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Monday, December 30, 2019

chinathanks  dreams The Economist in 1977

⚡️ “100 heroines for 2020s” The Economist's Norman Macrae started last AI-edu project 2007 Bangla, 2020 10th remembrance parties to NM invite you to celebrate 100 local to global heroines linkedin unwomens
laurie santos yale course psych of happiness remember your mind lies about what makes you happy nhkworld 7/19
on first 10 trips to beijing wechat chinese graduate from yale launch serve china-today 1000 china's brightest global grads spend year in villages surveying what tech taobao needs next- best youth news heard since start 1984 search 30000 microfranchises
mother earth is global; Artificial Intelligence accelerating maps of health both globally & locally (just like engineers integrate data from bottom up) - can all nations unite AI health? - politics blocking will be falling stars however big -more at

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