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Thursday, December 31, 1970

month 6 sumary of gamifying ai - who's who advancing humanity

 Summer 2023 update 

Early in 2023 we started by surveying who do you see as advancing humanity most since 1951 (and how do you scale alumni intel)

We have found that it is useful to codify nomination by 3 learning curves:

from 1951 the origina NET who gave us brainworking engines - Neumann Einstein Turing- while all 3 interconnecetd Eistein ws ex[ecting personalsied educayion by now; turing was expecting wordls larehst investirs to havbe moch deeper and mre ransporent vakluation/accounting by now; Neumann  was expecting large leanguage models would have mediates the clonflicts humanity had multiplied befiredeath of cost of distance once infrastructire advances marrgona in eith tersm of telecpoms or beaming apps/data upo down through every gpee

what we ca]ll AI_WHY (womens humans youth) began to be transformed from 2001 when the western originarots of pc _ jobs anbd gates- boith hostred silicon valley briefings with 1 billion women emlowerment networker fazle abed; gates moved forward in partnwers founding last mile health as well as infectious disease minimisation; hobs took ou total tranformation of education we asked stanfird and his alma mater uni in san francosco to perapre as he himself put the equivalkent of a uni versity in a phine (iphone)

from abolut the launch of the iphone in 2007 stanfird did indeed redesign aroung youth needs- 2 notable teams ng/koller - mooc; jerry hang whose 75 million dolars investmnt in and interdiscipliary school of tech and human began the majotity of his trasfer from yahoo wealth to sytanfird and inspired many other tech and meidcal philantropists from asia and us to join in millennial-forward intelliugence building

this craeted the climate in which human ai fei-fei li's imagenbet project was landed and supported during ist 8 yueras of hgesetation 2010-2017

we call the third advance FIG as from 2015 the un annoucement of sdgs was accoampnied by calls for designing un2.,0 - the first calls for this camme from then world babker jim kim and his korean conetuon with ban ki moon and his jealth/refuf=gee coneection with amntonio gutteres; mklinda gates who had with ceo of nvodia supoorted fei0fei ,i ai3all in 2015 was asked to be teh westerrn chain of how aiforgood could cemnenbt both total ytrasnbromation of how all ages of peopes time is spent by education- and the mathc netween last mile appre nticeships that actioning sdgs needs with the redesign of multimakeral investment

if thise are 9 ways to value itelligence millenials most need to be the furst renewavble hemeration - there is a whole other set of layers which we call MAP (whether you think in maps or games- both are holobic or system layering ways) to make sure inteligence is diversity architected bottom up mnot obverstandardised from top down; one way of interprestiting MSAP - is pacific which about 75% of huanbs depend on shipping round versus atkantic 25%; we use M to remeind us tghat in realty up to 15% of people may be most concerned by geonomics near teh middle or the poles ; whilst 15% dont actually live their the ck,imate consequences of poles and the apparent warring consequences of other critical ersources that mother earth has stiref in middle nations requires exatly the soirt of deep learnikng diversity that the etchj now provides us with

we can also look aat another layer - in effect how do the un 16 sgs already fit into the abpve way of coding who had avanced humanity how and where; we feel that sdg17 is actually less useful that AI-why in valuing transorency of hwo the whole of uniting 8 billion humans life time and data is mediated. This t=retiurns us to seeing the 3 new types of ai as well as what congoleeza calls the top 10 policy tech muktipliers only one of which is AI itslef.

new ai 1 is objectai - now that oer 25000 obe=hects are rcoded into ai computer vision 2 is csience ai led bty partners of hassasbis and lobical gaming and the ope  soite results of deep mind eg the 200 million pritein dtatabse whcih has advanced bioytech by up to a billion tears of ohd wirk; the 3rd and as yer hy=]ugely epxerimental are is teh chats and thgis is wehere understnd neuann's intent of 1003 language model - where maths triths like e-mc squared are waht autonomus ai should be designed round - the 2 most different an =f populous langauges (29 alpha, oriental 4000 objhect chartser s and 1000 mother tongues in between need to match milennials sdg objectibes as nuch s any busines leaders goals

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