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Tuesday, April 28, 1970

 Beam my identity uo & down scottie- what  humankind awareness intel billions of humans needed first

Startrek got it partly wrong- it was never about transprorting our bodies between any gps it was about what dtaa was beamed up and down from every bps that chnaged every humans opportunity to develo. So we needed

to understand how beings develop every 3 yera from 0 up

transoarency of national evolution since this stopped being openlly known during the cold war and needed reopening

valuing how cooperation netwirks could be mapped at any relevant communityy sustainability level in between indifidual/family and national

 Bad tining - wifi was invented just after 9/11 so the period 2001-2008 needed to be critical to transitioning web2 by and for every being indtead we got wars and subprime and a handful of big corportaiosn taking over the world's identity  ,,mm,,,,,,,,