1979 & Proyouth GAMES to Linkin from 1951: Ed's & A!20s most curious moments as V. Neumann's & The Economist's diarists include 1982...LLM2022STORY why we co-brand with AIgoodmedia.com.When The Economist sent dad Norman Macrae to pre-train with Von Neumann 1951 Princeton, they agreed The Economist should start up leadership Entrepreneurial Revolution surveys; what goods will humans unite wherever they first linkedin to 100 times more tech per decade? Johnny added a final twist in notes for his biography. "Unfortunately Economics is Not Mathematical. One day only AI maths can save our species

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July Guterres choosing top20 AIHLAB.. bard says Hassabis will chair this '''''with UN tech envoy ..members include Stanford's Fei-Fei Li , Allen's Etzioni, Sinovation's Kai Fu Lee,... Gemini,,Uni2 :FFL*JOBS*DH more G : 1 2 3 4 5
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Game AI : Architect Intelligence:: EconomistDiary invites you to co-create this game & apply bard.solar ; personalise your pack of 52 players cards. Whose intelligence over last 75 years most connects human advancement at every gps concerning you and yours on planet?
we offer 3 types of tours sampling rockstars on intelligence for good and welcome guest tours :Alpha Chronological began 1951 through 4 decades at The Economist; Gamma: back from future of 2020s began 1984; Beta intergeneration connectors are more recent quests; try  AI game out; we'd love to hear whose action networks inspires You and who chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk
Alpha1 JFKennedy Neumann-Einstein-Turing Crowther; Youth visions for 1960s launched by Kennedy as great as any known to us- eg space race; peace corps, Atlantic-Pacific win-win trade; Kennedy had studied quite traditional economic gurus at Harvard (eg ); served in US Navy Pacific theatre word war 2; he discovered The Economist stories of exciting economic possibilities; these had emerged from editor Geoffrey Crowther ; his 20+ years of editing included 1943 centenary autobiography of Economist- had been a mistake to vision a newspaper helping 20 something Queen Victoria in 1843 transform to commonwealth trading from slavemaking empire; Crowther thought good news media was worth another go; he sent a rookie journalised who had survived being teen navigator allied bomber command Burma to pretrain with Neumann at Princeton year of 1951 as well as interview NY-UN year 6; Neumann explained after spending their lives mainly on the science allies needed to beat Hitler: Neumann-Einstein-Turing wanted a good legacy - digitalisation -see eg Neumann's last lecture notes delivered Yale "Computer and the Brain". There were 4 inter-generational crises the NET foresaw; sorting out energy; designing win-win economics; sorting out worldwide cooperations; everything else UN and multilaterals were being asked to resolve. Neumann trained Economist journalist in the leadership survey : "What goods will humans unite wherever they have early access to 100 times more tech per decade?"
(breakingJy10) Gamma1 Hassabis , Fei-Fei Li,, Guterres, Oren Etzioni, JYKim, Ng, Yang, Chang, Chang- There are lots of alternative Gammas but we start with 2 engineers who transformed AI from 2010 when they furst met at Stanford and discussed FFL's NSF funding of imagenet since 2006; 2 public health servants who in 2016 weren't happy with just talking 17 new UN goals and have been asking AI genii to help digital roadmap UN2 since 2016 and a Taiwanese American in Silicon Valley, a Chinese American In Taiwan and Samsung's Korean who partnered Taiwan's chip making genii; these stories have lots of personal courage as well as brilliance; any reporting errors are mine alone chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk My family has made 100 trips to Asia from the west but still have no fluency in oriental languages so I am biassed : i believe NOW! that LLMs can connect the best cooperation intelligences ever and urgently map life critical knowhow through every global villahge
Beta 1 celebrates massive web and inter-generational  gifts of Steve Jobs Fazle Abed Mr Sudo JYKim and Mr Grant; you will probably know Jobs started 2 digital networking revolutions with 1984s Mackintosh Personal Computer and apple and 2007's iphone; at bottom of pyramid, you may not know Asia-66-percent-of%20Intelligence-for-good-part-1.docx   fazle abed linked up to 1 billion tropical Asian real housewives & entrepreneurs towards  empowering the end of poverty; and Steve hosted silicon valleys 65th birthday party for abed in 2001; they brainstormed transformative education which the pc hadn't delivered ..but could the mobile era be visioned to do so?; Mr Sudo had partnered Abed and Bangladesh villagers in "leapfrog" mobile experiments starting 1995. By 2001, as Jobs was introducing Abed to eg Stanford friends, Kim had discovered Abed's women were networking the most effective solution to rural Tuberculosis; he introduced Gates and Soros to Abed as all 4 wanted 2000s Global Fund to end TB & HIV & Malaria; at the same time Guterres had moved from Portuguese prime minister to red cross and then UN servant leader of refugees; meanwhile back in 1980 it was UNICEF's James Grant who had discovered Fazle Abed women's oral rehydration network which was saving lives of 1 in 3 infants who previously died of diarrhea in the tropics' humid villages ; Grant became worldwide marketer of how parents could mix water sugar and salts as the life saving cure of ORD; naturally James Grant College of Global Public Health has become cornerstone of all the new university cooperations Abed and Jobs started brainstorming in 2001
here we discuss why 73 years as biographers of V Neumann's future visions suggests its critical to map intelligences who got us to 2020s and today's giant co-leapers Gamma-tours; this also opens door to which intelligences at national or other place levels contribute what? - see our 60+ years of intelligences, and eg discussion of why to end extreme poverty we need one open global university of poverty
Beta2 : NB how different scope of 2020s AI is from cross-selection of web2,1 engineers of last quarter century- NB valuetrue purpose of gamifying Architect Intel : borderless engineering can help humans vision 2020's co-creation of web3 and millennials development beyond extinction. Kai Fu Lee, Ng, Melinda Gates, Koike, Lela Ibrahim, Jobs, Satoshi ,Houlin Zhao, Allen, Musk, Brin ,Page , Bezos, Ma, Zhengfei, Torvaulds, Berners Lee, Masa Son, It would be a pity if short-term nationalism stopped us 8 billion humans learning from these tireless innovative beings. Do sub in your regional counterpart. Also note what no conventional strategist saw as Intelligence possible before 2017. To clarify: start with kai fu lee- his best seller on AI in 2017 doesn't explain the ai thats changing every possibiliity of the 2020s but does it good job of AI up to 2017. He also has unique view because he was sent by google to explore china, falling ill at same time as google exiting china, writing up ai that inspired reinventing himself as both venture capitalist in the midst of asia's most extraordinary student suburb (Zhong...) and as curious observer. I see Ng, Ms Gates. Koike, Ibrahim -as civil education heroines/heroes - who are yours ? Satoshi, Zhao, Allen, Musk - gamechangers taking on conflicts that journey us all through tipping points. One day the world may decide it was a blessing that a corporate like google and a revolutionary uni like Stanford co-habited the same 100 square miles- is there any other comparable 100 square miles of brainworkers for humanity. (I love Hong Kong but thats its own story). The other 5 kept digital movements alive -they merit being valued as engineering heroes before you decide how to translate systemic components to your regions' -and mother earth's - urgent needs.

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

How many DCGS can your webs (3 2 1 0) see in the sdgs

Before 8 billion neings decoded whether to go the way of the dodo they had 3 chnaces at webs 3 is emerging as you read this eg see www.sdgmetaverseprize.org (hwile some define this by when your access to web integrates all your senses in augmented reality, others define this as designing a world in which bwe all co-cteate virtual as wellas physical ownbership instead of web 2 where a few big corporations increasingly owned all the new value drivers versus what innocenetly satrted in 1990 as the worldwide web of sharing ideas without borders but soon got taken ove by the noisiest advertisers and what seems now to have been rush to ecoomece and big finance without equal attention to integrating every living community's development needs such as goal 2 food/drink, goal 3 health, goal 4 education . Before web 1 mass tiv had spralled since world war 2 making speech in most places ever more expensive to war over what peoples brains perveived. IN 1999, the journal of marketing managment asked me to edit a spcial triple issue on every srt of fake media to beware of - sever bigger gaps in ince persentions and ouroseful realities are one way to end iur species for good

Please note anyhing in this post needs local verificaton and diversity of mediating- I am just recounting what can be most clearly seen by living a few miles from the white house.of course you can read through the first 22 yeras of actual parliamentary discourse and come to far smarter human intel than my one brain or any of the 15th annual packes of playing cards of worldrecordjobs.com which younger jalf of the world has helped us to refresh since the year 2008 when we all became alumni of being subprimed. It was probaly a westerm mirage but I reacll 1999 as a year of cluetrain and blossoming miellennial goals - what we got was 9/11 , wrs all around white manmade boders of the old world, as wellas nih's first exposure to whether man or natre causes pandemics. I can tell you from viewpoinr of my daughter birn nead nih n 1997, locally seaking its not be a very good time to grow up within the beltway. I hope your millennials' experince has been better

According to a 2015 declaration uniting nations of 2015 there are 17 SDGs(Sustainability Development Goals). Far less talked about are DCGs Digital Cooperation Goals. I am aware that in 1951 the greatest web of mathematicians represented by Von Neumann posed this question to journalists at The Economist (notably Smithian Scottish School) and keynesian (between-the-wars Cambridge UK) economists. (In this eara when the most effective maths tool was the slide ruler- largely economists mapped system philosophies - usually the claim was to be seeking advance of the human lot, more evenly distributed than what the G8 had culmniated in by the late 1930s). It was 1945  that saw the creation of the multilateral vision - begining with the twinning of teh United Nations - world policy hq UN Ny; world rech and trade mappjng capabilities Geneva.. Within 3 years Geneva had added the firsta dditional practice space of the UN - World Health Organbsiation. It was 35 yeras before UN HQ3 arrived in Vienna in 1980. Africa got included (Habitat out of Kenya). The two thirds of humans who are Asian have increasingly webbed in eg by being significant invesirs in the UN University systems current 14 hubs. (Thailand coordinates an Asian view of UN)

 What goods will peoples do with 100 times more tech every decade 1930s to 2020s. The question interested my father when he met von neumann becasue having spent his last days as a teenage navigaotor in allied bomner command stationed at burma : Norman had google maps in his head of a not so good world of wars and borders that had been spun by mainly white empires, and could sympathise directly with how the greatest web of mathematicians humanity had ever known had been required to focus mainly on bads eg race to atom bomb. If you take a tour of what von neumann worked on between 1945-1957 (see 2 bios dad's or ) you cane see a lote of hopes he left to posterity- computing, how space/satellite communitcations could end cuost of distance in human knowho sharing, how human brans would adapt to machines that could do infinte more data crunching (ultimately run real time services -some people call autnomous systems). But more than that the question of DCGs graviaites around win-win maps without which our species cannot survive. WE invite everyone to search through to 2016- hwat goods can we find. It was in 2016 that educatirs added an extra dynamic to this. At the UN spet 2016, the first annual review of sdg 4 education - 30 leaders of nations reported there was no hope of this gial being realised with transformation. 

One group that became Digita Cooperation reporters spent the next day connecting what those who value education could see our of new york with what technologists and world trade extpers can see out of the UN in Geneva. It turns out that switzerland had been te world centre of gravity for global connectivity since 1965. This was when the first tele systeme (telegrapgs was born). The greek conottaion of tele is connecting peoples without dorders- something that is relevant to "te;e" and rad indystries as nobody wants more than 1 telegraph, ttelephpone,-- ultimtely communicatiosn frequesncies are as much a worldwide public good as mother nature herself.4 months after thsi attempt to unite ed and tech and mapping of how the world trade, Antonio Gutteres stated his 10 yera term of Un leadershp. Previously he had coordniated sevices for the world refuggees. He asked an expert group to spend a year on mapping digotal cooperation system dynamics. They came up with (now) 9 playing pievces called the general secreatry tech envoy's digital roadmap to UN2.0 (a chnace for gov2.0 everywhere).

When you look at the 9 pmaying pieces of DCGs:

we have seen educators are exploring digital cooperation;p geneva has since 19865 hosted industry-visioning forum on global connectivity; what the UN calls AI for good is essentially von neumanns 1951 question- this became his legacy from around 1860 in twin ai labs facing pacific out of stanford (which in 1965 also became epictre of dordon moore's 100 times more engineering) and facing the atlantic out of boston (which was where the coding of moon landing was done0. It was mainly the east coast that advanced computer hardare throuhj mini and towards personal compuyters. However it was a jaoanese calculator manufactures order that started intel programmable chips (20 years later a chense america took these to taiwan to be world's production epicntre); it was mainly 2 east coast west jumps (xerox, Gates0 that chnaged software. So there's been a lot of 100 time more but does the sdg framework empower we the peoples to map where win-wins have been expoenetilly rising, versus where win-loses will collapse our species?