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If urgently concerned by worldviews of intelligence please get your peoples/place to help relay King Charles AI World Series - what else is English for? King's Youtube...Kings' influencers worldclassllm.com UNsummitfuture.com 54321 economistwomen.com economistlearning.com economisthealth.com economistgreen.com AI20s.com chrismacrae.com Wash DC +1 240 316 8157.
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Intelligence Games:Who's advanced human lot most since 1950 & Now?: Help ED with Intelligence Humanity's top 100 transcripters 21st C Neuro-First 5+2 : Li ...Hassabis Lecun Bengio Hinton: Ilya SOriginal brainworkers NET : Neumann Einstein TuringDeep Learning Actions .. Grant, Freire, Borlaug23-24Womens Urgent Melinda Gates, PChan BJKing YunaKim MsT&T CRice 1 .. JDoudno LIbrahim .. 1 .. 2 MDonelan 1.. 2 .. 3 RRoy 1 :: 2 .. JWidom Quadir Abdul Latif Li Ka-shing MCrow ASU .1 2. Awuah CYidanInterdependence West-East Systems 4 JFK, Deming, Drucker, VogelRoyal 3 King Charles JapanEmp NetherlamdsRoyalsFaulty Vision 84:::01:::09:::17: JAB 2001: Jobs . Abed BillGatesMultilateral LLM 3 JYKim AGuterres .. 1.. Ska-MozaTaiwan's 3J JNvidia & JStanfordTrustees &JosephValley 20 Pichai Dean Andreesen Ng Koller Etchemedy SalesforceCeo Musk ... Seattle 3: Etzioni &More coming soon

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

 Hi Somi keep up the great work - do you already know my mentor jeanne lim of Home - beingAI  once the UN's main humanising Ai co-editor voice- while 

she's in hongkong trying to launch nft of women kindness we host monthly events with her out of flat iron district new york ; be great if you would like to join in- i am superkeen on next 15 months of SDG Metaverse Prize - thi

 UN competition gives youth centre stage on every sustainability goal and every way tech can bridge the next 2 UNGA summits - education is destroying youth's sustainability sept 2022- has digital UN succeeded in indluding every girls futire spet 2023 through every operating branch?

On Wednesday, 29 June 2022, 17:14:03 GMT-4, Somi Arian <somiarian@fempeak.com> wrote:

Hi Chris

Tomorrow we are having a fantastic live session with Julie Barber,CEO of Spark! Consulting, a boutique consultancy working with innovative startups who need to raise funding, introduce a corporate governance framework and carry out strategic planning. If you are building your business this workshop is the place to be:

Sharing with you some amazing upcoming sessions that I'm thrilled about:

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Somi Arian

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