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Saturday, July 6, 2024 Q welcome Wash Dc region

Chartering began 1989 - dad, normanmacrae was semi-retoring from 5 decades of writing weekly leaders from The Economist; our mission how could people who practised media and maths identify/support most pursposeful organsiatiosn and networkds: ones that compound intergenerational good and winn-wins with all whose trust they seek; this latest version of charing has evolved from 1989 when we traingualrused 3 main questiosn: what identity do scieties need toi trust most in exchngaing value; inside an organsiation or across its parners hod fo people inteligent serve , what do leaders do archiecuraly and in dramrising chngaes societyies need to value in this aera of fast moving tech and species defining challenges - dad as a teenager became a keynesian and interested in linking win-wins across hemispheres; apartly as a doaspora scot; partly as licky survivor of spennding his last days as a teenage navigatir in allied bomber command burma campaig ...more

by including markets (bottom left of article's picture) as one of the 6 triple-wins of AI Chartering we can gain from asking Gemini or other chats questions like these: .....

For much of 21st c it was common to talk of e-markets eg efinance ecommerce elearning eagriculture ehealth -do people still study markets in this way or to get a full view should we be talking about AI as adjective to each market could
When it was common to use e- I dont recall people saying we should stop doing e until we understand the ethical consequences? or conversely were transparency discussion naturally iterated into what leadership of digital futures was visioning - actually in that sense i thought all designers of markets had agreed to consider the UN's sdg language- what i dont understand is today we seem to have lost the context frame of compound opportunities and risks in one bug expertise which seems to view itself as General Ethics
- here's doc of this first markets Q&A with a chat

Thursday, May 30, 2024

 Today it is impossible  understand the future of AI (or human intelligence) without  understanding the contributions of Jensen Huang, Fei-Fei Li, Demis Hassabis. There are many people they also relied on and much more to invent but today's AI draws on 

: Huang : new accelerated computing architecture replacing 60 year standard from 1966 tbm 360

:Training computers to vision (& deep learn) Fei-Fei Li

:Training through pattern games like Go since this connects with Einstein 1905! natures maths is forever deeper in system interactions than the human eue can see - it is said that part of the chaos of covid is its total volume would for inside a coca-cola can

I pushed Gemini to agree this conclusion as of 30 May 2024 - click to see transcript. 

By 2035, the old computer architecture will be gone; coding will be much changed (more democratic) in who can do it; and peoples should make sure they own their places data sovereignty as I am not sure anyone knows where in the world will demonstrate the most unique nature-made combination capable of saving us all


2025Report spans 75 years of work that began by chatting to NET (Von Neumann Einstein Turing) and training Economist journalists in the futures survey Von Neumann updated until his last notes Computer & The Brain. Quite simply who are 500 Human Intelligences that connect General Human Intelligence in 2025. Its rather like a fantasy league game - no right answer but some core combos as suggested by being aware of what Huang, Li and Hassabis connected that needed to come together for AI to blossom the way it has everywhere that freedom of leaning exists since 2012.  


Saturday, May 25, 2024

love education ai but why does k-12 ai always come last in west

 Dell and others say the pc without ai is dead - so des 5th to 12th grade ai really need to come last in innovating what that means - this is exact opposite of 42 years of 2025 report started the economist 1982

of course the world of deep learning is actually nuanced by context- if you are gong into biotech or neuroscience then 10th grade curricula which dont change now ont get into any top biotech colleges

but anyway as we look at whether summer 2024 sees anyone changing 24-25 , we need your help to add to these sightings

why does k-12 AI always come last in West?
In desperation There' is lot coming together but movements have their own rhythms and many make deciding partnerships for the whole school year in next few weeks

If you can get a cluster of schools representing a state who want their high school kids to clarify their vision of agency consider this group pa/ it is starting its 2nd year ; 5 states joined round john hopkins year 1 ; new mexico were the rural stars 

nb section national schools redesign network; the climax each year is kids get trip to the hopkins campus at 555 penn avenue 5 minutes walk from congress

this campus does lots of adult stuff on ai eg this Forum on Engineered AI Systems in 10 days ; or hopkins commencement just had pixar and nvidia explaining their revolution in coding ; if you are deep into in silico biotech its easy to linkin ; digital twin climate mapping games are coming soon but that really helps if you connect through taiwan - register ofr monday's 6am talk (EST) june 2nd NVIDIA AI Summit - June 5, 2024

if you know people anywhere near oregon state then they have 200 million $ ai college center opening in 2026 Huang Collaborative Innovation Complex | Leadership

on the east coast leading musc colleges were supposed to have united with asu and asian women empowerment colleges by now but the philanthropist behind that has got dementia and his family have changed direction; still several of us are regrouping; I want to help hi level new york meeting on that when i can get people to agree a date

people include many branches of cambridge (in america) uk cambridge being my alma mater; king charles actually owns the main ai science park in europe as well as hosting the world series relay on ai next stop paris fall 2024

there's always a bit of a problem that k-12 seems to come last except on particular health/science contexts; if you are able to work with suicides of teenagers black inner city groups i have researched for over 10 years are linking together -this has legs as it is supported by Americorps and Axios; 

I can offer you list of dc region people who knows some more practical and politically tuned things about k-12 but when it comes to will ai make or break america on difficult scenario that trump may yet pose,  worldwide it might be worth while sharing with diaspora scot networks - we just want intelligence to value millenniaals to be renewable everywhere

PS Now that Melinda Gates is launching her own giving circle with first dollop of 12 billion if she wont do k-12 ai I think microsoft may have to go; we also need the doerr new climate school to huury up and clarify k-12 moocs and zooms (the doerrs are 15 years into havinf decusion control ver online edu at schools level)

 +1 240  316 8157 44th year of cataloguing which intelligences von neumann would see as making most of brain machines - when it comes to girl empowerment we may also need to restart from each hemisphere at and and 2 new journals with adam smith schools in glasgow

Friday, May 10, 2024

Sampling Catalogue of top 500 human intelligences from last edition 2025report (est 1983 Economist)

 2025report 1983 version reviewed former EconomistScience editor Viscount Ridley

Example sub-cat 1 - friends of Taiwan American SI (Nvidia: Huang, Stanford Trustees Yang & Tsai)

list of who huang has hosted at nvidia summits - which connections can we make for womens ai and all the basic 

March 2024
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Cohere Aidan Gomez is co-founder and CEO at Cohere, the leading AI platform for enterprise. Cohere’s world-class AI platform is uniquely suited to the needs of business, offering data-secure deployment options in companies’ existing cloud environments, customization, and customer support. As a cloud-agnostic enterprise AI company, Cohere gives companies cloud choice, including an on-premises option, to provide a highly customized and flexible experience. Cohere is co-headquartered in Toronto and San Francisco with a key R&D center in London. 
, Co-Founder and CEO, Essential AI Building the Enterprise Brain. Essential AI’s mission is to deepen the partnership between humans and computers, unlocking collaborative capabilities that far exceed what could be achieved today.To reinvent how enterprises work, we are developing full-stack AI products that quickly learn to increase productivity by automating time-consuming and monotonous workflows. It will also identify the biggest risks and suggest improvements in organizations' supply chains.With human feedback and technical breakthroughs, our LLMs will empower users to solve progressively harder tasks and unlock critical skills, scaling the impact of organizations on society
, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Inceptive co-founded Inceptive in 2021 with the goal of enabling a new generation of medicines, reminiscent of software but running on our cells. Inceptive aims to accomplish this by learning life's languages with a unique combination of cutting-edge deep learning and novel, scalable biochemistry experiments. Before Inceptive, Jakob conducted research on neural networks at Google Brain, built the language understanding team of the Google Assistant as well as of many Search features, and worked on Google Translate during its early days.
, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, NVIDIA
, Co-Founder, NEAR Protocol
Illia Polosukhin is a co-founder of NEAR Protocol, a decentralized developer platform powered by a sharded smart contract blockchain. NEAR’s vision of a scalable, robust, and highly usable blockchain began in 2018 when they couldn't find a protocol that met the needs of builders. NEAR Protocol launched in 2020 and is focused on scaling to global mainstream adoption with the Blockchain Operating System.
, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Sakana AI
he serves as the Co-Founder and CTO of Sakana AI, an AI research company founded at the end of 2023 in Tokyo, and aims to focus on nature inspired AI research
, Member of Technical Staff, OpenAI
Lukasz is a deep learning researcher at OpenAI who was previously part of the Google Brain team. He recently worked on GPT4 and Codex models. Earlier, he co-invented transformers and other neural sequence models and co-authored the TensorFlow system. Before working on machine learning, Lukasz was a tenured researcher at University Paris Diderot and worked on logic and automata theory. He received his Ph.D. from RWTH Aachen University in 2008 and his M.Sc. from the University of Wroclaw, Poland
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Character.AI co-founder and CEO of Character.AI, a full-stack AI computing platform that gives people access to their own flexible superintelligence. A renowned computer scientist and researcher recently named one of TIME’s 100 Most Influential People in AI, Noam is one of the foremost experts in artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP). Considered one of the fathers of large language models, he created Mesh-TensorFlow and is a key author for the Transformer, a revolutionary deep learning model enabling language understanding, machine translation, and text generation that has become the foundation of many NLP models. A former member of the Google Brain team, Noam led the development of spelling corrector capabilities within Gmail, and the algorithm at the heart of AdSense. A graduate of Duke University,
Gomez, Lukasz Kaiser, and Illia Polosukhin, hosted by NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang.
March 2024
, Principal Engineer and Scientist, AI-HPC and Engineering Lead, Earth-2, NVIDIA
, Director of Climate Simulation Research, NVIDIA
In July 2023, NVIDIA’s CEO Jensen Huang announced at the Berlin Summit that three technological breakthroughs are needed to achieve Earth Virtualization Engines (EVE): (i) Simulating Earth’s climate at kilometer-scale; (ii) Using AI to 
March 2024
, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, NVIDIA
Don't miss this keynote from NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang. He'll share how NVIDIA's accelerated computing platform is driving the next wave in AI, digital twins, cloud technologies, and sustainable computing.
February 2024
, Product Marketing Manager, NVIDIA
GPU acceleration enables faster and smarter applications, and CUDA enables you to harness acceleration on NVIDIA GPUs. But debugging, profiling, and optimizing CUDA can be challenging—especially if you can’t see the hardware processes 
January 2024
, CEO, Microsoft
NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang joined Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s keynote to announce the companies’ expanding partnership and introduction of the NVIDIA AI foundry service on Microsoft Azure.
August 2023
, CEO, VMWare
, Founder and CEO, NVIDIA
At VMware Explore 2023, NVIDIA founder and CEO, Jensen Huang and VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram announced VMware Private AI Foundation with NVIDIA – a turnkey #GenAI solution that integrates generative AI software and accelerated 
August 2023
, CEO, VMWare
, Founder and CEO, NVIDIA
VMware Private AI Foundation with NVIDIA will enable enterprises to customize models and run generative AI applications, including intelligent chatbots, assistants, search and summarization. The platform will be a fully integrated 
August 2023
Join us at #SIGGRAPH2023 for a powerful keynote by NVIDIA CEO, Jensen Huang. You’ll get an exclusive look at some of our newest breakthroughs, including award-winning research, OpenUSD developments, and the latest AI-powered 
June 2023
, Founder and CEO, NVIDIA
Watch NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang’s live keynote address at #COMPUTEX2023, where he unveils platforms companies can use to ride a historic wave of generative #AI that’s transforming industries -- from 
April 2023
, Director, Graphics Developer Tools, NVIDIA
, Product Marketing Manager, NVIDIA
, Product Marketing Manager, NVIDIA
Learn how the suite of NVIDIA Nsight Tools lift the hood of your GPU to improve your game’s frame rate, see Nsight Graphics in action on a demo scene, including how to profile the render pipeline and find areas that can be improved, and 
March 2023
, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, NVIDIA
, Co-founder and Chief Scientist, OpenAI
Join this conversation to learn more about the future of AI.
GTC 2023 Keynote
Under construction - come back for more soon or ask for latest
March 2023
, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, NVIDIA
Don't miss this keynote from NVIDIA Founder and CEO, Jensen Huang. He will share how NVIDIA's accelerated computing platform is driving the next wave in AI, the metaverse, cloud technologies and sustainable

Example sub-cat 2 - friends of King Charles Intelligence & AI World Series
3 Royal Friends of women empowerment's Fazle Abed: King Charles, Emperor Japan, King Netherlands
King Charles AI World Series summit producer: 5 8 Z Michelle Donellan
UK Envoy family to Valley 7 (Burma) 6 3 Z Ms Tan &  5 Z Mr Joe White
Korea - leg 2 of AI world Series
Paris Leg 3 of AI world series