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Wednesday, December 31, 1980

what we could have known abour humns furure choices

ny 2020s we should be able to see who got what wriong with web2, web1, telec (tele 1- being tech 1945-1865)

in particular web 1 lost truth and educational uses - so even today we dont have id skils dashboars and skils trainers; so training to 3 billion new jobs- 1 bilion hi tech 1 billion green 1 billion last mile community service far behind and wosre old peopel having colapsed finace/health at least 3 times - dotoocm subprime covid turned everything into grad studnts being bigegst debt class 

what we do have is blockchain

advances in ai using all 5 hunan seenses to interact with us

augmenetd reality making almost any experinece on earth programable

data beaming up and down from every gps and space

from 2015/6 humanity's ost urgent gaols were declared and un2 for first time maps what digital gov needs to transform if it is to integrate its full role with corporatiosn and community capitalsm netwrrks

we need training of maths wizards and to specify what we need them to work on across the sdg pistes

it was argeied back in 1976 taht everywjere would need a constition of organsaition change - we needed organsaition designs that compounded productivity /sustainability in teh local communities not just sucked this out top dowsn

1 billion poorest valliage girls have shown tjhe way with what could be called aid or sdg investment 2.0 3.0 4.0- thy have been abl to show how leapfrog modlels with solara nd mibile can design banks for the ooor and all 5 of shelf but that still leaves what hard infarstructures does everywhere need:

eg sanitation

dual acecss to superports

railways or something from superports

we know that supply chasin models can connect components anywhere to anywhere within 30 days if you are in a part of the world that aims to trade things

we got 2001 wrong - needed bbc 2 billion person realityy tv bridging braocast and web solutions- taht way databases by and for society would have been designed- finace beyong printed moiney would have esigned daos

from tyhe survey of 100 times more tech per decade started with von neumann nd economist journalists 1951

asfter 30 years we were writing 2025 report on crunch decisions of web 1, 2 to 2020 (approximately when brains with same w=sitching power as humans would cost a dolar); but what they were programed for depended on what data was soe=cietally accesible- but becausde this brai s were also embedded in connetivity devices start trek was partly weong ; it would be ai that could be beamed up and down physically; humans could ebam their minds (augemnted realityZ) to expereince anything anyhwere if enough demand

we need dao for every goal ot combo - eg how does peace connect with breakdowns of whuich other goals

we need transparent maps - eg unu could be master catlogue of everything thats assuming its designed so unu people dont put in their onw favorites!-ie we probably need ed3 dao b=goal to thrive in every way first as does id of dasb=hoabrds- we need to understand is india's system half way to dashboarsds

we need givs to recogine wjere tehy have got bottom up databses they have doen wring job and need to let younger half of workd summit future takeover

dao sdgmetaverse prize could have segmented which teams most urgent stirytelelrs for which gi=oals but looks as if it has made exceoution part too complex