lINKS 1 2 Thanks to Jen-Hsun best decade AI collection- 8000 cases improving peoples communal computation, data & brains - 2025rEPORT.COM year 75 of Neumann & Economist briefings- : 4 JULY 2024 last 80 days of ECONOMISTDIARY.COM

Sunday, December 31, 1972 Ending politicised gov- with the exception of peacemaking, it would not surprise me or any student of Neumann-Einstein-Turing if AI in livable nations takes over from 90% of gov. (Dad Norman Macrae started V Neumann Diary Princeton from 1952 but blog makes it simpler to start out stiry from 1972)

Conversely until AI is valued as everyone's personalised learning agent which my guess is another 5 years technically but who knows how long social hot air will delay that. In dad's 25th year of future history net-inspired surveys- Economist Xmas 1976 Entrepreneurial Revolution cover proudly proclaim left is right is centre. Binary historical arguments will always fail what AI can be best at reconciling with way above zero sum games which V Neumann catalogued and with Turing expected Neural Networking models to mediate. With dad from 1982 we designed 2025 report genre 1984-2025 to smoothly timetable attention transformations exponentials. Until 2 years ago writing up AIGames edition of 2025 report was going to be difficult - our 1984 alternatives to big brotherdom looked too optimistic. Today its not about optimism- its about does humanity intend to leap forward as much as tech. If not who's voted for being governed by peoples and systems collapsing every UN sdg HAPPY 1984 WASH DC

stars hall of fame


John Perry Barlow - Wikipedia

John Perry Barlow (October 3, 1947 – February 7, 2018) was an American poet and essayist, a cattle rancher, and a cyberlibertarian political activist who had been associated with both the Democratic and Republican parties. He was also a lyricist for the Grateful Dead and a founding member of the Electronic Frontier ...

John Perry Barlow, Internet Pioneer, 1947-2018 | Electronic Frontier ...

Feb 7, 2018 - With a broken heart I have to announce that EFF's founder, visionary, and our ongoing inspiration, John Perry Barlow, passed away quietly in his sleep this morning. We will miss Barlow and his wisdom for decades to come, and he will always be an integral part of EFF. It is no exaggeration to
.more at and

.....June Twitters; Canada G7 .(C1) aiibmumbai qingdao sco
NB timeless blog: why wouldn't education systems want children to learn how to bank and create jobs? welcome to home of global youth's greatest survey - who do you linkin as world record job creators? where is happiest space young people or their mentors can be- brac always on - and you tell us - quarterbilliongirlsamychina

Timelines Partnerships in world record job creation:
 1972 The Economists' UG clarifies Sustainability Millennials Exponentials depend on how 4000 times more budget is spent on GTC -Global Tech Communications- 2030 versus 1946. How? doubling of spend every 7 years -eg 46 to 53 von neumann computing ; 63-70 start of era of satellites ,moon landing, moores law computer chips -help timeline by place and jobs opportunity at - also summaries in right hand sidebar.Please DIARISE BACK FROM FUTURE SO YOUR CAN JOIN IN AS SUSTAINABILITY GENERATION belt&road timeweftrudeau
how can youth learn from world top job creators- in west bad media has made this very difficult

From who's who when silk road's world of banking led by WRJC JIN faces off with silicon valley santa clara 5 May 2018- do link alumni of this last call to sili valley -rsvp


the east is lucky that girls world number community-grounded education system and tech partners is brac epicentred in bangladesh- arguably the most critically underdeveloped section of the eurasian coast - which 20 lifetime partners have most help brac advance girls hold up half the sky over 45 years? where could the region's belt roads most gain from brac connections? linkedin UNwomens Norman Macrae Foundation sino-uk publishers of World Record Jobs Creators
BRAC internet - partners Japan-US-Bangla
MyBrac beta with Duke U
World Bank prioritises Ultra Poor collaboration networking
brac's home web 1 2 3 4
fan web of sir fazle abed



Friday, September 1, 1972

 Having spent last days as teenager allied bomber command Burma, dad Norman Macrae was fortunate to meet Von Neumann 1951 while seconded to New York for a year. Neumann mentored father in the most valuable question economist journalists could ask - what good will peoples do with 100 times more tech /decade? From 1984 I joined father in co-authoring 2025 report- would coming webs sustain or end millennials. Today I continue digital cooperation alumni network of father and his work as biographer of von neumann (at the UN that's now called AIforGood). Glasgow Adam Smith scholars aim to celebrate Un2.0 june 2023 as also opportunity to include women empowerment cooperation from 16 visits to Bangladesh

Saturday, August 12, 1972

Notable learning curve exponentials of diarists of Economist & global village audience interactions
. what if human development determined by family's social network quality situated within web 3 2 1 0 after electricity before webs 00 before electricity
Primary purpose founder (London Scot James Wilson 1843) can global viewspaper mediate goals 2 and 1 end hunger and end poverty- changing slave making tdae toward multi-win commonwealth: wilson's pjhilosophy Smithian (last writings morality of markets before engines; first 16s of engines impact on national branding; wislons 2 signature partnership with queen victoria - end corn laws starving half of ireland's population; go to calcutta to start chrater banking by and for the people; sadly wilson diee of dairrhea withing first year in vacutta but son-in-lam bagehot continues transfolrmation of Englsh Constitution
From 1951 given greatest scoop by vin neuamann - ask what peoples do with 100 times more tech per decade 1930 to 2020s-particularlycan zero sum games be resplaced by sustainable above zero sum trades - eg networks applying life critical knowhow multiplky value in use opposite to consuming up things
Norman Macrae's learning curve in 28 years before being mentored by Neumann: first 13 years home schooled btitish embassies including Stalin's moscw; then soend s last days as teen navigating airplaned bomber commandnd Burma before 6 years of good fortune; last class taught by keynes cambridge; mentired at Economist by sur geiffrey crowther autoboigrapher of Economist's first century

Saturday, July 29, 1972

old summit future

 So it seemed time to spend 12 dollars registering and I asked chatgpt for how to review the learningweb revolution new zealand friends and dad began in 1984 and we had this close encounter --- It turns out that Chatgpt4 began choosing AIforGood special partners a year ago. Whilst I dont know the best question to find out if it has an sdg6 partner - peter burgess told me john & sampson might be interested in Wolframs maths partnership . Exactly how special a partnership can get I dunno but khan academy claims one. when you ask chatgpt about this you arrive at this amazing news ..................................Khanmigo is a GPT-4-powered learning guide that will act as a tutor and guide to help students learn. Unlike ChatGPT, it will not do school work for students, but rather provide support in the learning process.

Q I am not sure I understand what a GPT4-powered learning guide means - is this a totally new idea or do experts already know what this means?

A:In the context of a learning guide, a GPT-4-powered system would be designed to use its language processing capabilities to interact with learners in a natural language format, understand their queries, and provide responses and guidance accordingly. It could potentially help students to understand complex concepts, provide feedback, answer questions, and assist in personalized learning.

It's worth noting that while GPT-4 is still in development and has not yet been released to the public, its predecessor GPT-3 has been widely used in a variety of applications, including chatbots, virtual assistants, and language translation tools. As such, experts in the field of natural language processing and artificial intelligence may have some understanding of what a GPT-4-powered learning guide could entail, but the specifics of how it will work and its full capabilities are not yet known ..It is possible that the Khanmigo learning guide could be integrated with a student's skills dashboard or a digital certification system. In fact, one of the potential benefits of using AI-powered learning guides like Khanmigo is the ability to track and assess a student's progress and skills in real-time, which can help them to identify areas where they need to improve and track their overall learning journey.

A digital certification system could allow students to own and manage their certifications, which would provide a permanent record of their skills and achievements. Such a system could be useful for learners who want to showcase their skills to potential employers or educational institutions. Additionally, a skills dashboard could allow students to track their progress towards specific learning goals and provide personalized recommendations for areas of study or career paths based on their interests and strengths.

AS Khan says this isnt a research project its just an engineering project.

weird reminds me of action learning work i was doing 50 years ago at university of leeds national development project computer assisted learning - perhaps we can all become knowledge co-workers without borders... 


From 1951 my family imported von Neumann's scoop - what goods can peoples unite with 100 times more tech - to journalism at The Economist, By 1962 we had mapped how the Asian coastal belt south from Japan had become 5th of places of peoples taking on the longest exp experiments- the other 4 : swiss circle since 1865; princetion(UN) corridors NE and S from 1945; Valley between west coast hubs Francis and Clare from 1945 (aks sulicon valley from 192)

ED: Breaking News from NY UN Spring 2023- the briefings on summit future have started in earnest and fortunately took place in the same week as 2 other updates - first sdg6 water summit in 50 years; the latest unwomens summit 2023- see for top level materials. We find it useful to denote the 17 SDGs like this (actually we are unsure that sdg17 is a goal oi it doesnt appear yet in our visions. As briefed 23-24 is the 9th years that children and teachers have lived with these goals and sadly most are currently going backwards from 2015. However we 23-24 is also 8th year of understanding innovation possibilities of the digital cooperation /un tech envoy subsystems -we present a 6 system version below though delighted to co-woek with Un2 0 companents of digital roadmapping

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NY2023 March 20=22 over 1000 people in person and offline joined in the pretraining for the school year 23-24 which culminates in UNGA summit future sept 2024.Here is the typical program we celebrated. My linkedin friends and i would like to follow up (help scale actions of) many of the presenters but we are prioritising these people:

  • W6 Mrs (leads unHab out of kenya; previous job Mayor Penang; Graham Alabastrer Unhabitat Geneva (90% of UN tech leaps links rgough Geneva whose ITU tele learning curve began in 1865!); Jack Sim recognised by UN with wto day nov 19
  • W5 UNwomens Espinosa also connector of GFF and water
  • UN Policy Guy Ryder - just moved from hi-tech geneva to hi-policy NY
  • Lead emasiies of sept 2-23 summit on sdgs -Ms Al-thani of Qatar Embasssy; and Mr Fergal Mythen of Iriesh Embassy (from my vision of world next to diaspora scots, the irish know the chalenges of mediatimg capotalism out of London - as you likely know this was the 1843 purpose of founding of The Ecomp,ist - for more see ED 23-24 will be the first fully tear that Carnegie's presient is former Irish VC of Oxford U.Additionally mo own learning curve of sdgs begain in 2015 NY at the sdg2 dood summit led by the Irish.

please tell us if you succeed with other priorities or indeed can help ours

The Economist's Norman Macrae started the genre of Entrepreneurial Revolution Xmas issue 1976. This was 25rh year of Economist (future of Intelligence) survey scoped when Norman met Von Neumann Princeton 1951. ER described the need for future capiatlsim to integrate both startups and community rising SMEs if millennials were to be valued cooperatively enough to be the first sustainability generation. When Norman died in 2010 his last search for ER's number 1 guide had begun 2007 what became 16 family & student friends visits to Bangladesh kickstarted by Norman's last public birthday party celebrated with Muhammad Yunus at Royal Automobile Club St James London . Soon after dad's death we were contacted by noth adma smith scholars in Glasgow (could they be his library) and Japan Ambassador to Dhaka he wanted to propose Fazle Abed as overall world champion of Entrepreneurial Revolution. Here's a rough note from first 3 hour dinner briefing by Fazle Abed facilitated at japan Embassy with 40 of Fazle Abed's greatest national fans. It began our design of chartering 30 cooperations celebrating 1billiongirls economic development.

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UNsf - ED: breaking 2/23/23 can you help with livesmatter Turkey -also this month india , hong kongbangladesh) next month universal water angels and AI age 72

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breaking-i'll take low road: june 2023 Glasgow U announces 265th moral sentiments summit as prep for Gutteres summit future summer 2024

track 1 have we got the moral sentiments purpose of engineering wrong 3 times in a row

we know that Smith's co-workers watt became study of physical power of engines and life in factories - intriguingly smith not only criticised oxford as youth hopeless but he argued lifelong education would be needed particulary so factory workers could make creative/artistic use of ytheir spare time

we know that from 1865 communications machines went wrong when they were science of influencing mass mindsets and/or sceret intel passed between those who were manipulating not serving the peoples

and so we know that the multipliers of tehse first 2 misuses of engines compounded in world wars - assymeytries between 8 biggest powers as well as about 70% of human being left out of access to these first 2 types of engineering

i believe einstein and von neumann saw the 3rd use of engineering as data analysis - they certianly knoew ai would compound even more risk than their energy projects; i see neumann as arguing that how we design the first coding languages (spend our brains time on them) changes human brains- I dont belive he was expecting us to turn his gift into how we let ai take over human personalities; after all we used to talk about 85% of trusted communicatuons being in body language - as far as I know chatgpt has no body language

whats interesting is to go into much more detail about what einstein and beumann actually did

]einstein saw his biuggestmistake as publishing nucreal as eraly as he did

back in the 1920 his use of the word intel was in conveneting alongside the itu - transation intel cooperation knowhow

the last works of einstein that I can find ci=orespond with gandhi - if there is to be a suatanbale world eladers will need to be like you

wehn ganfhi finakly saw that in 1906 that practising bar of london law was the problem before taking ob the Uk in India with peaceful reseiatance he aimed to total redesu=ign every grade of education - he wanted to replace top gdow theiry examination with bottom up expereintal learning - see also csik flow analysies og hod different geneius childhods are from standard exam

gandhi was exttreley luncki in montesoori - her books which appear to anayse 0-3 3-6 6-9 9-12 are very interesting- In dont know one american school that aplies them

his 9 up communities of rural development were pecu=uliat- they invited families and 9 up to work in the fileds in parallel to evening calses for kids

although he did form a univreersity I dont think it got far before he did have to turn to 2 decades of dialogues peceful resistance which my grandfarher as bombay chief socila justice had to mediate before writing up india's independenc- uu dnt as much about gandhi as i sghould but i am friends with the family in lucknow who have graduated a million kids through 5 to 18 year olds lyuncknow and have unesco only award for peac keeping curricula- if anyone has questions, sunita gandhi now leads that schools IP - i first met as she was neding her time at world bank as young professional under wolfensoh; tofay she is central to how to turn anyone whose illterate into literacy within 90 days - actually 90 by 20 minute coaching most of which can actually be done by literate kids if you respect their abu=ilty to do this

einstein also wrote about how crazy we were to exaone kids indivudually and not include team education through every grde

vob=n neuman loked at something dig=fferent - what invsetmenst can we make that go way above zero sum -in his world paper printed politician curencies are ythe most (belwo) zero sum game as are the ways that usa develoed tele advertising and web 1 and web2

so there is a lot to doublecheck on what ai milennaisl need to be empowered to design - and if we get that wrong over the next 15 montsh i dont see us getting it right

there is an awful lot to help gutters and youth with over the next 15 months

start by looking at the codes community - the 9th and lat playing pece of un tech envoy; also take on bill gates and tidays microsfof ceo - ms dos was not the first code/software that neumann would have approved off; chatgpt is repeating the sasme mistake- since melinda gates was person number 5 on designing un tech envoy folkiwing abed a s oerson number 1 and 4 other people no longer valued since trump attacked them- we may need mrs gates mrs jobs mrs bezs mrs rowlings to be on one of the panels advising guterres from now to the end of his tenure- effectively 2025 is huis last yera as influence - 2026 elections come up

Friends 20 & Abedian alumni/fans of congratulates jan 18, 2024 New York Flatiron with SoundtrackNewyork announces Road to UNsummitFuture - a globalbroadway (including web virtual performers musicforsdgs beingai ) co-production --- friends today's big zoom day new york time-zone ....9am big briefing singapore 11am big briefing hong kong - all coordinated by john kiehl - if you can pop in just for 5 mins between ny 9am and midday please do so we can log in your youth change maps for 2023 on and start road to guterres future summit summer 2024 subscribe to linkedin newsletter - tell san franscico pioneers "change teacher" what you connect ... join mongolia egov's greatest leaper of 2022 - make sure every student of 23-24 knows their generation's greatest storytellers an itu. xprize and exp destiny cooperation -help economistdiary and Glasgow UU celebrate adam smith 265th year of moral economists (why would professios sponsor and other variant) june 2023 -help king charles and toyal worlds retrieve english as a scence open language not any american variants wherever these close /extrenalise compound risk

summer 2023 we hope to see 6 nfts for sdgs piloted - thanks to vriti's wizardry is already flying ; nominations welcome advance twitter search for first 1000 hoidlers of food-ed goal 2 - more

summer 2022 update to at &

spring 2022- ny 15th collab cafe festival- special thanks to world tour : Jeanne Lim - zbee ( transmedia agency extraordinary beings - back from futures of zgen = sustainability gen -help linkin future

Guterres UNGA 2021 releases report Common Agenda - promises summitfuture - climax of his leadership era of love of youth's futures -related help prep 40th & final edition 2025report (started the economist 1984 with norman macrae) - continue cop26launch journal new economics rsvp 10/5--3 amazing virtual summits this week on replay -UNctad15 urgent actions needed to prevent collapse due to covid, climate and more; bloomberg on who's what of global investors; hong kong's yidan prize in cambridge celebrates education can solve everyone future if we connected youth with best edu can do- final sustainability countdown 1984's - help guterres 2023's UNsummitfuture for everyone by everyone -nb geneva aiforgood unctad who ...

good news who announces vaccine against malaria- historically killer of 300000 africans per yera mainly kids

our 40 year library starts here

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60 year system problem spun whenever public servants cant make health banking and learning 10 times better for everyone with trillion times moore tech - see 60 year library on this started by Japan-Neumann & Economist-JFK in 1962 : details lower down- make sure that if you linkin guterres 2023 summitfuture you have torn up all academic scribblers of the sort Keynes warned would collapse humans trust in each other

go to bloomberglive at youtube to experience some of the ost exciting leadership sumist ever zoomed- update nov 2021 - agenda of bloomberg and new economic searchers

2021 Bloomberg New Economy Forum November 17 - Wednesday 8:30 am Opening Remarks Speaker: Michael R. Bloomberg Founder of Bloomberg L.P. and Bloomberg Philanthropies; Three-Term Mayor of New York City 8:40 am Opening Address Speaker: Wang Qishan Vice President, People's Republic of China 8:50 am Aftershock: The World Reshaped by Covid From the trauma of the global pandemic, a new economy is emerging. Global lockdowns freed creative minds, triggering breakthrough innovation in everything from healthcare and education to connectivity and logistics. Advances in fundamental science like artificial intelligence and gene editing are animating the business world. Meanwhile, global investors are rethinking long-term strategic goals and prioritizing sustainability. What are the pillars of this transition and how can it serve humanity? Speakers: Sunil Bharti Mittal Founder & Chairman, Bharti Enterprises; Executive Chairman, OneWeb Michael Miebach Chief Executive Officer, Mastercard, Founding Partner Jane Sun Chief Executive Officer, Group Moderator: Haslinda Amin Chief International Correspondent for Southeast Asia, Bloomberg Television 1 9:30 am Firestarter: Driving Sustainable and Inclusive Growth Speaker: Bob Sternfels Global Managing Partner, McKinsey & Company 9:35 am A New Paradigm for Global Business In advanced economies, policymakers have moved into uncharted territory as they rebuild shattered economies and restore jobs. Old orthodoxies about inflation and the role of government have been discarded as trillions of dollars pour into infrastructure, smart cities, and green tech, creating new opportunities for workers and businesses but at the cost of rising debt loads. Has the world found a more dynamic economic paradigm? Or does it all end in soaring inflation and years of sub-par growth? Speakers: Stacey Cunningham President, NYSE Group Piyush Gupta Chief Executive Officer, DBS Group John Studzinski Managing Director and Vice Chairman, PIMCO Axel A. Weber Chairman, UBS Group AG Moderator: Erik Schatzker Editor-at-Large, Bloomberg Television 10:15 am Coffee Break 10:45 am In Conversation with Dr. Henry A. Kissinger 2 Speaker: Henry A. Kissinger Former U.S. Secretary of State and National Security Advisor, Advisory Board Honorary Chair Moderator: John Micklethwait Editor-in-Chief, Bloomberg, Steering Committee 11:00 am Two-Speed Global Recovery: The Dangers of a Widening Rich-Poor Gap An outpouring of stimulus is narrowing wealth inequalities within rich countries, but poorer countries with low vaccination rates are falling further behind — and may end up on a permanently lower growth trajectory. A generation of kids in the developing world may never fully catch up on missed classes. Now, rising food and energy prices are exacerbating hunger among the world’s most vulnerable populations. Rich countries should adjust their trade policies to support the emerging world. Meanwhile, there’s an urgent need to finance growth in countries left behind. Will multilateral institutions take the lead by offering risk capital? Will private sector lenders follow? Speakers: H.E. Dr. Philip Isdor Mpango Vice President of the United Republic of Tanzania Elizabeth Rossiello Founder and CEO, AZA Finance Dan Schulman President and CEO, PayPal Tharman Shanmugaratnam Senior Minister, Singapore, Advisory Board Member Moderator: Shery Ahn Anchor, Bloomberg TV 11:40 am In Conversation with U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina 3 Raimondo Speaker: Gina Raimondo 40th Secretary of Commerce, U.S. Department of Commerce Moderator: John Micklethwait Editor-in-Chief, Bloomberg, Steering Committee 12:00 pm Lunch and Breakout Sessions 2:45 pm Spotlight on Big Tech and Climate Ambition Speaker: Sundar Pichai Chief Executive Officer, Google and Alphabet Moderator: Emily Chang Anchor, Bloomberg Television 3:00 pm Post-COP26: Turning Net Zero Commitments into Action The enemies of climate action are procrastination and virtue-signalling. To stop global average temperatures rising more than 2 degrees Celsius both businesses and governments must close the gap between long-term net zero goals and near-term plans. How can citizens hold governments to account? How can investors put pressure on companies to invest more in green technologies? Speakers: Dan Jørgensen Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities, Denmark H.E. Dr. Rania Al-Mashat Minister of International Cooperation, Arab Republic of Egypt 4 Moderator: Manus Cranny Anchor, Bloomberg Television 3:25 pm Equality and Climate: Clean Growth Models for Emerging Economies How should the world balance climate ambition and the economic realities faced by emerging economies? The pursuit of net-zero must help to drive growth everywhere, not penalize those in poverty. The task at hand: decoupling economic growth from carbon emissions. Developing nations are often worst affected by climate change; how are they approaching sustainable growth and avoiding climate induced damage to their people and economies? What is required from wealthy countries to help these developing nations with climate related projects and aid in a just transition for their economies. The $100 billion a year pledge made in 2009 has proven inadequate, subject to waste and inefficiency, so what is needed in terms of depth and allocation of climate finance in order to avoid catastrophe? Speaker: Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr Mayor, Freetown, Sierra Leone Uzziel Ndagijimana Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Rwanda Ahmed M. Saeed Vice-President, East Asia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific, Asian Development Bank Josephine Wapakabulo Founder and Managing Director, TIG Africa Moderator: Manus Cranny Anchor, Bloomberg Television 3:55 pm Global Finance and the Green Transition The climate crisis is reshaping finance. Increasingly, asset managers — and even central banks — are prioritizing the 5 environment. What role will banks, insurers and multilateral lending agencies play in the green transition? How can the public and private sectors work together to mobilize capital to invest in clean technologies at scale, from power generation to smart grids and transport systems? Speakers: Lynn Forester de Rothschild Founding and Managing Partner, Inclusive Capital Partners Liza Jonson Chief Executive Officer, Swedbank Robur Jin Liqun President, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Dilhan Pillay Sandrasegara Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, Temasek Holdings Pte. Ltd. Moderator: Nathaniel Bullard Chief Content Officer, BloombergNEF 4:35 pm Mobilizing Capital for Sustainable Solutions Speaker: David M. Solomon Chairman and CEO, The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. Moderator: Francine Lacqua Anchor, Bloomberg Television 4:55 pm Can Technology Save a Warming Planet? Rapidly evolving technologies offer new hope for mitigating climate change. Carbon capture & storage is a promising solution, along with green hydrogen and nuclear fusion. Meanwhile, the price of solar and wind have plummeted. Will technological breakthroughs save the planet or will they delay the social, cultural, lifestyle and government policy changes that are needed immediately to avert catastrophe? 6 Speakers: Catherine Macgregor Chief Executive Officer, ENGIE The Hon Dan Tehan MP Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, Australia Gan Kim Yong Minister for Trade and Industry, Republic of Singapore Lei Zhang Chief Executive Officer, Envision Group Moderator: Gerald Butts Vice Chairman, Eurasia Group 5:35 pm Closing Remarks Speaker: Justin B. Smith Chief Executive Officer, Bloomberg Media; Executive Chair, Bloomberg New Economy 5:40 pm Day 1 Program Concludes 7:00 pm Bloomberg New Economy Gala Dinner In Conversation with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong Moderator: John Micklethwait Editor-in-Chief, Bloomberg, Steering Committee November 18 - Thursday 8:30 am Opening Remarks Speaker: 7 Justin B. Smith Chief Executive Officer, Bloomberg Media; Executive Chair, Bloomberg New Economy 8:32 am Opening Address Speaker: Henry M. Paulson Chair, Bloomberg New Economy Forum; Former U.S. Treasury Secretary; Chairman, Paulson Institute, Advisory Board Member 8:45 am Reimagining Drug Discovery & Medicine: Protein Folding & the Next Technological Revolution Science has led the global fight against the coronavirus — and demonstrated the potential of genetic material to transform life on the planet. The next half century is likely to see breakthrough progress against genetic disorders like Huntington’s disease, as well as cancer. Can this new science deliver healthcare with equity? Speaker: Demis Hassabis Founder and CEO, DeepMind Moderator: Francine Lacqua Anchor, Bloomberg Television 9:05 am From Sick Care to Preventative Care: Rethinking Medicine Global healthcare systems are buckling under the strain of rising costs, aging populations and chronic disease. It’s far better to prevent disease than to treat people after they get sick. How can medicine move toward a new model of care? What is the role of revolutionary new technologies like mRNA? Speakers: 8 Bill Anderson Chief Executive Officer, Roche Pharmaceuticals Francis deSouza Chief Executive Officer, Illumina Rachel Haurwitz President and CEO, Caribou Biosciences Moderator: David Leonhardt Senior Writer, The New York Times 9:45 am Assessing Global Health and Pandemic Preparedness Will the fight against Covid-19 help governments to recognize the importance of pandemic preparedness, or has pandemic fatigue irreparably depleted our global resolve, setting back progress against other types of disease? Speaker: Bill Gates Co-Chair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Advisory Board Member Moderator: John Micklethwait Editor-in-Chief, Bloomberg, Steering Committee 9:57 am A Message from Bi Jingquan, Executive Vice Chairman, China Center for International Economic Exchanges (CCIEE) Speaker: Bi Jingquan Permanent Vice Chairman, China Center for International Economic Exchanges 10:00 am Coffee Break 9 10:45 am Combating Truth Decay: Restoring Trust The erosion of truth and trust-building among communities is a universal issue our society faces, permeating and stunting progress on addressing life-threatening issues from vaccine hesitancy to climate change. What is the extent of the decomposition of facts vs fiction? How can technology preserve, as opposed to tear, our social fabric? Is regulatory reform efficient and sufficient? Speakers: Patrick Foulis Business Affairs Editor, The Economist Sarah Hanson-Young Senator for South Australia David Leonhardt Senior Writer, The New York Times Li Xin Vice President, Caixin Media Moderator: Ben Smith Media Columnist, The New York Times 11:20 am Feeding the World: Agriculture and the Health of the Planet An overarching challenge for the planet: How to feed a booming global population as climate change wreaks havoc with global weather patterns, wringing the soil dry in places and flooding it in others? Pests are proliferating. Farming populations are being driven off the land. The quest for food security requires radical new thinking about the health of the planet. Speakers: Alloysius Attah Co-Founder and CEO, Farmerline Group Werner Baumann Chairman of the Board of Management, Bayer AG , Founding Partner David MacLennan Board Chair and Chief Executive Officer, Cargill 10 Sara Menker CEO and Founder, Gro Intelligence Moderator: Stephanie Flanders Head of Bloomberg Economics, Bloomberg, Steering Committee 12:00 pm Lunch and Breakout Sessions 3:00 pm Firestarter: The Singapore Model The master planner of Singapore — responsible for some of the world’s most successful housing projects — reflects on how the pandemic will change the shape of cities. Speakers: Liu Thai Ker Chairman, Morrow Architects & Planners Kieran Long Director, ArkDes 3:15 pm Reimagining the Urban Environment Will cities come back? If so, in what form? One lesson from the pandemic is that the most successful cities integrate residential, commercial, cultural and entertainment uses into their downtowns. Another is that city residents all over the world are determined to reclaim their open spaces for outdoor exercise and dining, and offices for housing. The challenge of urban planners, architects and developers is to respond to grassroots pressure for more livable cities that balance work, living and play. Speakers: Chan Heng Chee Ambassador-at-Large; Professor, Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities Sarah Friar Chief Executive Officer, Nextdoor 11 Yu Liang Chairman of the Board, Vanke, Founding Partner Moderator: Kieran Long Director, ArkDes 3:50 pm Climate Justice: Protecting the World’s Most Vulnerable Communities The catastrophic effects of climate change are not evenly distributed: emerging economies and developing nations are the most vulnerable, even though they contributed least to the crisis. Climate justice demands that everybody — regardless of race, color, national origin or income — receives equal protection from environmental harm and risks. Our panel of Bloomberg New Economy Catalysts will explore the meaning of justice through their pioneering work: cleaning up manufacturing supply chains in China, using space-based technologies to improve lives in remote villages; and bringing clean energy to rural Africa. Speakers: Ma Jun Founding Director, Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs Shamim Nabuuma Kaliisa Founder and Executive Director, Chil Artificial Intelligence Lab Danielle Wood Director of the Space Enabled Research Group, MIT Media Lab Moderator: Haslinda Amin Chief International Correspondent for Southeast Asia, Bloomberg Television 4:20 pm What if? A Green Transition for Emerging Economies Trillions of dollars are needed to fund a green transition in emerging markets. At stake is the future of the planet: Emerging economies are where the battle against climate change will be won or lost. Will pressure on corporate leaders force real change? Can a revolution in green finance address hurdles, such as the 12 developed-market standards defining most emerging market bonds, that prevent green debt issuances in emerging markets? Unlocking capital will require enabling policies that help countries meet net zero targets and improve lives and livelihoods from the ground up. Speakers: Natarajan Chandrasekaran Executive Chairman, Tata Sons, Founding Partner Noel Quinn Group Chief Executive, HSBC, Founding Partner Shemara Wikramanayake Managing Director and CEO, Macquarie Group Moderator: Francine Lacqua Anchor, Bloomberg Television 5:00 pm Closing Remarks Speaker: Justin B. Smith Chief Executive Officer, Bloomberg Media; Executive Chair, Bloomberg New Economy 5:05 pm Day 2 Program Concludes November 19 - Friday 8:15 am Town Hall: Contested World Opening Remarks Speaker: Michael R. Bloomberg 13 Founder of Bloomberg L.P. and Bloomberg Philanthropies; Three-Term Mayor of New York City 8:20 am Prospects for Coordination and Collaboration Speaker: John Kerry U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate Moderator: Stephanie Flanders Head of Bloomberg Economics, Bloomberg, Steering Committee 8:35 am Powering China’s Net Zero Ambitions 8:50 am China, Carbon and the Future of Global Trade Speaker: Tom Orlik Chief Economist, Bloomberg Economics 8:55 am Untangling Supply Chains Speakers: Ankiti Bose Co-Founder and CEO, Zilingo Mike Froman Vice Chairman and President, Strategic Growth, Mastercard Moderator: Clara Ferreira Marques Columnist, Bloomberg Opinion 14 9:30 am Great Power Competition: The Emerging World Order Great power competition is back, threatening to divide the world into U.S. and Chinese spheres of influence just as humanity needs to come together to fight common enemies — global warming, threats to public health, cybercrime. Can Middle Powers and Rising Powers step up and lead? How will Europe act? Speakers: Tony Blair Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom; Executive Chairman of the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change Subrahmanyam Jaishankar Minister of External Affairs, Republic of India Moderator: Ian Bremmer Founder and President, Eurasia Group and GZERO Media, Advisory Board Member 10:00 am In Conversation with Afghanistan’s Former Central Bank Governor Speaker: Ajmal Ahmady Former Governor, Da Afghanistan Bank Moderator: Ian Bremmer Founder and President, Eurasia Group and GZERO Media, Advisory Board Member 10:15 am When Elephants Fight: Is the U.S. Pivot Good for Asia? Through new partnerships such as the Quad, new defense arrangements such as AUKUS and strengthened military ties to Japan, India and others, the U.S. is finally adding substance to its long-discussed pivot to Asia. Washington says its actions are intended to preserve freedom and prosperity in the region; China says they are driving the world toward a cold and possibly even hot war. How can Asian nations shape the new U.S. strategy to produce what they want above all else: stability? 15 Speakers: Merit E. Janow Dean, School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University Bilahari Kausikan Chairman, Middle East Institute, National University of Singapore The Honorable Kevin Rudd AC 26th Prime Minister of Australia , President and Chief Executive Officer, Asia Society , Advisory Board Member Moderator: Nisid Hajari Editorial Board, Bloomberg L.P. 10:45 am Spotlight: China and Global Capital Markets 11:00 am China and Global Capital Markets Great Power competition threatens to disrupt capital flows and investment. How can a more bi-polar will the world fund the investment and technology innovation required to meet 21st Century challenges? Speaker: Nicolas Aguzin Chief Executive Officer, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited Gary Rieschel Founding Managing Partner, Qiming Venture Partners Moderator: Shery Ahn Anchor, Bloomberg TV 11:30 am The Showdown Over Crypto and Disruptive Technologies Around the world, regulators are coming after the crypto industry. China has outlawed cryptocurrency mining and declared all 16 cryptocurrency transactions illegal. The European Union is creating a licensing framework for crypto issuers and service providers. And in the U.S., SEC chair Gary Gensler wants powers to oversee a sector that he calls the “Wild West.” All this regulatory alarm comes as digital assets explode in popularity. Bitcoin has gone mainstream. The arrival of the Bitcoin ETF in America is a milestone. The newly elected mayor of New York, Eric Adams, said he would take his first three paychecks in Bitcoin when he takes over City Hall in January. A showdown is looming. How will it play out? And what are the consequences for digital finance more broadly? Speaker: Changpeng “CZ” Zhao Founder & CEO, Binance Moderator: Erik Schatzker Editor-at-Large, Bloomberg Television 11:50 am Closing Remarks Speakers: Andrew Browne Editorial Director, Bloomberg New Economy Ian Bremmer Founder and President, Eurasia Group and GZERO Media, Advisory Board Member 11:55 am Forum Close

ONE OPPORTUNITY REMAINS- Can the under 30s as first sustainability generation enjoy celebrating 3 kinds of entrepreneurial innovators

  1. 100% community employment geared to sustaining lives -this rural keynsiansim model is on its 60th year of worldwide celebration thanks to far east Asians
  2. technology collaborating around futures advancing the human lot - ditto 60th year wherever Asians have been able to design market purposes without American interference (there's a problem here that von neumann clarified- 100 times more tech every decade cannot be valued humanly without getting rid of eternal patents- von neumann noted if an organisation is doing good for humans 6 months is ample for a patent owner to choose best networking partners- covoid has become a demonatration of this ; the reason we are not yet distributing 20 million vaccines is due to all pharma experts playing top secret with data the public needed to know to behave safely)
  3. Going green can also be accelerated b ending unnecessary patents especially those needed for all peoples to map the race to minimising carbon and plastic value chains- this will need a different design of united states from USA or EU which the TCP could lead - both at community and national levels we need to map places shose resources are configured around carbon and compensate their peoples as we tax carbon out of existence whilst not disrupting energy flows- this needs infrastructure mapping around renewable tech which only the tcp is able to demonstrate?

My father at The Economist started debating these models as biographer of von neumann, supporter with kennedy of japan's new models connecting Asia Rising. The Economist became the fits viewspaper of globalisation but it is amazing how 90% of big businessmen who said they liked my father's innovative ideas meant the opposite. Every time he coined some new terminology like entrepreneurial revolution or privatization, big interests redefined the system in opposite ways. Rather than fight macroeconomists sponsored by vested interests , dad defined the role of journalists as exploring future history which starts with having the same curious innocence as jack ma's favorite fictional character

JOURNALISTS' FORESTRY GUMP: From 11+ (British Embassy in Stalin's Moscow) to 86 dad norman questioned world's most powerful men eg out of The Economist & decided sustainability depended on the most empowering eg Fazle Abed and Antonio Guterres-

our library

  • 36 collabs of Abed & Billion women, (AG21.1 more coming) -
  • 1984, 2025 Report & Economist Survey - future of health; 1982 intrapreneurial now; 1997 lives of eastern half of worlds peoples 1976 entrepreneurial revolution (replace big orgs by small enterprises in time for deep local data to humanise ai) biography of von neuman... consider asia rising 1962 - questions welcome washington dc region, glasgow, dhaka, tokyo, HK. & why not your place

Can you help sustainability's last 2 alumni networks and what's my evidence we are down to 2, 1 last humans standing? This article explores these 2 streams of intelligence; collaborations homo sapiens need with each other before we blend (irreversibly code our intel and data) with machines - a futureoflife deadline silicon valley in 1965 forecast as mathematically likely to be 2025 plus or minus 5 years

No alt text provided for this image

As you probably know the united nations was birthed in 1945 about 30 miles away from the valley's epicentre at opera house san francisco); the valley had been the health service soul of usa since 1885.As a scot i am hopelessly biassed towards innovation by engineers, families and community entrepreneurs not lawyers, supreme commanders or politicos. Morally and economically. I wish USA had moved its capital 1900 from DC to a West Coast superport.

No alt text provided for this image

Every generation's future history 2025 report published 1984- sample 1/10 media deadlines - chapter 6 all the world wants to end children born into poverty or sickness-

I am most interested in how you can help so I will (b)log up ideas including at the top of the article after some brief references to evidence which I will mostly explore in more detail at the bottom-

this article will change every day -if you want weekly updates email me so i can pur you on a circulation list- of course if you want to celebrate how the last rwo's alumni grows exponentially through 2020s to 10<> 1000<> 1 million<> 1 billion people -email me too! I have been interested in this as a media challenge for 30 years when i published the genre world class brands -it was intended to startup hall of fame of organisation/networks celebrating markets most sustainable purposes but ad agencies redefined the term to mean making most money for advertisers! (I spent 1990s in the world's largest ad agencies and accountants before I realised I had failed totally to celebrate sustainable brand leadership).

No alt text provided for this image

THE NATION THAT ASSUMES WE KNOW NOTHING BUT CAN HELP INNOVATE EVERYTHING THAT ISNT EVEN A NATION- who are we free scots? We are less than 1/400 of the human species; but 80% of us making a living worldwide. We failed financially as nation in 1700s when a few scots men tried to dig the panama canal 50 years before engines were invented and valued in Glasgow by brothers Watt and Smith!!

2023 sustainability's last or first summit

So what If media people understood Glasgow ecop26 november 2021 is a rehearsal- the real action-everywhere agenda of the commons of humans and nature is the futures summit in 2023-

No alt text provided for this image

not just a summit but anyone responsible for education curricula will make this summit their last platform for tearing up every disciplines silos,

what aluni of partners of billion most sustaNiable village women linked through last 50 years

DOWNLOAD one page guide 

1970-1985 first last mile village businesses health service and food security

second 1985-1996 world's largest6 non goverment education system

3rd from 1996 when tech connected to village -careful selection of long run tech parters in village and new universities whose graduates ujited aroundd both village tech partners and being the future public servants needed to see/learn/ entrepreneurially piot and scale

BACK FROM 2021 CELEBRATING one biggest deepest partnership for goals 1-5 maximising aluni connectons acroSs 100 sdg universities EG GOAL 3 AT LEAST 50 MILLION GOOD JOBS CAN BE CREATED BY RECOGNISING EVERY COMMUNITY IN THE WORLD NEEDS EARLY CHILDHOOD PLAY SCHOOLS - while its up to communities from advanced to least developed nations to clarify benchmarks good news is very low cost very high impact solutions have been deveolped in eg refugee settings- everyone can learn from this and indeed places like staford re swhowing best exp practice matches best undersanding of brain science of what 3 to 6 years olds most need

eg goal 1 ultra p0overty is where all adult poverty solutions can beging - within 2 years the very poorest can make aliving and becoe the best user of microfinance

james grant college is the worlds number 1 paryner in medical schools founded by epidemiologists - its work is the opposite of the worlds most expensive medicine schools - which do you think is more relevant to natures diseases of 2020s like covid...

or mathematically chaotic mistakes (I could list 100 covid exposes !!! mostly made much worse in Maryland the state i live in) however perfectly regulated at previous historical junctures - due to over-siloisation, not sustaining future (in an era sili valley promised to bring 100 times more tech to every decade (Seventies) 4(eighties) 3(90s) 2(zeroes) 1(tens) 0 (NOW), - is there even one global professions yet of any sdg value in coding artificials to understand humans deepest needs simultaeously at every gps to servee each other locally as well as globally. What good is the race to inhabit the moon if earth is uninhabitable my bezos, mr musk, mr branson, messrs nasa .... sure that probably was the great goal to unite graduates of 60s round but why hasnt there been one goal worth of uniting any decades wizard graduates since? when elders forget children are our species most valuable resource, verily the end is nigh...conversely the 2020s is the most exciting decade to be alive as it is the only one left for seeing the first sustainability generation rise!

Previously In 1984 i co-authored 2025 report- 10 exponential designs local to global needed for sustainability to be what 20 year olds in 2020s could spend most of their life working and playing on. We have missed all of the timelines - eg design media so majotity of world saw ebding poverty not as a niety but our hreatest roisk if we failed; last mile health everywhere; last mile water and nutrition everywher; total chnage in education- see more at vottom

the last leader of sustainability suggests we host a dutures summit in 2023- why would that be both a great idea and great timing ? how could you help?

Future 2023.1 By 2023 we will know whether the whole decade is going to involve living in covid bubbles- if for example sports is what you value ,sot in life- will paris olympics be like Japan's or like normal olympics? We will know in 2023 if any countries have not only a clear action plan to when their children will have as much chance with nature as previous generations but what actions depend on massive collaboration. I think the UN missed a branding opportunity - as the origin of world class brand purposes 1991, i would have much preferred collaboration development goals which describe the how rather than sustainability which describes an end starte which national leaders seem to treat like the bicycling competition of devil takes the hindmsot

Future 2023.2 - where are the world's greatest huamns ai colabs- a country like singapore is a world leader in getting rid of manaul goverance wherever real time op sustems are needed. Its comoany enough to be using the highest G; its designed life round cultural fusion; its political parties are not rivals apart from which can show it has best next engineering innovations to implemenet. Every country that wants to be a ssutainability elader could start with atbeast one unibversity sgaring everything ist graduates learn to do with everythimg sisngapore garduates learn to do. why not ? there is a colaboration university movement which is now 20 yeras old- of course it started with things like local helath service sand local food/.water security - there are not things we the human race comeptes over - not if we want our children to be teh first sdg generation

Future 2023.3 whats the one action elarning that you would vote for not only having world elading esperts summit on but turning into lessons at any age group that teachers need to up their skills on before they can inspire that age group;

Future 2023.4 the UN will be able to assess whoch of vthe 10 white empires that had most to rceoncile at un's birth woityh end of world war 2 have political leadership systems whose people and media still want to0 live up to the unique duties of being us cananad french brit german italian russdian dutch spanish portuguese- these wrere the 10 white biggest white empires who applied glasgow's machines from 1760s to take over most lands of other peopel either through genocide of teh mative people or by colonising them. Therefore at the end of wprld wars 2 as well as renewing tehir econpmies it was their colaborative dury to help people in any other place become sustainable enetrpreneurial equalis in workdwide trade nd in responsibility for nature. Of course there were also another 10-20 advanced nations that needed to cehher on the big 1o whites - countries such as nordica ireland austria switzerland- I dont have a full list eg was the welth per person in south africa, argentina , other countries potentially able to help if those countries had first sorted out their own unique problems- eg in south africa apartheid , in case of argentina every tradining block turning agianst importing its food products. We need something that is missing - a wiki of nations which decade by decade describes what that countries freedoms and constraints were at that time in a way that all the people sof that nation could see as a true report not a bipolar assessment of 2 political parties each of thoch was tuled by short term arguments not long term humn development

=====================related search project

help update monthly search of metaverse world tour of jeanne lim , world First transmedia agent and zbee cast crew leaders

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https://beingai.comArtificially intelligent virtual characters, or AI beings, are a game-changing concept that will revolutionize how brands and character IP owners do business.

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  • World's first transmedia AI company ... We create AI beings™ that build long-term engagement and trust with digital-native consumers anywhere, anytime, across ...

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Entrepreneur, angel investor, startup advisor, career marketer. Dwelling in the intersection of business, yoga, spirituality, storytelling arts, and just ...

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  • beingAI | 316 followers on LinkedIn. extraordinary AI beings | beingAI is the world's first transmedia AI company creating AI beings™ that build long-term ...

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  • Jeanne is the Co-founder and CEO of beingAI, the world's first transmedia AI company creating AI beings™ that build long-term engagement and...
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beingAI. @beingaico. We create AI beings™ that build long-term engagement and ... Alethea AI est un projet centré sur le NFT intelligent et le metaverse ...

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Nov 16, 2021 — HONG KONG and TORONTO, Nov. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- beingAI Limited (, the world's first transmedia AI company, ...

Jeanne Lim from beingAI on the future of artificial intelligence › Lifestyle

Nov 1, 2021 — Jeanne Lim's beingAI seeks well-intentioned humans to interact with virtual AI characters ... Creators of science fiction narratives in books, ...

BeingAI unveils human-like AI character named Zbee › 2021/08/20 › beingai-unveils...

Aug 20, 2021 — The Hong Kong-based BeingAI is the brainchild of founders Jeanne Lim (CEO), Lee Chapman (president), and Amit Kumar Pandey (chief technology ...

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Jeanne Lim is the Co-founder and CEO of beingAI, the world's first transmedia AI company creating AI beings™ that build long-term engagement and trust with ...

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  • Developer - beingAI Limited Contributor - Alethea AI Zbee Being ... artificially intelligent virtual characters, beingAI Limited, Hong Kong ...

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beingAI is a transmedia AI company creating AI beings™ that build long-term engagement and trust ... beingAI. Location: Hong Kong Island. Add to My Lists.

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beingAI is the world's first transmedia AI company creating AI beings™ that build ... #Metaverse

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Dec 6, 2021 — Alethea AI announces groundbreaking partnerships with beingAI launching ... to bring Sophia beingAI to life as an iNFT,” states Jeanne Lim, ...

Jeanne Lim | Speaker of Metaverse Unlimited Webinar › jeannelim

Dec 15, 2021 — Co-founder & CEO, beingAI Limited. Board Director, Hanson Robotics Limited. . Jeanne is the Co-founder and CEO of beingAI, a transmedia AI ...

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beingAI. The world's first transmedia AI company creating AI beings™ that ... Photo by beingAI on December 04, 2021. ... Photo by beingAI in Hong Kong.

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Jeanne is the Co-founder and CEO of beingAI, responsible for corporate vision, strategy development, and the design, personalities, and stories for the ...

beingAI and MyXR Inc Announce Global Strategic Partnership › news-+-notes › beingai-and-myxr-i...

SAN FRANCISCO and HONG KONG -- September 14, 2021 -- MyXR Inc., a global leader for SaaS XR and engagement software, and beingAI Limited, the world's first ...

Jeanne Lim: Sophia the Robot and Human-AI Relationships › episodes › jeanne-lim

Aug 25, 2021 — Jeanne Lim, the co-founder and CEO of beingAI, and former CEO of Hanson Robotics, talks about a future defined by artificial intelligence.

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Jeanne Lim. Topic. Technology. Job Title. Co-founder and CEO. Company. beingAI Limited. Location. Hong Kong. Language. English, Cantonese. Why?

How This Hong Kong Based Startup Is Building Another Sofia › how-this-hong-kong-ba...

Aug 30, 2021 — Leveraging on this unique relationship between users and their artificial intelligence assistant, beingAI recently debuted its first virtual ...

BeingAI reveals a Virtual Artificial Intelligence robot named Zbee › beingai-reveals-a-virtual-arti...

Aug 23, 2021 — Hongkong-based BeingAI is the world's first transmedia artificial intelligence firm founded by Lim in the year 2020.

BeingAI Has Unveiled a Human-Like AI - Interesting ... › beingai-unveiled-h...

Aug 23, 2021 — Based in Hong KongBeingAI is the collaborative project of founders Lee Chapman and Jeanne Lim, the president and CEO of the company, ...

JWA Webinar Series #2: Exploring AI in the jewellery industry › event › jwa-webinar-series...

Jeanne is the Co-founder and CEO of beingAI, a transmedia AI company creating AI ... and a BA in Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley.

A.I Robot Sophia Tokenized for the Metaverse - Watcher Guru › news › ai-robot-sophia-tokenized...

Dec 8, 2021 — Sophia AI robot to be tokenized for Metaverse appearance ... goes by Sophia beingAI; And is a creation from Jeanne Lim's new firm, beingAI.

beingAI | Transmedia AI Company, AI Startup at › company › beingai

Hong KongHKHong KongbeingAI is the world's first transmedia AI company creating AI beings™ that build long-term engagement and trust with ...

Sophia beingAI Intelligent NFTs|Binance NFT › nft › event › SophiabeingAI

Dec 16, 2021 — Sophia beingAI iNFT will meet and interact with her fans from all over the world on Noah's Ark, an Intelligent Metaverse created by Alethea ...

45 Finalists Announced for the 2022 SXSW Pitch Startup Event › News

Jan 18, 2022 — beingAI (Hong Kong, Hong Kong); CIRQ+ (Scottsdale, AZ); Hume AI (New York, NY); Mod Tech Labs (Austin, TX); (Calgary, Canada) ...

beingAI | AngelList Talent › company › beingai

Avatar for Jeanne Lim. Co-founder and CEO of beingAI. Former CEO and CMO of Hanson Robotics which created Sophia Robot. 25+ years in technology marketing.

Sophia AI robot to be tokenized for Metaverse appearance › news › sophia-ai-robot-to-b...

Dec 7, 2021 — ... CEO and Sophia co-creator Jeanne Lim launched a virtual anime version of the robot dubbed “Sophia beingAI” at her new company, beingAI, ...

Sophia the Humanoid Robot is Coming to the Metaverse, with ... › sophia-the-humanoid-robo...

Dec 9, 2021 — BeingAI has collaborated with Alethea AI to create an intelligent digital version of Sophia the humanoid robot. The anime version will have its ...

Alethea AI and Being AI partner up to bring real AI collectible ... › alethea-ai-and-being-ai-partner...

Dec 7, 2021 — The leading AI companies, AletheaAI and BeingAI together, ... to bring Sophia BeingAI to life as an iNFT,” said Jeanne Lim, CEO of BeingAI, ...

ART - Zbee™ Comes To Life As A Life-Size, Real-Time ... › TSXV › ART › stock-news › zbe...

Nov 16, 2021 — Created by beingAI, Zbee™ is the world's first AI being. ... Growth Forum,” says Jeanne Lim, Ph.D., Co-founder and CEO of beingAI Limited.

Sophia BeingAI | GPT-3 Demo › apps › sophia-beingai

Sophia AI robot to be tokenized for Metaverse appearance According to the Dec. 7 announcement, beingAI has partnered with intelligent nonfungible token ...

The robot Sophia will now exist in the physical and virtual ... › business › article › The-r...

Dec 8, 2021 — Jeanne Lim, Sophia's original creator, was the one who created the ... Now beingAI has partnered with NFT creator Alethea AI to launch 100 ...

Jeanne Lim's beingAI seeks well-intentioned humans to ... › Technology

Nov 1, 2021 — Jeanne Lim's beingAI seeks well-intentioned humans to interact with virtual AI characters. By Phoebe Woofter, Christine Dulion.

Zbee(TM) Comes To Life As A Life-Size, Real-Time Interactive ... › press-releases › 2021/11/16

Nov 16, 2021 — Created by beingAI, Zbee™ is the world's first AI being. ... Growth Forum,” says Jeanne Lim, Ph.D., Co-founder and CEO of beingAI Limited.

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