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Saturday, December 31, 2022

Good & Bad News of 21st C Education has been wasting 90% of everyone's time (thats teachers as well as students

 Whether you thinks its maths of sdg systems that is broken which it is except where deep data ai is freeing humans to take another look, or media that is totally broeken which its is -and so j=how we all unite to design web3 will probably nbe our last best chnace of freedom - or education that is completely broken, the good news is if we agreed it is totally broeken we have all the tech needed to trasnform- all of the troubles the UN calls Sustainability develoment Gaols could be turned round thats until moter earth gives up on us with a plague that is far worse than covid or with a meltdown which makes noah's ark sound like a disney sugared story or a lonely old man satrts a chain eraction of wars

Back in spet 2021 - un leader decared eduvcation is no longer fit for purpose - i ask everyone in the un who who partners in the UM so spendf ths schools year 2021-2022 coming up with silutions; it was a good ask but when sepot 2022 came along ulitimately educational professionals dominated (basically saisd they needed more money ) and anyhow a total transformation of how every child and tecahersspends their time did not appear

yet there is a rumor that AI is going to offer online chats taht once they start wil not stop until kids are happy that their time is leading to livelihoods matching teh way that 21st c chalenges in every community no longer ressemble any of the stanrads 20th c cutt=rricula examoined

until the ai good educational change soaces come along lets list a few resources by those who have come out from the other side of believing the coolaid that american or wstern education still merits a pass - take eg this light read- although spome pf the statements are naughty - the system changers referenced eg deming are the same ones that keep on turning up weherever  transfromastions of education and citizenship have happened GIINIUS by

Who is Kate McKeown and why is she obsessed with education transformation?
Here’s her story.

Me at the November 2017 Techonomy Conference in Half Moon Bay, California.

Me at the November 2017 Techonomy Conference in Half Moon Bay, California.

Kate McKeown’s Bio

     Kate McKeown is a writer, entrepreneur, inventor, and radical professor. She is the co-author, with Lou Mobley, of Beyond IBM, generously called a “best-selling business book” by the Wall Street Journal. Kate’s non-fiction has been published in many business journals, from "The Harvard Business Review" to "The Controller's Quarterly."

     Kate worked extensively with W. Edwards Deming for more than ten years, including helping him to edit his book, Out of the Crisis, published by MIT Press. His next-systems-level thinking changed a country in one generation. We can too.

     As an entrepreneur, Kate founded several companies, including C.W.O., Inc. (Cold War’s Over), a company that imported Russian military clothing for sale in the US, covered by BusinessWeek in “Developments to Watch” by Peter Coy. As it turns out, the Cold War was not over. Education today teaches people to play in a zero-sum game. This is very dangerous for the entire world.

     Kate, in her dim past, was Chapter President of the Washington, DC, Chapter of the Young Entrepreneurs’ Organization, (YEO, now EO) where her mentor was Ray Hickok, the founder of YPO, the Young Presidents' Organization. From Ray she learned the importance of community, trust, and ongoing peer support.

     As an inventor, Kate holds one patent, which she wrote (except for the claims) and prosecuted, and generally has several provisional patents pending. She sold one of her inventions on the QVC home shopping channel.  Kate learned how to teach people to protect their intangible assets.

     As a professor, Kate incited Entrepreneurship at the Fordham Graduate School of Business, and was Entrepreneur Fellow for the undergraduates. She taught for a decade in the Birthing of Giants program for entrepreneurs at MIT, co-sponsored by Inc. Magazine and EO. Kate has also taught finance to many groups of American businesspeople and entrepreneurs, in forums such as Comdex, and the AMA, and has guest lectured to groups of Russian and Chinese businesspeople (and anyone else who will listen) about the values underlying an entrepreneurial economy.

Who knew education was broken?

Turns out Kate did! Back in 1973. Here’s the valedictorian speech she wrote when she was graduating from Steel Valley High School. Kate’s mom passed recently and it turns out, she kept Kate’s speech all this time. Here’s the last sentence:

“Our schools, by applauding all creativity, encouraging each student in whatever he can do, however unorthodox, respecting him as a human being born with a capacity for great character, can meet the challenge to change.”

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