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Friday, December 2, 2022

1962: 5 years after Neuman's death - 5 neumann AI labs mapped by Economist journalist's meetup Neumann 1951 princeton

see for intro to how neumann shared world's greatest (exponential valuation)scoop with Economist journalist 1951- w? (also update at -or free 30 mimute zoom curation (free in 2022 - 

By 1962 - 

along with the swiss corridor from 1865 - (convergence of railways, electricity started tele revolution - ITU in swizerland nomainated as world epicentre of all tele cooperations; corridor from budapest to berekley nurtured maths goats eg neumann einstein; who continued debating intellectual cooperation beyond borders until deciding 1920 to escape hitler/staklin orbits by emigrating usa typically prinecton

princetoi corridor (via eg ibm xerox dell) north to boston mit inckuding moon landing coders

mccarthy twin ai lab stanford

stanford trade connetions tokyo coastal corridor (under us pesace umbrella korea so, taiwan) soon crosssea ports HK and Sinagpoire to all asia pacific's 66% of livelihoods

princeto soth coridor - mainly giov space dc and teaxas and florida's capa can

in 2022 we can see the world of society has zig zagged from 

0 (tele) communications era before electricity

tele1 from 1865

tele2 from workd war2 accompanied by neumann's query

web 1 first digital instead of papered world

web2 actuall startrek's beam me up scotty turned out to be ebam data up and down by handful of biggest corporation 9americn run out of tax havens - chiense run out mmm.)

so from 2022 wht may web3 llok like - can it assist UN2 intel and so zoom up and down from 17 sdg gravities? 

- see

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