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Tuesday, August 14, 1973

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 Krymet we seem to have 12 mutual connections - actually i know most of their work quite well in some cases like david weir over 30 years - he appointed me senior visiting fellow corporate brand vision/valuation at his Bradford business school in 1990, and his engineering views on expoinential risks deepened my visions; at the time i launched one of worlds first webs on global marketing partnerships; i had just published a book which i turned into many different system change chats; can you tell me are any of our mutual connections connecting your work now; by the way today is first day i stopped paying linkedin so not sure hiow much of me they will delete - i remain at and +1 240 316 8157 East Coast USA. whats most urgent around you? I would very much like better understanding of how eurasia borders can connect positive changes that the EU may not be fastest at - one of the purposes of is to help assemble regional AI leaps aligned to eg UN or any realisable millennial goals. Also the place i travelled to most in 2010s bangkladesh to understand women empowered by Fazle Abed - connections to that started around a London Met Grad who also led a Bangladesh-UK network for about 5 years. I know quite a lot of people who worked with yunus or fazle abed but in both cases the worldwide experts and the family members have become messed by politics