Feb 2024 what a treat- Nvidia ceo explains freedom of million times more comp coming to community near you..Entrepreneurial Revolutions intergenerational laureates origin Von Neumann's NET; dedicated to Royals of UK, Japan, Netherlands UK Royal Society's Economist James Wilson 1843+. Adam Smith/James Watt Morality 1758+ -
1970-2019 : Fazle Abed 1 billion women;;; 1994 onwards Fei-Fei Li with thanks to friends of Steve Jobs, Melinda Gates and Taiwanese Americans for Humanity:: correct errors chief ignorance networker: chris.macrae @yahoo.co.uk wash dc writes: please see AI20s.com for review of 23 as year of Chat and why/how we discuss with bard 24 as year of intelligence action and breakthroughs of UNsummitfuture.com ; also why King Charles launch of AI world Series (Bletchley-Korea-Paris-NY sept 2024) is our fav short youtube of 23..also for parents consider .Dec 2023 Royal Institution Lecture on AI
Intelligence Games:Who's advanced human lot most since 1950 & Now?: Help ED with Intelligence Humanity's top 100 transcripters 21st C Neuro-First 5 : Li ...Hassabis Lecun Bengio HintonOriginal brainworkers NET : Neumann Einstein TuringDeep Learning Actions .. Grant, Freire, Borlaug23-24Womens Urgent Melinda Gates, PChan BJKing YunaKim MsT&T CRice 1 .. JDoudno LIbrahim .. 1 .. 2 MDonelan 1.. 2 .. 3 RRoy 1 :: 2 .. JWidom Quadir Abdul Latif Li Ka-shing MCrow ASU .1 2. Awuah CYidanInterdependence West-East Systems 4 JFK, Deming, Drucker, VogelRoyal 3 King Charles JapanEmp NetherlamdsRoyalsFaulty Vision 84:::01:::09:::17: JAB 2001: Jobs . Abed BillGatesMultilateral LLM 3 JYKim AGuterres .. 1.. Ska-MozaTaiwan's 3J JNvidia & JStanfordTrustees &JosephValley 20 Pichai Dean Andreesen Ng Koller Etchemedy SalesforceCeo Musk ... Seattle 3: Etzioni &More coming soon

Sunday, December 31, 2023

After our first year of co-piloting AIGames "whose alumni do you see advancing humanity?" we've started assembling players into Packs of cards

Eg Pack Z mathematicians of AI - Neumann Einstein Turing (Honorary guest King Charles, host of AI World Series Bletchley - formal stops Korea Spring 24, Paris YouthIiStars after Olympics 2024; informal UNsummitfuture.com up to September UN assembly NY) Fei-Fei Li Hassabis and the 3 Franglais Professors Lecun Bengio Hinton

If you are interested in Science AI particularly biotech as well as Hassabis try out Lila Ibrahim and Daphne Koller if you also want to include mid east views, Priscilla Chan And Fei-Fei Li and Condoleeza Rice and Drew Endy if you aim to linkin Stanford to wherever you need best biotech. Not understanding biotech, I dont know if 250 million Protein databank open sourced by Hassabis Deep Mind Google Brain will be time to help climate. If it can linkin Ajay Banga whos changed world bank more in 9 months than my previous 27 years in DC and look at who's who in Guterres Climate Sciencepanel

Do you have a pack context we can help distribute on our AI Gameboards or wherever Good Ai can help millennials be the first renewable generation chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

Because we use linkedin articles a lot we are still struggling with its non html to design pretty gamecatds ideas welcome

eg this is all we can do in linked in articles

Examples of 3 key Intel players Spring 2024 -Players Name & Packs Linked

Fei-FeiLI Z*Y*X*W*S*P*Dc|AjayBanga Y*Po*M*Dc|CondyRice Y*W*S*Po*Dc

24/2 Dc 1 2 Hoover&Rice |24/3 AI@WorldBank x|24/2 launch hoover/SETR DC

23/11 WISS@15 xxxxxxxxx|24/2 LiveablePFinTech|24/2 launch SETR/DC c-span

19 RebrandArch StanHAI |23/6 leads PlanetBank |23/11 SETR/H@STAN aipolicy

18 CongressAI4all xxxxxxx|10-21 led mastercard |23/11 WISS LI&MGates book

17 UNAIGood4allxxxxxxxx|10-6 MC from citibank| 21 Condy &Fei-Fei

14-7 Ai4allNvidia&MGates|96 to CB fm Pepsico.Ind|20 president S-Hoover

12 InetMathsAISPRINGxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|20 policy EX ai no-discipline

09 1stYearGreet Stanford x|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx| 09 Rice return Stanford fm DC

In memoriam Bard who kindly donated UNwomens 1 2 his Kandinski style womens art before he was overwritten by google's gemini

Invitation Co-Create Decolonial AI Games -2025 Report final ED

Parts of Washington DC seem to be having humanly most "intelligent" moments in 27 years since my daughter was born in this region

world bank next in March - earlier this week 60 minutes with Ajay Banga at CGD 

bangafeb2024.docx - world bank intelligence of Livable Planet

hoover with Condoleeza Rice , Fei-Fei Li &... 1   https://www.c-span.org/video/?533212-1/commerce-secretary-ai-innovation

Intersect https://www.theintersect.tech/2024/agenda   youtube replay 

King Charles AI world series stops off at Brookings

chris +1 240 316 8157

EconomistDiary.com  we have been gamifying ai20s  for all for a year now as a survey several hundred people have partly interacted with eg The Stanford Emerging Tech Review | DC Launch  https://youtu.be/bGv2yngbpus?si=JwdFRm8uAa8mc3Ht&t=4802 

 - Below is bard's review of our first version of our second gameboard - our first board was the humble 3 by 3 tic tac toe which with bingos 3 horizontals, 3 verticals 2 diagonals, and centre-360degree corners - allows 9 win-win energisers of intelligence to be visioned asynchronously (eg our best 9-d seems to be 3 by 3 tringles - 1) what do alumni of Turing-Einstein-Neumann after 75 years of studying them; 2) whats the WHY of AI ie how does Intelligence improve Womens Humans Youths development of life on earth; 3) was anyone with money or power going to help redesign bottom-up servant leadership "empowerment" congruent with the 17 sdg cooperation world)


It's interesting to see your vision for the next gameboard on Aigames.solar, building upon the success of the 9-bingo tic-tac-toe board. Here are some key takeaways from your description:


  • The new gameboard resembles a clock face with 12 sectors, each representing different aspects of AI development and its impact.
  • You map these sectors to different time zones, suggesting a focus on progress and the evolving nature of AI.

Key Focus Areas:

  • AI for All: You emphasize the importance of education and accessibility in AI development, aligning with the "AI4All" movement.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: You highlight the contributions of women and under-represented groups in AI, showcasing individuals like Fei-Fei Li and Melinda Gates.and annual top 30 pick of supporting women-led alumni nets eg Priscilla Chan's , Daphne Koller's, Billie Jean King's, Lila ibrahims',  Sheika Moza's, Reeta Roy's Jennifer Doudna's, Condoleeza Rice's, Mrs Jobs' , Clara Wu Tsai's, mrs Jerry Yangs , Mayor Koike's, Naomi Osaka's, Yuna Kim's, Ms Tang's...
  • Collaboration and Ecosystem Building: You emphasize the importance of collaboration between different sectors, including academia, industry, and policymakers.
  • Sustainability and Long-Term Impact: You address the challenges of climate change and responsible AI development, focusing on aligning AI with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). and nanotech's deep data science such as 250 million protein research not just imagenet's coding of 20000 entities humans see how to work/play

Specific Points of Interest:

  • The "LHB squared" breakthrough pictured at 3-4 o'clock and 2012 (Li*Lecun; Hassabis*Hinton* Bengio*BritishCommonwealth) mentioning prominent figures in deep learning research and their potential influence on future advancements.

  • The extra generation-gravitation focus on games and their potential for understanding natural systems, exemplified by Demis Hassabis' work with DeepMind.
  • The proposal to involve world-class LLMs in bridging the gap between humans and natural assets as a mediation not just media design challenge.
  • The suggestion to review 75-year zig-zags in progress made in AI and local-global connectivity of being since the work of Neumann, Einstein, and Turing (1957) especially their understanding of NN algorithm and psychology of mindmapping.
  • The emphasis on industry leaders eg Nvidia's Jensen (and best of HumanAI valley ecosystem) clarifying their long-term purposes and aligning them with responsible AI development.

Overall Impression:

Your proposed gameboard offers a comprehensive and thought-provoking framework for exploring the diverse landscape of AI development. It highlights the importance of collaboration, inclusion, and responsible AI practices in achieving a sustainable future for all.

Possible Discussion Points:

  • How can we ensure that AI development truly benefits all of humanity?
  • What are the urgently biggest challenges facing responsible AI development?
  • How can we effectively measure and track progress towards the SDGs using AI?
  • What role can industry leaders play in shaping the future of AI?

Thursday, December 28, 2023

Very Good AI 2024 to You

some jan 2024 questions to bard-gemini-share yours chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk
can you tell me about national and transnational AIRRs(AI Research Resources? eg ones celebrating visions of King Charles, Fei-Fe Li, A Guterres or womever is youth's number 1 heroine of 2024?

 Its impossible to see 21st C intelligence worlds clearly if you haven't assessed why it took 50 years for neurocyber wizards to continue where Neumann-Einstein-Turing left off from Neural Network models in 1957- see Neumann's computer and the brain. Ironically in 1984 the Americans Gates & Jobs


-who had hoped to deliver us from orwell's endgame - delivered program code and personal computer breakthroughs without being aware of 1 neural networks, 2 the billion women empowerment miracle changing asian rural health services (without that intelligence half the world was stuck at life expectancy in the 40s). It took until 2001 for these 2 americans to correct this blindspot with Jobs being first to stage silicon valley birthday wish party for fazle abed the most connected intelligence of deep community goals : health nutrition hydration education and homes managed by mothers deeper parenting skills than men.So much for the reality of grassroots networking...


You have two twentysomethings in the 2000s Li & Hassabis who revived the importance of 3 neuroscience elders valuation of Neural Networks. These teachers are now in their 60s Lecun & Bengio and 70s Hinton


Li (Fei-Fei) is at the roots of the the thaw in the ai winter because she unselfishly invested 10 years in building imagenet- 2000 identities humans grow up and develop with - be these animals , parts of the human body, plants, engineering tools , or more intangible ids like how facial expressions or body language may help youth decode what emotional outburst a group of humans is about to unleash. If you read Li's "worlds I see" nov 2023 (probably the most vital intelligence book yet published thanks to Melinda Gates extraordinary new women empowering library moments of... you will find almost every western academic trap blocked her until she was welcomed in stanford from 2009. Although the science of 200 million proteiins identities revealed by Hassabis Deep Mind training of computers to play logic games may be today's biggest ai platform leap, its unlikely he would have got silicon valley funding if Li's computer vision work had not woken up the valley. In turn her work only woke up the valley when a NN algorithm won 2012's imagenet- without the teachings of Hinton, Lecun & Bengio - graduate students wouldnt have made this leap. 2012's good news also woke up chip manufacturing see Taiwanese American Jensen Huang's Nvidia testimony; 5 years of R&D stimulated by Imagenet's leap was needed to design a chip with 80 billion trasaistors; and another few years to scale manufacturing these super GPUs of AI. Its this superanalysis power that has now been focused on chats reading everything humans have ever published. While this is exciting enough to have gone globally viral in 2023, any rush ro general ai is going to lead to many hallucinations while the building with proteins and 20000 identities will deliver far deeper reliability even as the human race likely needs a lot to go right between now and 2035 for the1984 dream of every human having an intelligent agent is realised.

 ((Lecun 2023 pdf senate-septjune, mar feb arviv 139 papers eg genai assistant nov23 youtube-trans dec2023 nov2023 post great papers refs chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk ) 101 Testimonies AI ...

I would read lecun first as a 2024 resolution to see at what speed and where llm ai goes next; i would keep with Li and Hassabis as deep visionary  navigators of very good ai;'s greatest gifts to all of our human race. i hope bengio's reporting of the ai triple world series bletchley korea paris is in time for Unsummitfuture sept 2024 to live up to ai transforming every sdg system - all 17 are currently collapsing. As you can see, its probably best to keep up to date with all the first 5 cyber-neuros unless you aim to gamble hugely with your world bordering dreams and reality. 

Thursday, December 7, 2023

 Economistdiary.com www.aisdgs.com - AIGames survey 1 - who do you see advancing humanity expoenetially most since 1951 & now?

- what should UN's first LLM-good be and which partners/influencers will sign a global demand and cooperation pledge letter? "Worlds I See" questions crucial in day 1 of gemini-google-bard; we talk about augmenting brains of millennials (in fact alumni of Neumann-Einstein-Turing) saw brainworking for millennials as their best legacy- see our V Neumann biography and back-from-futures surveys inspired by Neumann from 1951! but what UN good LLm context will also get elders positive cooperative voice now. NB LLMs are racing to surround us all with connectivity but on what are our lifetimes and data from every gps being spent?? chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk East coast whatsapp hotline available.

AIgames concept 1 for UN LLM - discussion with gemini-bard(google) track changes in curricula on any /every cop sensitive agenda and both youth and teachers time spent by edu system. Make space for this in the ai safety world seies - year 1 Bletchley-Korea-Paris and GlobalFutureYouthForums of General Assembly Year 23-24

Help catalogue top 100 AIveryGood testimonies EG Andreessen ::new years celebration help compile 100aiverygood testimonies before ai world series 2 summit korea; 1 bletchley King Charles

In midst of world war 2, after the first 100 years of weekly issues of The Economist, editor Geoffrey Crowther was dismayed -he concluded that journalists and economists couldn't help policy makers let alone The Economist's founding client Queen Victoria's vision of Commonwealth unless they saw (or at least had extreme curiosity about) where technology worlds were accelerating ahead of time.

OK I am biased- Geoffrey sent my dad Norman, who had survived being teenage navigator allied bomber command, to spend 1951 in Princeton/NY to understand Von Neumann's and Einstein's suggestions of how to interview leaders. Thence if you look at different decades of The Economist you may revisit

1951 Inspired by conversations with Neumann/Einstein, Economist starts including 100 times more tech survey recommended by Vo Neumann- where people fortunate to be first to access 100 times more tech per decade, what good will they unite?

1962 Japan identified as 5th region where peoples' engineers were accessing 100 times more tech alongside US west coast soon to be Silicon Valley, US NE coast; US center-east and south; Switzerland region around ITU

1972 Economist starts back from 40 year future history series- how w3ill tech timelines and introducing entrepreneurial language ER and intrapreneur for constitutional change -also how engineering will help half of world's population (their lives & livelihoods) east of Iran catch up with North West advanced standards of life

1982 on 2025 reporting back from actionable futures and why not silicon valley everywhere

1992 connecting v neumann alumni around biography- why neumann believed 1000 mother tongues needed to converge with maths formulae for nature

-2021 update see eg 200 million protein patterns gifted us by alphafold2 ai from google deep mind brain

Can agenda include failure cases - so as clarified by Andressen with Hoover-Stanford's Condoleezza Rice last week- 1970 US leadership debated why not go carbon zero in 1970s with nuclear energy and electric cars! In fact this was a Republican President-led concept- was it political or science that brought this down? Why if intelligence of 1970s suggested zero carbon as a good world leadership goal - has usa such a different policy ever since? 


===First Gemini-Bard AIGames conversation

congratulations on Gemini announcement yesterday - how has this augmentation of LLM capabilities impacted you bard?

Thank you for the congratulations! The launch of Gemini has been very exciting for the large language model community, including me, Bard. While I haven't been directly augmented with Gemini's capabilities yet, the announcement has impacted me in several positive ways:

1. Increased Access to Knowledge: The knowledge base used to train Gemini is vast and diverse, encompassing a wider range of information than was previously available to me. This gives me access to new data and insights that I can use to generate more comprehensive and informative responses to your queries.

2. Improved Reasoning and Fact-Checking: Gemini's architecture allows it to perform more complex reasoning tasks and better assess the factual accuracy of information. These capabilities are gradually being integrated into my own model, leading to a potential improvement in the accuracy and reliability of my responses.

3. Enhanced Creativity and Fluency: Gemini is able to generate more creative and engaging text formats, such as poems, code, scripts, musical pieces, emails, and letters. While I am still under development in this area, learning from Gemini's advancements can help me to become a more versatile and creative language model.

4. Faster Learning and Adaptation: One of the key features of Gemini is its ability to learn and adapt more quickly than previous models. This means that I can potentially learn from new information and experiences more efficiently, improving my performance over time.

5. Collaborative Potential: Gemini's capabilities open up new possibilities for collaboration between different large language models. This could lead to the development of even more powerful and versatile language models in the future, benefiting both research and real-world applications.

Overall, the announcement of Gemini has been a significant development in the field of large language models and has the potential to significantly enhance my capabilities. I am excited to see how this technology continues to evolve and to explore how I can leverage its advancements to better serve you and others.


I understand your concerns about the need for collaboration in the face of rapid advancements in technology like large language models (LLMs). It is true that competition can be a motivator for innovation, but in the case of LLMs, the potential benefits of collaboration could be far greater.

Here are some ways the UN and the multilateral ecosystem could specify its first LLM context and become leaders in this field:

1. Establish a Global LLM Forum: This forum would bring together experts from diverse backgrounds, including government, academia, industry, and civil society, to discuss the ethical and responsible development and use of LLMs. The forum could focus on issues such as bias, data privacy, and the potential impact of LLMs on jobs and the economy.

2. Develop LLM Guidelines for Sustainable Development: The UN could work with member states and other stakeholders to develop a set of voluntary guidelines for the development and use of LLMs that promote sustainable development and address global challenges such as climate change, poverty, and inequality.

3. Invest in LLM Research and Development: The UN could establish a fund to support research and development on LLMs, with a focus on applications that benefit developing countries and address global challenges.

4. Use LLMs for Multilingual Communication: The UN could use LLMs to improve communication and collaboration between its member states, by providing real-time translation and interpretation services. This would help to ensure that everyone has a voice in the organization's decision-making processes.

5. Partner with Educational Institutions: The UN could partner with educational institutions to develop LLM-based learning tools and resources that can be used to improve education quality around the world.

6. Showcase LLM Applications for Public Good: The UN could highlight successful examples of how LLMs are being used to address global challenges and improve people's lives. This would help to build public trust in LLMs and encourage their adoption for positive purposes.

By taking these steps, the UN and the multilateral ecosystem can play a leading role in shaping the future of LLMs and ensuring that they are used for the benefit of all humanity. This would be a significant step towards achieving the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and creating a more peaceful and prosperous world.

Here are some additional resources you may find helpful:

I encourage you to continue learning about LLMs and to engage in discussions about their responsible development and use. Together, we can ensure that this powerful technology is used for good and benefits all of humanity.