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Monday, December 31, 1973

 Dear JS World Toilet 1/21/24 

Hi jack - do you have time for another zoom with john kiehl, jeanne lim, brooklyn girls ai world leaders and me - what if we were all world toilet trillionaires? Technically in terms of data computation links we are compared with when dad and i first started debating the future of intelligence learning with readers of The Economist 50 years ago . I had just started my first job in 1973- 3 years at UK national dev project computer assisted learning. Soon after that dad wrote occasional speeches for prince charles oriental tours. One reason why i cheer on King Charles AI world series. This AI world youthful-intel celebration lands in Korea in April. Will anyone from Scots' and my favorite islands singapore, hk, taiwan help Koreans mediate with millennials before ai world series blends with youth hopes after paris olympics and new york UN september 2024
xand i first started debating the future of intelligence learning with readers of The Economist 50 years ago . I had just started my first job in 1973- 3 years at UK national dev project computer assisted learning. Soon after that dad wrote occasional speeches for prince charles oriental tours. One reason why i cheer on King Charles AI world series. This AI world youthful-intel celebration lands in Korea in April. Will anyone from Scots' and my favorite islands singapore, hk, taiwan help Koreans mediate with millennials before ai world series blends with youth hopes after paris olympics and new york UN september 2024

  Declan Kirrane's schedule for EU Science: Global Challenges Global Collaboration Conference  

while writing our New York media associates at  45-year mature Flatiron studio Soundtrack New York  are hosting 3 hour zoom 9-middlay 2023 Cooperation LEAPS ny time JAN 18 - 

we are linking in un tech envoy compatible viewpoints from eg nexteinstein whom I met at your DC Pressclub event last month , Hong Kong's
who's team were sophia UN humanoid envoy to launch sdgs and are now avatar uniting AIgood and metaverse 2023+ with womens kindness inspired by my all tike hero Sir Fazle Abed,  && ..
 jack sim singapore who established un sanitation day goal 6 

-if anyone in your team might like to pop in eg what science summits scheds in 2023 -please ask them to mail me so I can send zoom invite - thanks chris macrae - archives Von Neumann since 1951 Norman Macrae - 2023 PREP: sdgs entrepreneurial revolution at adam smith 265th moral sentiments summit Glasgow June 2023

Yours Aye Chris Macrae
 Editorial Board | Journal of New Economics Glasgow - Dc region +1 240 316 8157

 jan 2023 - stories of eg fintech usa and hong kong since start of credit cards- expoenetial cooperation consequences for uniting 8 billion human intellects and umlimted AI

Sounds great. Can we decide nearer the time where to meet. My mobile +1 240 316 8157  My main host at flatiron is starting at 9am- actually  early because Singapore's Jack Sim chose that time to zoom in. I know we have interconnecting briefings going on to at least 3pm but not sure of 3 to 6. There are about 6 people including Jack Sim that I think could make a forward looking whastsapp group. Would you be happy to be included in that? - of course it can always be exited if its not generating relevant clusters. Perhaps it could be built into different segments -eg DEFI and Apps of Defi. I could see if 3 people might co-join it first. My main flatiron host for a decade now mit alumni john kiehl owner of whose passion (fro,m MIT) beyond music/film is maths and can maths of web3 and blockchain change everything  Jack Sim and hong kong's jeanne lim whose in middle of humanising ai and metaverse with  Probably an attorney called Randi who straddled international trade between Beijing, Ny and everywhere relevant to human progress. Back in her new york days to 2005? ger condominium neighbour harvey was director of ABC but he too animate journalism press club in beijing for 15 yeras - together there stories and sin-us peers networks are unique WE could make sure what fintech and defi  and dao becomes almost first question of this group. Or indeed how would you word the question that most interests you? I believe Asia is ahead on how all of this goes deep into data needed for sustainability generation. Is that part of what you are looking at or has your New York job defined a different starting point? Of course what you are free to discuss about where you want visa to go with diversity and sustainability partners is pivotal. ( Regarding lunchclub I am now into my hundredth LC interview - I can probably make a listing of 10 people who might be most inspired by what you are doing. As yet with the exception of the Beijing- NY attorney the people I know on lunchclub dont know the people I might call flatiron and von neumann maths can change the world). So at many 2023 crossroads  after covid and trump and putin and what I see as disinvestment in younger half of world.. Also when it comes to Guterres main tech way to change the world one of 2 most central staffers is singapore lady For me actioning future cooperations (partners maps )guided by this framework as benchmark for how any gov gets involved with fin tech and every database of sdgs is the rest of my life's focus. I have followed its evolution since it began 2016 as a year one review at UNGA of the new sdgs by educators. World Bank Jim Kim stood up and said this will all get greenwashed unless every educator partnering Un talks to very tech and trade partner of UN Geneva particularly teleocms ITU and Ynctad, and every ops unit eg who health or the rome ops unit for food. Since then every ops unit has been asked to specify at least one ai or ops-tech project and zooms with 300 potential goal 17 partners have been include. Fintech was actually the first guterres report 2019 from this movement. Thats both a good and a bad thing ss its not clear where that branch went since other than increasingly mobilising un under 40s envoys who guterres wants to chose agenda of summit future his main 2023-24 tranfirmational dialogue I realise this is a lot but if DEfI, is needed for human sustainability then as 2023 crossroads/leaps move forward who wants to connect what oiut of new york is what john kiehl and I have been surveying for nearly a decade now or in the case of bangladesh microcredit  work that wad my dads last project 15 years - sampling 2000 yunus books; finding clinton and obama did not understand the totality of 1 billion asian village womens development (revolution of investment. So many roads to revisit since von neumann 1951 asked dad to get economist journalists to survey what good can humans unite with 100 times more tech per decade  .  sorry for length - maybe there is one thing to pluck out from above??

Saturday, December 29, 1973

 sounds good philippa - we're probably giving singapore 20 minute slot at 9amNY  as its 10pm their time and have always wanted to hear jack sim one of the few people who cooperate goal 6 sanitation ;   briefly met jack in 2009 berlin and the first global social business summit of muhammad yunus- sadly when he lost grameen bank to local politics conference talks became his main revenue  so he went from helping youth scale stuff to something much more complex though his daughter monica in ny remains a superstar in my mind

this was particularly bad luck for the french and danone emmanuel faber- I dont know if you have come across him but definitely in my top 5 for future of food- although recently he was ousted by a shareholder pressure group

back in 2005 year before yunus got nobel prize famer and hec had suggested yunus start a mother of all benchmarking improvements for corporate brands not to green wash - but by 2009 yunus wanted every corporate brand to be his onw individual client - not what the french ceos (by now at least 10 quality companies had thought they were in for)

there was a latin american tragedy of this as a uiy from chile had started a continental social business school with the old yunus and was even awarded a vatican prize for this but then yunus turned round and said the latinam business school could not offer a social business course - john and I got caught in the crossfire of this because by 2016 we were trying to help brooklyn's hbu medgar evers - its strange how bad things happen when a lot of people start with a solution which appears to be one youth can openly scale everything and then gets turned to the opposite- at the same time mexico was one of the worst 2 ipo of microfinace in the world from which accion pocketed billions; I am less clear what happened in brazil - ashoka's bill drayton promoted Brazilian Grajew as one of his top 6 global social entrepreneurs with skoll publishing 2 hours of Grajew on corporate social responsibility - but not sure where that went

I dont know if you ever came across BBC Michael Palin book BRAZIL - he did a tv series touring whole of brazil - major follow up from his nort south poles round world tout- he had times this ahead of brazils 2 global stages fifa and olympics but by this time political scandals seem to have taken over and at least according to theresa williamson (catalytic communities) the olympics did more harm to poorest i rio than good

actually back in 2004 when i was still in london the old lula circulated bon aqua schools curriculum (really nice stuff river basins of foz) and celebrated that with roman catholic churches which I understood to be the main non commercial network - would be great to understand what you scale and whether brazil has chances of leaping forward or is it like usa stuck in politics which seems to distract from what peoples need- there is certainly a media issue but I am not clear who to trust on what without seeing solutions communities can replicate

may I also intro rene - a lunchclub friend in braiol- whats the most important project you're doing in 2023 rene?

best chris

On Wednesday, 11 January 2023 at 17:03:25 GMT-5, Philippa White <> wrote:

Great. I’ll call in at 9am NY time/11am mine. That time works well.

I am not sure what I can contribute or what you’re looking for, so won’t put anything specific together (the agenda is pretty full on!). But will call in and happily see how the conversation unfolds and will be happy to contribute what I can for about half an hour/one hour. After that I’ll have to run. 

Looking forward to seeing you then and having a chat.


Philippa White
Founder and CEO
The International Exchange

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On 11 Jan 2023, at 13:41, christopher macrae <> wrote:

dear philippa

it would be great if you could pop in between 9 and midday ny time- actually we are listening to singapore 20 year connector of goal 6 sanitation  jack sim as well as his other tips from ne of my davorite cities for good in teh world at 9am for about half an hour and we have a chunky debrief on latest from hong kong at 11am from jeanne lim Home - beingAI who 

aims to make metaverse's dominant culture womens kindness, as well as transform brand charcters into purspoeful brand charters and has the best of Hong kong's metaverse partners linkedin around her as well as berkeley psychology phd

other times are pretty much listening to who pops in or continuing some real stiff while our host group tries to catch up with greatest leaps of 2023 now places are just opening up- eg dc's thinktanks only opened for real meets this week

I find latin am complex because i dont speak the languages but all of bangladesh that graduate journalists and I i went to 16 times to understand revolves round apply paulo freire to womens empowerment

while obama was atound I went into organisation of american states often - i guess my hero was jim kim at world bank but his latin american side he mainly delegated to oas or iadb people - my impression though I would love to be told its not so is that most latin am since trump have given up on dc helping with strategic sdg solutions while still trying to negotiate balanced border relations; 

at one time john hosted a lot of latin american development discussions with an engineering professor at columbia university who alsoe had a  wall st (imperative) fund for  end poverty in mexico and beyond- but I have a feeling covid & trump sunk the fund though not the engineers passion; things get more complex when you look at microcredit- sadly mexico was one of the worst ipos; and whilst others like pro mujer continue they did not really use what was the core bangladesh model; also confusing is bill drayton ashoka - while brazil was intended as his 2nd main country after india; I havent been able to find out what scales even though I am in rosslyn/arlington home space of ashoka a lot

i think you know that in late 1980s i develop brand architectiure and purspose denres of corporate branding in an attempt to be the opposite movement of green washing ; unfortunately we still have nt won this media battle though john and my friends are teaming up for web 3 to be the deciding round. If you feel there is a medi aperson in ny up for all change , both john and I would always love to know,

chris  whats app +1 240 316 8157
ps sorry to her through you of death of bulmore - I worked for several tears at enetrprise IG Dave Allen and John Caswell - do you know either?

On Tuesday, 10 January 2023 at 11:21:00 GMT-5, Philippa White <> wrote:

Thanks Chris. I’m not sure how the meeting will be structured, but happy to bring what I do to life, and see where the conversation goes. Do you want to send me a meeting invite and I can join in?

Hope you’re well. Looking forward to the conversation.


Philippa White
Founder and CEO
The International Exchange

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Brazil Mobile: +5581 996 092 344
Brazil office: +5581 3429 3337
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On 6 Jan 2023, at 13:43, christopher macrae <> wrote:

keep safe philippa

you are welcome to decide nearer time

what unique anout jan 18 is john kiehl of soundtracknewyork is hosting- i want to start reconnecting any creartve agency in new york that wants to stop greenwashing and connect the un at least on sectios deepest knowledge or national impacts

john is excellent start - having built largest sound studio over 45 years he does things like finish off ken burns pbs docs but he has 45 years of chatting up ny society

i know how ro get some relevant people from asia but apart from some friends in baecelona i dont really understand latin america; but think brazil is at a pivotal time

if you joined in - spoke on 1 or 2 projects you want ro scale -probably that would mean you wee on johns radar forever

i say probably cos he's a bit forgetful at moment - going through a corporate divorce in which he and one other guy are arguing over 70 million dollars of assets

i dont likr ro gossip that much but once thats over john wants to do one last push to good media 2020s - from mit his passion beyond music is maths - so eg if blockchain maths/crypto/virtual reality/ai maths is going to decide good and bad nft or metaverse, web3 etc then i hoep john will be connecting right ny people at right time

one more kicker - the un now has the only marhs gov2.0 framework which in my view cant be greenwashed and portuguese guterres in middle of that!!

On Friday, 6 January 2023 at 11:30:04 GMT-5, Philippa White <> wrote:

Hi Christopher
Thanks for your email. Lovely to hear from you.

I’m sure sure at the moment if I can make the 18th. A very good friend and mentor has just passed away and I’m not sure if I’m going to be in the UK then. It’s all a bit up in the air at the moment.

In theory I could make that 15 min slot - although not clear what you’d like from me. 

Either way, happy new year, and thanks as ever for your message.

All the best

Philippa White
Founder and CEO
The International Exchange

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Brazil Mobile: +5581 996 092 344
Brazil office: +5581 3429 3337
UK mobile: +447815 102 321
Instagram - @theinternationalexchange

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On 6 Jan 2023, at 11:57, christopher macrae <> wrote:

happy 2023 to latin am friends

philippa -- ny's deepest creative studio soundtrackny (45 years young out of flatiron thanks to john kiehl) is zooming around world on jan 18 for idea on cooperative community leap forward - would you have time to challenge us from brazilian perspective - eg 15 minute slot at 1145 am east coast time

during my last year mainly in london 2005- lula was passionate about keeping water by and for the people - he and the roman catholic church had teamed up year of water and designed a schools curriculum bon aqua; he had also red-eyed between world social forum and world economic forum one year peaking schwabs interest in starting up a social entrepreneur branch of whatever weforum does

of course all sports stars used their influence on youth and value chains youth mainly co-create like pele the world could be entirely different place- what was hugely unfortunate by the time brazil hosted world cup and olympics politics had taken off - there was none of pele spirit in how tjose 2 world stages were run or the community development consequences for brazilians (I am not knowledgeable enough about latin america networks but quite how 8 years of obama 4 overlapping years of jim kim, organisation of america states all missed whatever the dirty energy politics involved that messed all brazil i dunno- brazil has done well to escape Mr B taking over as the region's putin but have a sad feeling that most of the bad finance that spins latin am is still plotting its next webs faster than civil society can breathe green )

all asian women empowerment also owes huge debt to paulo freire- and  indeed i cannot find sustainable last mile health services which are other than franciscan in culture

this was jim kims message at the world bank and he managed to embed it into the un egov framework now signature movement of guterres who of course is of portuguese as well as english speaking and in cultures

best chris

On Friday, 6 January 2023 at 07:39:18 GMT-5, Philippa White <> wrote:

Hi christopher,

It’s a new year and a new beginning in many ways.

The new years resolutions are being tried and tested.

In Brazil, we have a new president and started the year with an extremely emotive and inspiring inauguration.

And it’s a time when we look forward to change and new ways of doing things.

I’m not sure if you saw the inauguration of Lula on television (many people I know were there in person to experience history in the making), but I have been reflecting a lot on the ceremony, specifically the handing over of the Presidential sash.

Normally, the previous president would hand over the sash to the incoming president. However, Jair Bolsonaro left the country for the US just before Lula’s inauguration, leaving a new plan to be orchestrated.

I personally think Bolsonaro did all of us a favour.

For everything he represents, did Brazil really want that energy being passed onto the new president?

The solution was perfect. Citizens that represent the diversity of the Brazilian people were chosen to pass the sash over to President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. Among them was a 90-year-old chief of the Indigenous Kayap├│ people, a little boy, a teacher, a blue-collar worker, a disabled man and inclusion influencer, a metal worker, and an African female waste picker named Aline Sousa.

The sash passed through everyone’s hands and was then put on Lula by Aline Sousa.

This represents what leadership should be.

True leaders understand that they are serving something bigger than themselves. Where success is rooted in humanity. Where humans are respected, not power and not ego.

Which is why it's time for a human renaissance.

And why we are launching a new TIE offering for 2023.

To help your corporate leaders and teams get more of a taste of TIE, I’m thrilled to announce our TIE Global Insights programme: Future-proofing workshops for larger corporate groups.

This is a chance to unlock and truly understand real-world ESG insights - with people on the ground around the world. It’s experiential learning and project-based.  

This is about breaking out of the old ways of thinking and learning to do things differently. It’s about bringing different realities home, and the outside world to your silo.

Humble humanity can catapult us forward and move us to a better place.

And it will give us better people, better companies and yes, a better world.

If you’d like to know more, just get in touch.

In the mean time, wishing you all a fantastic start to the new year. 

It’s going to be an exciting one at this end with loads of programmes lined up. All with change, evolution and humanity at the focus.

It’s time. Let’s do things differently!

xPhilippa and the TIE Team

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forward it on!

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