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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

 You might think that only an ignorant species would advance to wards extinction by not valuing all 8 billion beings time and data. But regarding time , the history of power ( and systems: laws, professions, cultures) have never wholly valued womens time as equal to men, nor given how empires spun out of europe from late 1400s coloreds (80+% equal to whites (under 20%,, nor youth's generation equal to elders at a constitutional level. Regarding data, the opportunity to get this right appeared suddenly with 4g from 2008 as well as steve jobs 2nd attempt to celebrate digital networking (mobile smrat phone). This was an inconvenient time as western elders had just collapsed the financial system subprime and the 200s had been a decade of wars not peace. Ironically Neumann's briefs were clear that the first 80 yeras of man designing cooperation communication machines mediated out of swtizerland's ITU had not gone well (2 world wars).Kennedy was a perhaps the last world leader to fully see the conflicts that needed resolving

Anyway, the 2020s now suddenly offers quite likely the last chance to mediate (1 2) intelligences/super-engineers who do value all peoples live;s times and data. If you decide to join in playing the AI game, these are the 2 cooperation values we ask you to maximise every good human spirit in selecting.

Some places are not easy to do this is, here are 3 of the last attempts friends and I asked about before covid lockdown.

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