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Thursday, December 31, 1970

learning how to bank and create jobs?

Since the moon landing we have been listening , and mediating,  innovative answers to the question : why wouldn't education want children to learn how to bank and create jobs?

There are many cultural contexts to this question - look (below left) at some of the clues from the sino-english publishing partnership of World Record Book of Jobs Creation... there are also political issues (below right) like most parents wish to protect kids from real life community problems, but the catch 22 is that possible without safe and healthy communities (that often only the richest enjoy) Therefore THE QUESTION ARISES: how does education help a child grow up, with an unprecedented urgency now that the next decade is about creating jobs so that youth can be the sustainability generation?

Not everyone is interested in the kind of change citizens around the world will need to collaboratively map to end poverty (which would mean that wherever the next girl is born she would have a fair chance at living a good life.BUT IF you are: chat with us  (grandad tried to develop the world's favorite newspaper around changing education: celebrating post colonial world and exploring (intergenerational, exponential) consequences of investing 1000 times more in mobilising COMStech (eg learning satellites, smart phones, universally accessible apps), great grandad spent 25 years listening to gandhi before his last job writing up legalese of india's independence

examples of WRJC

w1 pope francis represents debate (called Franciscan Way or POP - Preferential Option Poor, education story paulo freire) started at time of moon landing on what sort of professionals and faith leaders latin american families love most
e1 China's xi jinping (with 80 million public servants) is responsible for: A)half a billion youth's jobs, B)  the dependency of most chinese parents on their youth and C) ending poverty inside and across chinas' borders. Are Confucian and Franciscan ways win-win? Argentina G20 main agenda? If so that would be a joy almost half the world's families could linkin- now!
w8 guterres late in 2015 UN launched 17 most innovative golas mother earth has ever seen ; guterres who spent his life working with refugees was elected head oif the UN; like xi jinping he's been asking which national leaders would like to help- so far one or both of these leaders seem to have found 65 national leaders- whyich of their solutions can children and families and communites strt applying -help us catalogue action summit -for example Guttteres has aked first ladies of refugees connected by Sheikha Moza and Sir Dazle abed to stage WISE@UN -spet 2018 - this will be the first time hundreds of national leaders will have heard ideas on education delivery at bodrers where human teachers not certain whether the school will be there next year - it turns out that tech for refugee learning can be a huge innovation
e20 the most widely used financial literacy curriculum for 9 year oolds was developed out of an indian orphanage
the number 1 education system empowering girls to bank and create jobs was innovated out of bangladesh since 1972 by d2 sir fazle abed, and e10 muhammad yunus- in fact this innovation designed what bill clinto has caled a totally new model of economics and dvelopment which the world's poorest village women built the 8th largest nation 1.0 (1972-1996) with no electrcity or telecoms : 2.0 with partners in universal mobile and microsolar
....Diaspora Scots (about 70% of all Scots know quite a lot about British Empire. When it was pointed out to Queen Victoria that Empire was built on slave making corporations like the East Indies company, she nationalised empire and .it started to be planned top-down. That's where the standraised examination system emerged from....find the 1% of peole bright enough to boss in the same way but not curious to aks whether mother earth was more diverse than that. It took 2 bar of lonms don barristers between 1921-1946 to decide hat actually Gandhi was right to demand independence for india and a totally oppoiste education system of action learning that eg maria montessori and community-based ashrams experimented with...the UK was bankrupted by word war 2 so the good and bad news was this rushed the end of being empired over by english language speakers- gandhi was assasinated so the ideas of his schooling system never really reached fast growing big cities (exeption lucknow) the question of when a child starts to move into aslescence needs to be addressed in terms of when does society expect children to leave school and start sustaining their onw living - as late as the 1960s nearly half of human beings had no electricity and most children in those places had to work from age 12 up; it seems to us that even as the 21st C affords longer schooling: 1 whatever are the last 2 yeras a particular chid is at school should transition from classroom to work practoce, and the more content can be searched by anyone with a mobile phone, the more lifelong learning should be sustainability's future of education.

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