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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Passing of billion womens development intel from Friends20 of Fazle Abed to Melinda Gates

 Dear Womens Cooperation Friends20 - Unless you know better - billion poorest asian mothers economic and societal development from 1970 applied moreton intelligence cooperations gravitated by fazle abed than any other single source  catalogue of humanity - of his 30 favorite lifetime cooperations catalogued during 16 brac visits 2007 on, the last 20 years of Abed's half century as poverty alleviation connector has planted Entrepreneurial Revolution's most extraordinary  POP partnerships - ie systems roadmapping applying tech Preferential Opportunity Poor innovations/transfornational through generations -

EW: here are some  reasons why melinda gates is now best placed to unite the future of the quarters of the bottom the pyramid - markets celebrating dev goals of bottom billion women and bottom billion mens will be logged year- pls mail us more latest upd fall 2023

2019 = melinda gates chairs 20 tech experts for un report on transformaing all place government around best of artificial (vision coding) and human intelligence futures - see also and

2016 melinda gates with ceo of nvidia becones main funders of schools ai curricula of vision coders ai coordeinate by feei-fei li princeton near start of 21st massively accelerated when every cooperticeve soull in stanford welcomed her from 2009 to connect data of deeply humanising AI

The Worlds I See by Dr. Fei-Fei Li
Coming Fall 2023

The Worlds I See

by Dr. Fei-Fei Li

The Worlds I See: Curiosity, Exploration, and Discovery at the Dawn of AI showcases not only the power of artificial intelligence, but the need to use it responsibly.

fall 2023 - melinda gates is now several books into creating the moments of lift library celebrating intel contributed to communities by world poorest moms beginning with her own book observing over 20 yerasd of women building community health service sto stop deaths thrpugh ignotance of moethers and infants - for example tropical asia's number 1 kiler og infants dehtdrayion until person to person netwrking between mothers prpdyced 90+% ability to deliver orl rehydration; with jams grant unicef and sir fazle abed at the epicentre of this intelliugence diffcuison no wornder that motehrs without borders trusted and acted on community sisdtainaing enetreprenurial ideas generated through teyh same grassrrots networks - all word of mouth in 200th c vilage without electricity since late 1990s intgrating teh most extrordinary solar and mobile expereiments including cashless banking and the grrenest and most femiknely intelligent lifetimes ever spent 

 You might think that only an ignorant species would advance to wards extinction by not valuing all 8 billion beings time and data. But regarding time , the history of power ( and systems: laws, professions, cultures) have never wholly valued womens time as equal to men, nor given how empires spun out of europe from late 1400s coloreds (80+% equal to whites (under 20%,, nor youth's generation equal to elders at a constitutional level. Regarding data, the opportunity to get this right appeared suddenly with 4g from 2008 as well as steve jobs 2nd attempt to celebrate digital networking (mobile smrat phone). This was an inconvenient time as western elders had just collapsed the financial system subprime and the 200s had been a decade of wars not peace. Ironically Neumann's briefs were clear that the first 80 yeras of man designing cooperation communication machines mediated out of swtizerland's ITU had not gone well (2 world wars).Kennedy was a perhaps the last world leader to fully see the conflicts that needed resolving

Anyway, the 2020s now suddenly offers quite likely the last chance to mediate (1 2) intelligences/super-engineers who do value all peoples live;s times and data. If you decide to join in playing the AI game, these are the 2 cooperation values we ask you to maximise every good human spirit in selecting.

Some places are not easy to do this is, here are 3 of the last attempts friends and I asked about before covid lockdown.

each of world last 11 years to 2030 will be most dangerous and opportune yet - here's where 2019 tipping

this is beyond urgent for china watchers - probably for others -definitely those who value girls futures - this month china launched AI in girls primary schools - not moment too soon rsvp moore of 4000 tech's crisis learning summits for youth to hub

i have tracked jim kim since he first came to world bank and know all his previous health networks in boston

how he partners asian financiers now he is free to di so will be all or nothing given trump now controls world bank too

cheers chris macrae 240 316 8157
see slides for some crises youth need leaders cooperation curricula to action hub please share big moments such as

21 jan unctad geneva guterres 20 leaders of digital cooperation including jack ma melinda dates meet for last time as group before march publication

22-25 jan davos join Jkim female ceo of microsoft and 6 under 30s chair the world economic forum

march publication of
april 100 national leaders meet in beijing to map belt roads- new sustainability banking without borders
june aiib summits in luxembourg
july japan hosts g20 -what youth economics will prepped by sherpa groups - see excellent process of jack ma before china g20 in 2016- rotten processes before germany and argentina g20

japan g20 amazing year - new emperor , popes visit jack ma olympics- chance for japan china russia s korea to solve n korea and hence future of peace from east and arctic
india amazing big data year nilekani

Our view since 1975 at The Economist has been japan-china relations critical to sustaining millennials worldwide - america and western g7 never grew big from sustainability world trade routes- the EU and the Beltway insiders will never lead the livelihood revolution in education -only the East's youth -notably QuarterBillionGirls- can be just in time to linkin the sustainability generation if the next US presidency is decided on who knows most about AI regenerating every community then all bets change but during 2019 Japan has critical opportunities to keep youth's world open and relationships between chinese and japanese under 30s -and their heroines - will be absolutely critical -Q&A and co-searches for student union friendship clubs welcome

sino-japan youth exchanges  were good in 2016 at the relevant Hangzhou g20 sherpa groups and need to be again the way Japan sherpas g20; Hopes worldwide are that Japanese Chinese and pope Francis all value youth and SME community integrated economies so the Pope's visit to Japan is critical- jack ma and so his investors like softbank remaking of the olympics to celebrate every youth heroine not just sports superstars can start a new wave of youth community building expos- rome already has great annual example

21st edu NOW: chinese youth are talking empowerment to a new level - girls education curricula is being completely redesigned out of beijing normal with AI at primary level being one way to make sure education is never the same again provided women edit the ai curriculum under 11's gain

until the election in india nobody knows whether modi and nilekani will continue to map how to empower bottom billions largest ngo brac in bangladesh and jack ma's new tech partnerships within the fintech arm of brac bkash- this is a model gates foundation and everyine associaited with can support - report from UN due in march 2019- we need to re-pedit every diary entry from DC onwards -with huge opportunities- belt raid 2 april 2019 japan g20 and aiib luxembourg in the summer

there is not likely to be much collaboration from trump america in any of the above - lets hope japan's steady mediation hand holds the day and somehow ;positive connecfions with the poreas can also grow at same time

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Best news of my lifetime - universities putting students in debt are dying- thank goodness for new university founders fazle abed soros taddy patrick OSUN -sustainability generation only needs one global university of ending poverty- value open source www

brilliant with thanks to all who inspire
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