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Thursday, December 28, 2023

Very Good AI 2024 to You

some jan 2024 questions to bard-gemini-share yours
can you tell me about national and transnational AIRRs(AI Research Resources? eg ones celebrating visions of King Charles, Fei-Fe Li, A Guterres or womever is youth's number 1 heroine of 2024?

 Its impossible to see 21st C intelligence worlds clearly if you haven't assessed why it took 50 years for neurocyber wizards to continue where Neumann-Einstein-Turing left off from Neural Network models in 1957- see Neumann's computer and the brain. Ironically in 1984 the Americans Gates & Jobs


-who had hoped to deliver us from orwell's endgame - delivered program code and personal computer breakthroughs without being aware of 1 neural networks, 2 the billion women empowerment miracle changing asian rural health services (without that intelligence half the world was stuck at life expectancy in the 40s). It took until 2001 for these 2 americans to correct this blindspot with Jobs being first to stage silicon valley birthday wish party for fazle abed the most connected intelligence of deep community goals : health nutrition hydration education and homes managed by mothers deeper parenting skills than men.So much for the reality of grassroots networking...


You have two twentysomethings in the 2000s Li & Hassabis who revived the importance of 3 neuroscience elders valuation of Neural Networks. These teachers are now in their 60s Lecun & Bengio and 70s Hinton


Li (Fei-Fei) is at the roots of the the thaw in the ai winter because she unselfishly invested 10 years in building imagenet- 2000 identities humans grow up and develop with - be these animals , parts of the human body, plants, engineering tools , or more intangible ids like how facial expressions or body language may help youth decode what emotional outburst a group of humans is about to unleash. If you read Li's "worlds I see" nov 2023 (probably the most vital intelligence book yet published thanks to Melinda Gates extraordinary new women empowering library moments of... you will find almost every western academic trap blocked her until she was welcomed in stanford from 2009. Although the science of 200 million proteiins identities revealed by Hassabis Deep Mind training of computers to play logic games may be today's biggest ai platform leap, its unlikely he would have got silicon valley funding if Li's computer vision work had not woken up the valley. In turn her work only woke up the valley when a NN algorithm won 2012's imagenet- without the teachings of Hinton, Lecun & Bengio - graduate students wouldnt have made this leap. 2012's good news also woke up chip manufacturing see Taiwanese American Jensen Huang's Nvidia testimony; 5 years of R&D stimulated by Imagenet's leap was needed to design a chip with 80 billion trasaistors; and another few years to scale manufacturing these super GPUs of AI. Its this superanalysis power that has now been focused on chats reading everything humans have ever published. While this is exciting enough to have gone globally viral in 2023, any rush ro general ai is going to lead to many hallucinations while the building with proteins and 20000 identities will deliver far deeper reliability even as the human race likely needs a lot to go right between now and 2035 for the1984 dream of every human having an intelligent agent is realised.

 ((Lecun 2023 pdf senate-septjune, mar feb arviv 139 papers eg genai assistant nov23 youtube-trans dec2023 nov2023 post great papers refs ) 101 Testimonies AI ...

I would read lecun first as a 2024 resolution to see at what speed and where llm ai goes next; i would keep with Li and Hassabis as deep visionary  navigators of very good ai;'s greatest gifts to all of our human race. i hope bengio's reporting of the ai triple world series bletchley korea paris is in time for Unsummitfuture sept 2024 to live up to ai transforming every sdg system - all 17 are currently collapsing. As you can see, its probably best to keep up to date with all the first 5 cyber-neuros unless you aim to gamble hugely with your world bordering dreams and reality. 

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