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Saturday, March 19, 2022

2022 most exciting collab events

4 education 1 finance & esg 2   food & nature adaptation 3 health 5 platforms for 100000 livesmatter community collabs... 6-17 100 times more tech compound
please tell us 
ed 4 education  UNESCO World Higher Education Conference (WHEC2022) aims at reshaping ideas and practices in higher education to ensure sustainable development for the planet and humanity.

Barcelona, 18-20 May 2022

In the view of the global health crisis, UNESCO World Higher Education Conference, initially planned to be held in 2021, will take place from 18 to 20 May 2022. The goals and strategic scope of the conference remain, and the new time frame represents an opportunity to deepen and expand our common efforts of knowledge production, policy dialogue, exchange, and networking. UNESCO considers the process of collective construction as the greatest richness of this conference, which aims to become a global conversation nurtured by diverse narratives on higher education.

UNESCO thanks all organisations and individuals that have already expressed interest and are working to collaborate with and substantively contribute to the WHEC and even beyond. We encourage those who have not yet consider engagement to do so and coordinate via the WHEC Secretariat: sends e-mail)

The WHEC will maintain a hybrid format to provide opportunities for broad participation.

Friday, March 18, 2022

most imp collab cafe week ever

 each spring & fall since 2002 (when i volunteered for 2 years to host europewide dialogues on emotional intel of knowledge management - eu knowledgeboard) we have blended fall and spring collaboration cafe weeks

eg this cafe series spring 2008 out of ny bronx uni where un in ny 1946 began
- collab topic on the education revolution of women empowerment bangladesh

from 24 march to 30 2022 New York Plus we host the most urgent collab cafe ever

we start with 2 real days of meetings in ny cafes with hong kong women tech leaders and all friends eg of the UN robot ambassador sophia's networking - whats next in women's metaverse and every way media connects education or sdgs or ai or ESG...?

we conclude with event in the million youth climate chats

we welcome opportunities to list your collaboration connections during this timeline or following up actions younger half of world neef to connect if there is to be anytjhiong left after recent war covfid and climate disasters n bethesda maryland

join this million youth chat march 30

are there big win-wins between america's top 10 natural jewels - eg chesapeake bay - foundations, donors and colleges whose students could apprentice in green projects and solution - america green biggest mooc ever - but not examined on pieces of papers but by which colleges and societies renew their natural assets

- i think that can be a big win-win post covid between museum donor and foundation particularly if that 4thly connects with college doing real student projects in heritage communities; i would love to try and blitz every colege that could be getting its student uniting round chesapeake bay projects - maybe thats a discussion after jeanne lim's moved on ; it relates to which are nature's biggest jewels in usa and do colleges near those jewels free student apprentice solutions- my expereinnce is college projects are so silioised even though natures jewel is begging out to unite all foundastions all donors and neighboring colege students- conversely about 4 years ago IADB hosted vc og salisbury university - he was discussing place branding - salisbury has enough collaboration projects going that he was thinking of renaming chesapeake university

the whole could be mooced as new green curricula - i have always wanted to see moocs whose perpose is not an exam certificate but massive youth collaboration entrepreneurship - we have a million students chatting from over 300 us places on march 30- what we dont have is which of these chats connects a nature project and a college what absurd is this million chat is effectively sponsored by soros open society foundation hq's in new york and all its related foudations carnegie ford etc but the foundation and the colelge people are in separate silos never getting on the same diary in ways that youth could benefit from