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Thursday, December 31, 1970

1970 First year recordable in blog diary, 20th year Economist Journalists trained by NET"s

ST James,1970: A lot had happened since The Economist's centenary autobiography in 1943 coordinated by Geoffrey Crowther who had weekly edited The Economist for more than a decade either side of world war 2. 

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Crowther had reveled in the luxury of having 100 years to report instead of practically speaking 3.5 weekdays of the weekly journalist of his time. Until  advances in computing in 1980s, Wednesday evening would be the deadline for copy of The Economist in London; a sub-editor would stay up all night to see the paper printed by early Thursday morning. British readers' first chance to see the journal would be Friday morning whether they bought it with Friday's newspapers or possibly arrived as early as Friday's post. Typically British readers had the weekend to read The Economist. American businessmen (or presidents in case of Kennedy) would hopefully find airmail had arrived in time to start the next week.

The Economist had started as Queen Victoria's Royal Society Chatsheet 1843. There was a purpose which amused the then 20-someting Queen Victoria - London Scot founder James Wilson had become an MP aiming to end poverty and hunger.  His commitment to Queen Victoria was seeing if a journal could help her mediate change in English constitution from presiding over slave making empire to celebrating Commonwealth. You could say The Economist had an early success obtaining the repeal of the corn laws but too late for the Irish rightfully hating the English as as many as one third staved when the potato crop failed and British landowners burnt corn rather than seeing it sold below a minimum price. Victoria assigned James Wilson a grand challenge - Charter Bank go tax the quarter of humans living on the Indian subcontinent to build the grand subcontinent by and for the peoples. The first year of the state of the subcontinent went amazingly well. The second badly : Wilson died Calcutta 1860, before his time. of diarrhea. It was to take over 112 years before women villagers built the then new nation of Bangladesh thanks to being trained in Infant Oral Rehydration during the first decade of their Rural Advancement commiteee- BRAC by Fazle Abed. More on this: part 2 of this article

Crowther concluded from the 100 years of Economist reporting that journalists and economists had failed to keep ahead of extraordinary innovation exponentials of engineers. So in 1951 he sent a rookie journalist,  who had survived spending his last days as a teenager navigating airplanes allied bomber command Burma Campaign, to Princeton NY for a year. There John Neumann floated the idea that Economist journalists needed to survey what good would peoples unite wherever they got first access to 100 times more tech.

The NET (Neumann Einstein-Turing) as the world's greatest mathematicians were 3 generations apart. Sadly two died tragically young with all gone by 1957.  Humans saw only a small bit of vision for Computers and Brains and Neural Networking that Neumann-Turing were on tipping point of celebrating with humanity But they had passed on their survey of 100 times more for economists to mediate- and by 1962 both Silicon Valley and Asia's Silicon Coastal Belt (Japan South through Korean Peninsula Taiwan (soon joined by Hong Kong and Singapore) were on the verge of 100 times more (Intel's programable computing chip in response to a Japanese calculator company's order) and satellite communications (death of cost of distance first evidenced by Tokyo Olympics 1964) witnessed by a teenage Prince Charles who luckily planted hi-trust relationship with the Japanese Royal Family and Sony's Akio Morita

Kennedy was an open fan of the Economist and its 1962 revelation that Japan could start all asian coastlines experimenting with 100 times more tech in parallel to the US valley from St Clare to St Francis via Stanford. He was the last world leader to sucessfully engage both youth and DC in decade long grand challenges - the moon race, the peace corps, integration of America's peoples,  the need to map trading win-wins between America, Europe, Asia. So it was that The Net's surveys of 100 times more tech permitted imagineering across Pacific Ocean. As early as 1955 The Economist  also fieldedfthe only journalist as Messina's birth of the EU- so there was a hope that English Language Royal Society chat sheet's 3rd hal century could live up to the gifts of computer, code and brain modeling that the NET distributed in Neumann's posthumous notes: Computer and the Brain 1957 delivered as Yale lectures by his wife and chief coder Klara Von Neumann. Both Neumann and Turing had in fact relied on a favorite woman to attend to detailed coding and recursive quality.

Part 2

In 1970 Abed barely escaped from being Assassinated by his employer Royal Dutch Shell and the occupying Pakistan army. He returned to new nation Bangladesh giving nearly 50 years to villager development by women entrepreneurs actioning a culture of Paulo Freire servant leadership. Seeing triple devastation of cyclone, war of independence and famine abed put his life savings of 1972 into rebuilding 15000 refugees homes in his home region. For the next 25 yeras he was developing life sustaining solutions (known from 2015 as SDGs 1 to 5) linking in 100000 person communities (average family size just under 7) for initially illiterate village mothers without electricity. Without rural rehydration, sustainable development would not have been possible either for 100000 people communities nor the 90% rural population of the 8th most populous nation. You can read all about this in the the extraoridary book (Quiet Entrepreneurial Revolution) by Harvard's Martha Chen who was also BRAC employee number 3. Within those early 1970s, three by 100000 person communities were open sourcing abed social busieness solutions. When Abed entered oral rehydration in Unicef's yyar of child - Rural Bangladesh women won. Unicef's James Grant committed to funding BRAC to word of mouth network the solution across all rural areas in exchange for Grant open sourcing this across other tropical areas especially China where his parents had been missionaries. The Chinese were so pleased by this late 1970s miracle that they swapped their best rice science with Fazle Abed.  

In 2001, humanity's chaotic mix of hi-tech hi-trust hi-touch advanced another round. 1984's pioneers of personal computer networking's apple mac and microsoft code hosted silicon valley's 65th birthday party for Abed and envoy of bottom billion village mothers intelligence. You can ask several famous hi-tech families who were there in 2001 for their takeaways but we are excited by all reports of how the Gates and abed family (soon with Jim Kim, Boston & Antonio Guterres then Portuguese Red Cross) worked on foundations of global public health, and questions from the Jobs family turned into how can Stanford female graduate engines become best partners of village mother intelligence. On Abed's side he committed to starting up a future collaboration university; and within the next 4 years to 2005, contributions Steve Jobs mobilised and shared  at stanford commencement together with yahoo founders progressively reinvesting their wealth on Stanford are magical  to diarise. Eg yahoo Taiwanese american family started a chair of 100 times more tech at Stanford 2004- Prof Horowitz next 20 years also birthed AI100 from 2016 and United with Fe-Fei Li and 8 other engineering professors in Condokeeza Rice emerging tech transformational policy briefings out of Hoover from 2023.

 Download Von Neumann's last lectures Neural Nets:  Computer & Brain 1957 neumannandbrain1957part1.docx neumannandbrain1957part2.docx

month 6 sumary of gamifying ai - who's who advancing humanity

 Summer 2023 update 

Early in 2023 we started by surveying who do you see as advancing humanity most since 1951 (and how do you scale alumni intel)

We have found that it is useful to codify nomination by 3 learning curves:

from 1951 the origina NET who gave us brainworking engines - Neumann Einstein Turing- while all 3 interconnecetd Eistein ws ex[ecting personalsied educayion by now; turing was expecting wordls larehst investirs to havbe moch deeper and mre ransporent vakluation/accounting by now; Neumann  was expecting large leanguage models would have mediates the clonflicts humanity had multiplied befiredeath of cost of distance once infrastructire advances marrgona in eith tersm of telecpoms or beaming apps/data upo down through every gpee

what we ca]ll AI_WHY (womens humans youth) began to be transformed from 2001 when the western originarots of pc _ jobs anbd gates- boith hostred silicon valley briefings with 1 billion women emlowerment networker fazle abed; gates moved forward in partnwers founding last mile health as well as infectious disease minimisation; hobs took ou total tranformation of education we asked stanfird and his alma mater uni in san francosco to perapre as he himself put the equivalkent of a uni versity in a phine (iphone)

from abolut the launch of the iphone in 2007 stanfird did indeed redesign aroung youth needs- 2 notable teams ng/koller - mooc; jerry hang whose 75 million dolars investmnt in and interdiscipliary school of tech and human began the majotity of his trasfer from yahoo wealth to sytanfird and inspired many other tech and meidcal philantropists from asia and us to join in millennial-forward intelliugence building

this craeted the climate in which human ai fei-fei li's imagenbet project was landed and supported during ist 8 yueras of hgesetation 2010-2017

we call the third advance FIG as from 2015 the un annoucement of sdgs was accoampnied by calls for designing un2.,0 - the first calls for this camme from then world babker jim kim and his korean conetuon with ban ki moon and his jealth/refuf=gee coneection with amntonio gutteres; mklinda gates who had with ceo of nvodia supoorted fei0fei ,i ai3all in 2015 was asked to be teh westerrn chain of how aiforgood could cemnenbt both total ytrasnbromation of how all ages of peopes time is spent by education- and the mathc netween last mile appre nticeships that actioning sdgs needs with the redesign of multimakeral investment

if thise are 9 ways to value itelligence millenials most need to be the furst renewavble hemeration - there is a whole other set of layers which we call MAP (whether you think in maps or games- both are holobic or system layering ways) to make sure inteligence is diversity architected bottom up mnot obverstandardised from top down; one way of interprestiting MSAP - is pacific which about 75% of huanbs depend on shipping round versus atkantic 25%; we use M to remeind us tghat in realty up to 15% of people may be most concerned by geonomics near teh middle or the poles ; whilst 15% dont actually live their the ck,imate consequences of poles and the apparent warring consequences of other critical ersources that mother earth has stiref in middle nations requires exatly the soirt of deep learnikng diversity that the etchj now provides us with

we can also look aat another layer - in effect how do the un 16 sgs already fit into the abpve way of coding who had avanced humanity how and where; we feel that sdg17 is actually less useful that AI-why in valuing transorency of hwo the whole of uniting 8 billion humans life time and data is mediated. This t=retiurns us to seeing the 3 new types of ai as well as what congoleeza calls the top 10 policy tech muktipliers only one of which is AI itslef.

new ai 1 is objectai - now that oer 25000 obe=hects are rcoded into ai computer vision 2 is csience ai led bty partners of hassasbis and lobical gaming and the ope  soite results of deep mind eg the 200 million pritein dtatabse whcih has advanced bioytech by up to a billion tears of ohd wirk; the 3rd and as yer hy=]ugely epxerimental are is teh chats and thgis is wehere understnd neuann's intent of 1003 language model - where maths triths like e-mc squared are waht autonomus ai should be designed round - the 2 most different an =f populous langauges (29 alpha, oriental 4000 objhect chartser s and 1000 mother tongues in between need to match milennials sdg objectibes as nuch s any busines leaders goals

t futures for human sustainability explored by 1970 first 20 years of economist survey of neumann 100 times more per decade

 Dads first 6 years after surviving spending last days as teen navigator allied boimber command burma were extroridinary expereiential learning curve

last class of keynes

hired by economist whose editor Geoffrey crowther had just finished centenary of teh economist 1943-1843 - a tale of how london scot james wilso started a royal society newsletter- enegaged 20 something queen victoria in changing mepire

she helped repeal corn laws but not before trubles of starving half of oirsish'

she sent him to india to design the peopels first tax and banking system - there after his first year review of state of india and builoding charter bank he died of diarrgea calutaa 1860

In spite of wilson's son in law redesigning english constitution it did not intersect with what tech  and medaiwas changing out of the swiss corrodor from 1865 ITU - so we passed into 2 world wars with hostike asymetries between the then G* only one of which was Asain (dadsd wae rime enemy japan).

Geiffery secinded dad to new york for a year in 1951 working with time life - there dad met c=von neumann and becamse his surveyor of WHAT GOODS CAN PEOPLES UNITES IF PRIVILEGED NETWORKS OF PEOPLE ACESS 100 TIMES MORE (au) TECH EACH DECADE as wellas aletr his biography - you can see how neumann used AI (Artificial Intel) for everything he fathered on computing - hardare softare brinware (how human intllects would be changed) 

dad was only journalist at messina birth of eu- 1955 - when the economist let dad sign one survey a year from 1960 - dad began by choosinf futures peopels needed from paces; first he chose japan- the good news there in 1962 was japan had become the 5th of 5 geographical coridors of 100 times more tech

1963 russia 1964 latin america and so on provide portaits of what help peoples needed if futures were to help develop everyone including the 75% that empire had left out of electricity gtrids because they were not relevant to worldwide shipping trade or coms tech of 1945-1865

embedded in neumann's question - what would be state of worldiwde 80 years after end of world war 2 ie 2025report - if 80 years from itu 1865 had been 2 world wars

- the very best of times for huamns would be what ; the very worst would be what

 Architect zintelligence Game Book - Choose your own pack of 52 players who can connect exticntion's prevention- we samploe 100 intelignces you might want to pick from organsies in 21 chapters to save 21st C youth

alpha chronoogical (are some of tehse beta)

apha1 5 extroridnray vission Neunann-einstein-Turing-kennedy-Crowther; the net gave us dihgital futures and 4 deeepst system crises; kennedy was the world elder who gave youth decade long leaps for humanity; crowther was ptobaly the economiv journalist who most inpsred kennedy.pacificus detemine future

alpha 2 5 people who connecetd 1960s with 100 tiems more expoentials rising - mooree siliocn  SOROS FIRST BILLIONNAIRE MATHSRAND chos, demings quality systems, satellites, ai visioning makes stanfrd the futures epiv=cnter, containers value world trade

alpha3 pacific rom's entreprenuraoil revolution kenndey mcewan (hirohito) drucker- abed grant schumacher

alpha 4  lee kuan yew Park Chung-hee's deng Lee Kun-hee & chaebol ,msurice   chang li ka shing ezra vogel kissinger (IM Pei ) tata nilekani

Y back from intelligence 2030

Part 7 of Escaping from Ignorance- is it still humanly possible? 2023 is 73 rd year my family has been concerned with surveying von Neumann's concern as to whether his peer mathematicians' gift of 100 times more tech per decade would advance or destroy humanity? 

Ignorance 7 wasting everyone's time: fiddling while planet burns

Chris Macrae MA DAMTP Cantab
Year 73 EconomistDiary.ocm End Artificial Ignorances. Value


There is a solution to humans maximising win-wins intelligences if and only if you are prepared to entertain the vision that: media since 1865! (ITU Switzerland) has wasted ever more of our time

Tipping Point of Lost Time of Learners & Teachers:
 today we face risk of almost all of 2020s teachers and students time. Trace ever more dismal media distractions from human reality through 6 waves : tele0<1965 Switz >tele1<>tele2<>web1<.web2<>web3 ; if you were lucky to be in a place that got first dibs with any of these waves, what did you linkin?-eg from 1951 my journalist family was coached by von neumann in scoop - what goods will people unite wherever they get early access to 100 times more etch per decade? -

Sid your communities unite good, or waste time in racing to persuade (power over) rather than help others ; ignorance (fanned by fake media) is pied pipering us to extinction, even while other man-made engines offer all od us our last chance at intelligent salvation


welcome to probably the most valuable GAME: ARCHITECT INTELLIGENCE

Form your own pack of intelligence cards- we sample 100 visionary suggestions but ultimately your deepest crisis needs context/GPS reality- no human has visited every gps on earth though since 2009 G4 mobile devices making maps of anywhere to anywhere is not just possible, its what satellites and data clouds and computers do 24/7 without a break, and at billion times less cost per number crunched than any human brain can. But human brains can do/imagine almost everything else AI cannot do on its own but can only feed to humans.

Investment priorities in AI matter for at least 18 years now. Sadly in 2005 every virus expert under the sun said ai virus prevention mapping should be a priority but the sort of borderless funding necessary did not continue through the 15 years. Thats a warning we seem not to have learnt from as we fiddle with climate AI. Although I am told the ai are trying one deeparet literature v=review to try and help us out on climate like they first did in ending covid.

2020: Ai did help do the next best thing; it provided real time literature review of every expert covid paper.


This "brand leadership crisis" was agreed in 2016 at a UN NY meeting - first year review of goal 4 education. To understand how communications and computational relationships between 8 billion people are not yet designed/blended in ways that your children have any chance of developing with mothers earths resources, will you join in interrogating 6 different eras (whose connections advance humanity when), as well as value how many people haven't yet had a chance to play connectivity's games

coming soon more on tele0 tele1 tele2 web1 web2 web3 - or see worldclassbrands since 1988 at eg =========================

which medium do yoiu spend most time in and is it designed to make your lifetime better:

web 2 took over as medium mobile users pend most time in; biut i was also when data started bing beamed up and down from every location on earth and space; for that to advance humanity health food water family homes etc should have improved in affordability and quality but there are only a few tech cooperative spaces doing that - since 2016 these have been mapped by the UN and a few extraordinary tech wizards

web3 -if there's anything that you care about as parent or kid in terms of the future web3 is our last chance to unite and celebrate doing this- although almost all nations declared 17 most life critical goals in 2015 so far they are all going bacwards; sometimes it feels as if the only person in government who gets this is Guterres, but we'd love to know whom else you see as advancing humanity- another list to look at is the richest- I git a stats MA from cambrudge maths lab Dampt in 1973 and have mainly done opinion or new product innovations polling ever since ; I find the list of which richest are advancing humanity very tricky and welcome private or public discussions for 33 years now we have argued at that expoential risks are not being audited transparently- this is one reason why matjematicians mathsdao see extinction as the biggest ever maths error and want to try and resolve this with any community builders

web1 started taking up more office workers time as personal computers (digital intel) launched by steve jobs took over from paper analysis; it is unclear that the www archotect berners lee understood what was happening as he intitally designed web1 for open learning but it got taken over by all the smae forces that had made tele2 a disappointing era in terms of advanincg brainworking; all ma-made engines in the inteligence field wither make vast majorities of people cooperatively smarters or waste their time and their data in ways that extinction rsks are now making clear; my family's library on media uos and downs extends from the late 1930s when gradad 1 was the uk's main sources of intel on the evils of hitler and satlin; and my paternal grandad was responsible for mediating with gandhi leislation for india's independence; I dont claim to understand ll thes enotes but if there is a particular period or region your family tree is most interested in happy to try to share clues


technical Note to economists and any systems mapmakers- are you designing extinction or sustainability exponentails? coming from scottish diaspora, adam smith ethics is our bible- he never ever said any market is good; he said a lot of transparency and integration with natures systems needs to be mapped .Purpose: through collaborations 1, we aim to explore 3 SYSTEM Mapping Questions more openly than anywhere else:

Z: what did keynes mean by increasingly only a handful of economists rule over what futures are possible?

Y: if keynes is right how do teachers and students study ethical economists/professions most concerned with sustaining every next child born

XX: can millennials superstar influencers partner those empowering younger half of world to be first sustainable generation?

1BillionGirls wish to thank AB-ed & AdamS & EBangla and invite you to play the Collaboration Games

sample - who wants to publish stories on ai game for good

 Hello I live in N Bethesda and wondered if you would be interested in our intention to bring back trust to tech, education and human intelligence

We are designing AI Game around which intellects of the last 75 years have advanced humanity and SDGs worldwide and world-deep. 

 My family has 73 years of experience of surveying what Neumann and his team who gave us future digital worlds intended humans to survey/value as exponential opportunities and threats. I myself have travelled to Bangladesh 16 times as well as Asia 60 times as I am interested in linkin 2/3 of humans who are Asian as essential. As a Diaspora Scot, this goes back to Adam Smith moral sentiments system and nature mapping as early as 1758

Our family diaries get much more specific from 1951 when The Economist had sent dad to be trained by von Neumann at Princeton on topics such as economics is not systematically mathematical so one day engineers need to code human relationship systems that are more open and hi-trust

You can see a lot of sub-stories that now need to come together given that Guterres decade is making AIgood the integral transformation agent to digital roadmapping and UN2.0

sincerely chris macrae +1 240 316 8157


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 certifications with swiss and india partners - out of barcelona- target refugees eg ospitality- what learning psasports could have been

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