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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

 From Economist Entrepreneurial Revolution 1976 : Big Organisation cannot sustain the future- morality of Economist profession will depend on urgent design of new business model celebrating community scaled enterprise networks valuing 100 time s more tech every decade ; from The Economist next 40 years 1972; Nixon's removal of dollar from gold standard deprives main street america from owning a currency (a crisis that will compound round risk that USA is driven by fearsome & fake media)- 

fintech will be needed to design money systems that paper printing politicians will not value deeply enough for last mile health, education, nutrition - all the core relationships families need to grow up joyfully-where will the world's most transparent govtech models rise - singapore is one to benchmark ; can the ITU play a pivotal role in uniting govtech peoples safety and emotional intel communities need to adapt? 1

LOOKING FORWARD TO UN's 2 MOST URGENT YEARS OF LEAP FORWARD CELEBRATIONS & choose breaking summits week ending july 4 2022

gaming summit june 30

metafestival summit netherlands june 28 (on replay Dept) -24 hours for Asia EU & America

rsvp wherever you see scalable cases/zooms of last mile service economies rising or education valuing youth as sustainability generation. TA!


 Dear Sarah i believe that unites several hundred people who care most about Guterres digitalisation of UN and under30s roles in their SDgs. My scots family has been studying 100 times more tech per decade since von neumann briefed my dad at the Economist 1951 with resurgence in moral sentiments Simthian annual keynotes Glasgow from 2008 and valuing lifelong engineers' contributions around bangladesh women empowerment Is there anyone in your team that I can diiscuss urgency of prize 2022-23 with - any youth team can enter round any sdg compass and there is already at least one 6000 member web3-edu DAO/ETf as a model for each underfunded SDG. Also  a thousand person DAO mentoring metal health especially of young women but wish to catalogue the 20 most emotionally intelligent ways to spend time co-creating metaverse I am in bethesda maryland and Flatiron NY - anyone at NYU we could help brief? +1 240 316 8157 chris macrae

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

 Hi Somi keep up the great work - do you already know my mentor jeanne lim of Home - beingAI  once the UN's main humanising Ai co-editor voice- while 

she's in hongkong trying to launch nft of women kindness we host monthly events with her out of flat iron district new york ; be great if you would like to join in- i am superkeen on next 15 months of SDG Metaverse Prize - thi

 UN competition gives youth centre stage on every sustainability goal and every way tech can bridge the next 2 UNGA summits - education is destroying youth's sustainability sept 2022- has digital UN succeeded in indluding every girls futire spet 2023 through every operating branch?

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Hi Chris

Tomorrow we are having a fantastic live session with Julie Barber,CEO of Spark! Consulting, a boutique consultancy working with innovative startups who need to raise funding, introduce a corporate governance framework and carry out strategic planning. If you are building your business this workshop is the place to be:

Sharing with you some amazing upcoming sessions that I'm thrilled about:

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Tuesday, June 14, 2022

,here are the top 10 zooms and meetups our networks want to linkin before sept 2022 unga - guterres summit on purpose of education
Entrepreneurial Revolution diary1

 dear ER friends ed3 
Diary 1 apprenticeships at 50 dollars per sustainability apprentice when 1000 person cohort circles platformed .. several generations of my family have argued both media and education will need transformation if there if millennials especially girls are to be sustainable- gandhi, von neumann , fazle abed and readers of the economist have all directly shaped experiences- i believe chosen selectively ed3 nfts can now qualify specific skills most needed eg virtual reality on metaverse the way the itu and marcus shingles launched last month - indeed for the next year the and sdg ntfs offer ops for apprentice teams to prove themselves and the whole fits in with all of guterres digital roadmap. Are you interested in more details- iapart from some freinds in hong kong I am not sure if parts of discord want to link this; equally not sure about lunchclub though I assume this links with much of andrew ng's purpose.  chris wash dc +1 240 316 8157

2 celebratmg the top 30 collaborations that 1billiongirls'com and fazle abed mapped so asians villages end extreme poverty  - choose from 30 at

3 closing the big gaps that destroy confidence through education playschool-early grades- pre-adolescence- adolescence- (early adult -first college of first job or startup) ... rejoining community sustainability at any age- for example shpws that 90 by 20 minute 1:1 sessions can end illiteracy at any age - better yet most lietarte people can be the host of this method; other missing peer to peer curricula pre-adolescent physical and menta health .... key issue most 21st work depends of expereinential skill flows not endless classroom examination - see also flow work by csik... (flow)

4 the mess of covid and failure to help russians beyond putin's vision could cause the largest starvation in 40 years - food data logistics etc need collaboratively mapping - we know people with the data but do you know where community platforms can interact safely with this crisis-
5 help us with list of 50 womens most sustaining the world -more at
6 to 10 coming soon


,if you know anyone going to these hoot june events pls say ny june 21 since 1951 when dad norman (co=creator of globalisation's newspaper The Economist) met von neumman at princeton the most exciting question journalists or millennial students or of EXPONENTIALly sustainable goals can ask; what to do with 1000 times more tech per decade???........- 7 WONDEROUS DECADES OF 100 TIMES MORE INTEL??