the English Constitution end the slave making mentality of corpoartesd like East India company with a commonwealth constitution. Although many believe Victoria did plant this legacy for the 20th C royal family - not in time for east Insia comoany to ruin another quarter of the world's lives - the chinese after 1960 clsoe themselves to global trade rather than accept ultimatum to accept opium as a currency. Just as it takes peoples of the place we now call bnagaldesh 110 yeras to start freeing their own trade, so too contenetal china. By 1972 out of desperation both bangaldesh and china depend on raiing womens productivity from mear 0 to more than that of men in every community developing children. On the Bangladesg side follow the mapping of the reforemd oil company ceo fazle abed; on china tropical side note that one child polict meand half of all familiyies start to be dependednt on how brillainatly entrepreneurial their 20s something daughter becomes

Dedication: Sir Fazle Abed 50 years (2019-1970) supporting billion women end poverty:.Notable learning curve exponentials of diarists of Economist & global village audience interactions teachforsdgs.com-before impact of global viewspaer disapperaed did first 150 yeras of our diarists map enough intel for millennials to be the sustainability generation?
. what if human development determined by family's social network quality situated within web 3 2 1 0 after electricity before webs 00 before electricity
Primary purpose founder (London Scot James Wilson 1843) can global viewspaper mediate goals 2 and 1 end hunger and end poverty- changing slave making tdae toward multi-win commonwealth: wilson's pjhilosophy Smithian (last writings morality of markets before engines; first 16s of engines impact on national branding; wislons 2 signature partnership with queen victoria - end corn laws starving half of ireland's population; go to calcutta to start charter banking by and for the people; sadly wilson diee of dairrhea withing first year in vacutta but son-in-lam bagehot continues transfolrmation of Englsh Constitution
From 1951 given greatest scoop by vin neuamann - ask what peoples do with 100 times more tech per decade 1930 to 2020s-particularlycan zero sum games be resplaced by sustainable above zero sum trades - eg networks applying life critical knowhow multiplky value in use opposite to consuming up things
Norman Macrae's learning curve in 28 years before being mentored by Neumann: first 13 years home schooled btitish embassies including Stalin's moscw; then soend s last days as teen navigating airplaned bomber commandnd Burma before 6 years of good fortune; last class taught by keynes cambridge; mentired at Economist by sur geiffrey crowther autoboigrapher of Economist's first century
stories from mapping 100 times moore: best ever western leader decade fyt=ure chalenge - kenned'y's moon race primarily biproduct satellite telecoms (alumnisat) and interdendence - 2 atlantic segments : america's new european; Euro's old; asian about two thirds of humans dependent on pacific coast's world trade (that leaves up to 15% to decide which ocean integrated their muti-win games0; age 39 macrae permitted one signed survey a year- begins with 10 years of surveys of what futures do peoples want - 1962 Japan and rising Asian neighbors; 1963 people of Russia; 1964 peoples of Brazil & Latin America ...1968 peoples of south africa; 1969 rainbow peo[ples of USA- from 1972 alarmed by nixon's exit of dolar from gold standard begins 40 tyear future histiry genres with early fici on fintech, edtech, healthtec as well as energy markets; from 1976 joined by prodi argues for future capitalism grounded by sme networks not just bigger and bigger corporate and gov; 1984 prepares for last 5 y years at Economist with 2 genres - 2025 report book first published with chris macrae on updating sustainability deadlines and opportunities/threats of web1-3; biography of von neumann ; last article dec 2008- huge risk web 2 age of millennials will be underinvested with youth having to bail out elders; can blockchain distributed finance be last chance antidote to every greater political havoc of printing paper money?
Systems truth - big organisations hate innovation (ironically artificial intel best at integrating deepest real time data in way no human gov can do real time)- notably powerful western people blocked from transparent unlearning by media & lawyers; gov2.0 is about how hard one transformation of gov is since horse was fastest way to communicate; industrial revolution 4 shows how hard for big corporates to innovate beyond past system; 2020s last chance crises may involve privileged gamesters racing into web3 societies who havent yet learnt from billion poorest women attempts to leapfrog from web00 (without electricity)in 2001 friends of billion poorest women proposed solution - new universities who share their alumni's open community to community sdg solutions- see abedmooc.com and discuss meta challenges to sdgs.games- as predicted in 1984's 2025 report transformation of edu essential to survival of human beings (echoing HG Well's civilisiation race between edu and catastrophe)
Abedmooc.com .. women4empower; herstory's turning points - some dates approx as took decades- if we've missed or wronged herstory (valuing womens planet Xponential multipliers with men's) -please rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk - all errors mine alone gandhi 1906 thrown off south african train-starts 40 years of chnaging education from infant up (see underknowns.com) -seeds future of mandela nets; 2020s gteatest ever network multiplier gandhi &montesorri; remultiplied einstein 1940s; in 12 post war yers greatest ever maths networkers leave legacy of 100 times more ytech per decade; from 1951 scoop of what to do with 100 times more etch relayed tp economist journalist for humanity; by 1960 ai labs twinned to face both coasts (pacific 75% of human sustainability; atlantuc 25%); by 2020s media's last chance at transparency see metaerseprize.org) as too much data streaming from every gps not to blockchain and humansAI (see nftssdg.com); 1843 smihian james wilso starts royal society newsletter gossiping why royal family need to celebrate sdg1 and 2 end starvation of eg Irish; ebd impoversiation of british raj; biggest underknown -did queen voctoria despatche wilson with idia's own chartered bank to get rid of him or to design multi-win commonwelath trading; in any event wilso dies of diarrhea within 12 months landing cacutta; it tales 112 years and partitionining of india subcontinnent before former oil company regional ceo fazle abed fimaces solutions of end diarrheas as killing tropical asian infants and end starvation by maximis vilage rice tech (borlaug)- having celebrated 100000 vilages first demonstartion of these solutions - unicefs japmes grant sonsors transai extension; coming from china missionary epidemiologist family - abed and grant partner in nationwide vaccination against infant diseases; thats 3 of the first 30 mass colaborations of the 1billiongirls.com who ended poverty 2019-1972 (as for other models of western aid, who knows but data shows whatever else thy did it wasnt the vast majority of extreme povery ending); see the irony of web00 world (no electricy ) contributing more to sustainability than ever other world at 2025report.com - finders crossed web3 starts to emulat development economic leaps of web00 women; 1758-62: very intersting adam smith scotnds worldwide contribution to human development let alone emotional intel; bes ever summary of nature and humans market purpose before endines; best ver plea to startup engine applications everywhere not juts london 1760 east idia company's admin MOMENTS OF THE ECONOMIST - founded 1843 to mediate sustainability 2 primary goals - end hunger & poverty by Smithian James Wilson; 1943 centenary's autobiogtraphy compelling testinmong on what went wrong with negineerings in 20 most advanced nations (19 white); from 1945 Economist takes on Neumann's suggestion of greatest journalist scoop ; what to do with 100 times more tech per decade 2025-1945?; is there an optimistic rational way out of Orwellian Big Brother endgam?. If so how will educators and youth web & do what economists and elders cant even imagine/ ANNOUNCEMENT - from june 1 2022, the first post of every month will often linkin the previous month's update of CodesMeta.com - In turn this is one of the main celebration collabs of 2025Report and friends celebrating progress along the roadmap to UN secretary general's digitalisation "UN2.0". Codesmeta welcomes co-editors rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk help AI make 2022 youth's most collaborative year-
2016 glory to every natural deity sept 2016- after 1st year review of SDGs jim kim makes his biggest move- what unhq and unesco have just reported is sdg4 wont happen before 2100- so he starts a pre-nft club on digotally cooperative education in geneva (getting unctad blessing to intro any educatir interested in etch to itu); just in time for engineer guterres to take up 10 year chair ofiun2.0 - from summer 2017- digital cooperation research becomes the =iggest change movement the world has ever seen with any government invited to benchmark nay unite un2.0) 2122 unga summit on ed no longer fit for purpose 22-23 school year of greatest every prize sdgmetaverseprize.orh and more unseen wealth compounding out of ed3 nfts than all the oil wells on earth

Saturday, December 31, 2022

 This story matters to all who see blockchain decentralised finances as a best last chance for climate cooperation or other deep community crises hitting millennials 2020s as well as followers of EntrepreneurialRevolution The Economist Next Capitalism 1976 25th year von neumann survey on humanising AI- 133rd year since founder James Wilson engaged 20 something queen victoria in changing empire constitution of leading slavetrader towards commonwealth

zasheem please help me with a verification in the first decades of brac - is this summary broadly true

AbedmooC 5.1 Nation women-built without taxes – 100000 women empowered community building ;within 7 years  72-78brac operated 3 by 3 100000 people communities; source martha chen quiet revolution - matha chen was employee 3 after fazle abed and his first wife who died 1981 

At birth Bangladesh’s 90% rural people and Abed's advancement team   were on their own to entrepreneur- to market in smith’s 1758 system definition. Instead of taxes women chose microfranchises to operate and bank on. They needed food and village para-healthworkers microfranchises first. If Abed had nor designed these recursively and openly (his 3E's) Effectiveness, effciency, Expandability brac would have not sustained anyone. HE also had to choose truest long term partners - without James Grant Unicef neither bangladesh noe reopical rural China would have helped each other's mothers advance life expectancy

 Actually having designed first two foundational microfranchises (rice and doordash 10 basic medicines weekly 300 hmes per microfrachise operator),  abed approached the gov- but because 7? years into nation's birth, they still didnt want to bank (or tax) villagers - brac microfinance was born. 6 years later gov changed its mind with 1983 ordinance for yunus but this is also why studying yunus without abed causes endless rabbit holes - eg in UK to this day the BBC has got totally wrong end of every stick. and so too has Gordon Brown and his climate team Lord stern LSE
I find it essential to know  when late 1970s brac won unicef year of child prize in form of train every village mother in oral rehydration - brac was soon invited by every largest village community typically15000 homes+ ( from 1983 yunus took on small communities max 3600 homes - it is true that a pivotal grameen loan was actually for rebuilding individual homes but otherwise most of what yunus did relied on foundations abed had grounded until in 1995 they were both approached by mobile partners - what happened then was completely different financially but without the windfall of owning third of grameen phone I cant find much yunus sustained for long term - in some ways this became academic after he won the nobel prize-  yunus went head on in competition with top down gov- abed had always made it clear that if/when there was a microfranchise that could be beteter sustained by tax he would turn it over to gov- this is a very important distinction - i do not know of a western business school that has yet got the lessons of bangladesh nation building (human economic development) by women correct -of course happy to share every case i have written up if you can nominate school that is concerned to sort this out - in 2015 with vatican university (i visited their main youth community builder twice in Rome) we searched effectively all major us catholic business schools and found none interested in abed in spite of Freire Pedagogy of Oppressed being his systems guide) 
============================================INTRO to peoples on this mail
To everyone- Abed stayed in zasheem's parents house for a dew days while working on 1970 cyclone recovery effort. As points of pure historical fact, please ask him questions. This June at Glasgow University he is coordinating smith scholars 265th moral setiments summits - any ideas for tracks. Also since launching annual evets at Glasgow Union since 2008, he has created 2 journals New Economics & Social Business
Finally Grameen Virtual Nursing College would not have existed without Zasheem's brainstorming with yunus in 2008

vincents 4 years bridging brac university ended last week- we've been debriefing what happened through my week in hong kong up to tomorrow night local time. additionally when mack (nippon life gov affairs and http://www.musicforsdgs.com) first met we formed "global broadway; of course those who know john understand thats his 45 year operational mission at http://www.soundtracknewyork.com ; jamie is much younger than most people i know- her passion is supporting off broadway youth productions - including alice in wonderland music staged in  md/DC region my family lives in; her day job womens culuyral coaching network Training for Leaders, Managers, Executives | LifeLabs Learning 
Jack Sin is worlds number 1 connector of goal 6 solutions water/sanitation - he sold up 40 dinagpore busiensses to focus on this since 1999 and his bottom of pyemaid hub extends solution guides to many other goals; sam hsoted microcredisummit from start in 1997 for nearly 20 year and probably helped yunus get nobel prize more than any single supporter; sampson helps africa train best mathamticians maurice is world bank food statistician ; spencer does both africa diaspora out of new york and is human rights envoy for rockway county - mark and i have visited bangaldesh a lot - at the UN mark explained thesdg funding crsiis - as yet the 300 trillion dolar western pension funds dont recognize any sge investmenst as asset grade - yes we do mean trillion
peter has accunted for big organsaitions initially at what is now price waterhouse coopers in 1970s? I was at price waterhouse coopers london hq in the 1990s not much fun

any reporting errors nine alone- awful lot happening where I am viewing the world from this week (Hong Knong) stay sahe

chris http://www.economistdiary.com  +1 240 316 8157

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 ED: breaking news this week -source DC friends: africa' leaders week with Biden is being zoom-mirrored by great eu-un associated science conference - mostly zoomed -if you find a cooperation that interest you please say - we can probably link to past and future events of who's helping futurise community sustaining solutions world over with gov 2.0 frameworks led by UN chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

All my father and my working life we have been alarmed by media that has exponentially become more fake, hateful, violent, greenwashing or zero-sum. My father had urgent reason for this: he survived being teenage navigaoir allied bomber command burma, and by 1951 was told by von neumann we ain't seen nothing hey in tersm of technology's multipliers and biggest asymetries of empires.

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 year endung with pre-xmas rush of good zooms

come back another tme for our compilation of  houlin zho's tremendous 8 years at ITu and connecting guterres digital envoy office (sad he's being rotated out at such critical moment of un tech cooperations)

one sample last event is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WG0xSX22sAA

week started with the world's number 1 education prize www.yidanprize.org  latest 2 winners - absolutely vaut le voyage www.yidanprize.org - since death dec 2019 oy my number 1 hero in education tech asnd economics cooperation world fazle abed - who would you click to first for transformational education - i really love yidan's choice of new ed initative but if you dont speak chinese it may be hard to understand why  (its hard for me I first heard of nei in 2016 but this is first time the whole world can be guaranteed updates from these 8 million tecahers and students and counting

 1.0 please forgive my rudeness if this is not your cup of tea just delete

attached last 8 pages of von neumanns posthumous lecture at yale (if you want whole lecture series please say), and by email von neumanns daughter marina would be interested in any serious Q&A about this if ethical AI needs sorting out - and here is breaking news on 9.30 am zoom ny time today Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89598830966
john kiehl who's ny recording studio is about 45 years young  and where the likes of ken burns go to finish off docs for pbs 
and one of hong kongs 3 leading designers of the metaverse jeanne lim Home - beingAI  who also ,arketed the UN's first humanoid envoy sophia to help celebrate 2015 launch of 17 sdgs


notably neumann peer goats of maths einstein turing etc had mainly spent their lives on the bads of nuclear so the 100 times more good question is also regenerated now as conccrning with how today's 8 billion beings (or at least 4 billion women) save ourselves from men who play gods - see eg economistwomen.com (16 research graduate journalism trips stimulated by by japan ambassador to dhaka and fazle abed's new university aspirations)

====================more background

while seconded by the economist for a year in new york, my dad met von neumann princeton in 1951; so got 6 years to y=try to understand what neumann meant by "what goods (or gods) will people unute with 100 times more etch per decade)" being the exponential question of human inter-generation as well as economic growth; 
dad spent 40 years trying to coach economist journalists on applying that question before publishing 2 books (von neumann biography and the 40 year future history genre 2025 report from 1984 where I designed the tech scenarios and dad played out the social goods) Death of a grare having 

a first discussion of this document and other urgent design ccoices of 2023 at 9,30 ny time today  

please say if you'd like to join dialogue with them at a time that suts you before end of year; or vion neumanns daughter would like an email discussion

in 2016 something started at a un meeting I attended in new york which began what guterres now applies as 9 piece transformation jigsaw of un2 and all gov
1945's 2 by 2 of inclusion and rights (ie ethocs0 roles of those who lead public goods and trust/safety

what we could call von neumanns 70 year updates that have been in plain sight at geneva itu twin of Un Ny:
tech's glbval connectivity and ai for good
ed's digital cooperation (what we do with under30s brains) and digital cao building (wat we don with over 30s brains)

triangularisation of those two 2by twos by environment codes

so probably we enter 2023 with all human life to play for ???

recursion 1 - you can plug play the game what compounded next 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s 00s 10s now  from each hemisphere or now every gps -its not quite startreks beam me up scotty- its beam down and Up ai data apps
 - as one admittedly controversial example glasgow 265th moral sentiments summit is prepping for june 2023:
what happened 1962-1972 is probably where usa (4% of humans) ended being the benchmark freedom for all of humanity as arms races became never ending   - at least taking the dollar off the gold standard endd the dollar being anchored in main street usa mediation  it became the currency of big get bigger orgs http://www.normanmacrae.net ... but its a strange decade in which arguable prince charles took up the relay baton - as a 16 yerarold at the tokyo olympics 1964 he was first to ask japanese to invest in europe through sony's akio morita; it also turned out that the japan emperor's family liked tennis doubles and wanted to study water at oxford so bridges were buildable japan-uk; and asia rising along the corridor japan korea south taiwan hk singapore might well have been the greatest open tech miracle from neumann view point??

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 May 2023 be kind to everyone : we aim to dispatch a collection of kindness-positive cooperations 2023 over Xmas - contributions like BeingAI's 1 2 welcome [[ related state of youth 23 EB.com :: crypto=flow of aid4.0??

40 years ago 2025 report clarified why sustainability would depend on UN partners building TeleBee "dig id" for every person: see 1 what skills person had achieved, 2 they had created, 3 any last mile solution trusted to replicate. Apps, AI, UN local staff could open- verify; what urgent community solutions by SDG human need. 2016 was first time we attended UN HQ NY meet on point. Today UN2.0 (and all gov2.0) can web-free Telebee.

Friday, December 2, 2022

1962: 5 years after Neuman's death - 5 neumann AI labs mapped by Economist journalist's meetup Neumann 1951 princeton

see twitterversal.com for intro to how neumann shared world's greatest (exponential valuation)scoop with Economist journalist 1951- w? (also update at 2030reports.com) -or free 30 mimute zoom curation (free in 2022 - chris.macare@yahoo.co.uk) 

By 1962 - 

along with the swiss corridor from 1865 - (convergence of railways, electricity started tele revolution - ITU in swizerland nomainated as world epicentre of all tele cooperations; corridor from budapest to berekley nurtured maths goats eg neumann einstein; who continued debating intellectual cooperation beyond borders until deciding 1920 to escape hitler/staklin orbits by emigrating usa typically prinecton

princetoi corridor (via eg ibm xerox dell) north to boston mit inckuding moon landing coders

mccarthy twin ai lab stanford

stanford trade connetions tokyo coastal corridor (under us pesace umbrella korea so, taiwan) soon crosssea ports HK and Sinagpoire to all asia pacific's 66% of livelihoods

princeto soth coridor - mainly giov space dc and teaxas and florida's capa can

in 2022 we can see the world of society has zig zagged from 

0 (tele) communications era before electricity

tele1 from 1865

tele2 from workd war2 accompanied by neumann's query

web 1 first digital instead of papered world

web2 actuall startrek's beam me up scotty turned out to be ebam data up and down by handful of biggest corporation 9americn run out of tax havens - chiense run out mmm.)

so from 2022 wht may web3 llok like - can it assist UN2 intel and so zoom up and down from 17 sdg gravities? 

- see www.ed3envoyun.com

Thursday, December 1, 2022

advic to younger half of world

 while nations vary quite wildly in avaerge age - worldwide half of youth are under 30

my advice to them over last 30 and 60 years look at which places have avdanced three dimensions in one

end povertyexpand middle class go green or make any other chnages essential for youth to have as much chnace of good life as elder half
if you can make quality frienshsips anywhere and everywhere - but understyand this table's 3 way profile :ask yourself is there something my communities can learn from them ot there communities can learn from us

I have worked on society needs in over 50 countries and coming from daispoar scottish families until recently i could listen to handful of eledrs who had worked in over theree quarters of countries in all hemispeheres 

if possible dont let current politcs get in you way from learning past development avdnaces-

broadly speaking many parts of asia have show most extraordinary advances out of poverty which they had been trapped in during the era of western empires which accelerated from laye 1400s when western sailors realsied the wor;ld was rounf- and by world war 2 had reukted in warring assymetried of the G* natiosn - 7 of which were whirte; at that time there were perhpas another 2o often quite samll minly white nations that were so-called economically advanced but altogether those 27 nations wer less than 20% of peoples; over half of people in world are dependednt on  coastlines of india's s=ubcotinent and china's - bck in 1945 these halves of world people were poorrest; this hadnt been the case before colonisation or wars mainly with London (British)

there is far more to openly learn from economic miracles over the last 60 years than there is unfair comperirion by thise who have advanced

we will try and show how in last edition of 2025report- overwhelmingly ssutainability depends on cooperation across nations- this is the good and the bad news; its going to be community to community cooperation entrepreneurship that decies whether youth will be thr forst SD generation

so where politicains in 21st get into comercial wars with other peopels places it will usually be down to we the peopels keeping edu channels open; 

here are some of the economist's asia rising models written in the 1960s and 970s at a time whn the west largely belived in human development, ending poverty in partiiculr
does the nexr gorl of bouy born at any community had a fair ca=hance at life in thi community
whiilst povery has many dynnaocs - the simplest obe that I rey tio docus on is ommunity capacity

ground up like no white ruler has ever felt or morally audited.

Asia Rising Surveys

Entrepreneurial Revolution -would endgame of one 40-year generations of applying Industrial Revolution 3,4 lead to sustainability of extinction

1972's Next 40 Years ;1976's Coming Entrepreneurial Revolution; 12 week leaders debate 1982's We're All Intrapreneurial Now


christopher macrae <chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk>
To:noah samara,Ranga Yazmi,Naila Chowdhury,Rebecca Enonchong,spencer
Cc:Peter Burgess,John Kiehl,Jeanne Lim,Maurice- World Bank Food,Leslie
Bcc:Dianne Davis,Mack Okubo,Tebabu Assefa,Stefanos Ghebrehawariat,The Global Good Fund
Thu, 1 Dec at 09:14
i nominate this blended event for your teams consideration because of its organiser decalan kirrane https://scienceusafricaleaders.sched.com/speaker/declan.kirrane@iscintelligence.com

an irsihman in brussels- he chaired hosting the science summit UN general assembly and is now doing a similar extension to bidens afrrca leaders at whitehouse summit

does anyone know declan; i was at mongolia embassy during UNGA when he virtually told them that spanish farmers had to listen to mongolian herdsman climate egov processes- he goes very deep in matching communities  he was previously coordinator eu africa radio astronomy program

if you are interested in more info- over weekend i will curate attendees by nation and notable foci - eg a lot on maths due to Sampson Kofi Adotey's schedule for Science at the US-Africa Leaders Summit

cheers chris +1 240 316 8157 ed3envoyUN EconomistDiary.com