Scot James Wilson dies in year 2 of chartering taxes & financial services piloting Queen Victoria's vision commonwealth across india subcontinent - 112 year later fazle abed and 1billiongirls picked up where James parted; by now Economist was in 22nd year of Von Neumann AI survey ...INTEL of week 4/24 "Cyber-Physical Internet (CPI): Sending and receiving manufactured products just like sending and receiving instant messages" host UN

Latest news. from UN Guterres+30 - CEB
In tribute to 8 billion humans cooperations during covid our diary reserves 2020 for upcoming global village zoom innovations of digital futures for humanity, and we celebrate 2021 with updating aide memoire of what college students (& millennial generation & bottom of pyramid cooperation networkers) need to help the UN empower however much the establishment tries to drown them in debt or ban them from accessing the greatest brain cooperation tools to be evolving in 8th decade of Neumann AI multipliers where the analytical capacity of artificial brains outpaces the humans by many orders of magnitude but the ability of humans to advance each other and prevent extinction is only as good as the depth of data mapped
how to mix web3 for sustainability - good blockchain- good chatgpt; sdg storytellers on metaverse- daos for sdgs -eg DG4 -world class brands on 5th decade of chartering brand leaders for sustainability - at the start of 1990s we challenged 20th C media experts not to get involved with greenwashing - see the brand architecture practice we established
why not help millennials assemble AI's most exciting partnerships (2023.1 ) around the UN (2020)?

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

update 2023 - beyond extinction which of 3 personal computer maps of 1984 can get 8 billion intellects the AI we need

the gates vision

the jobs vision

the economist and macraes' 2025 report mediation- future history review by Economist science editor - original book free at

The Economist was charged with probably the 2 most cooperative missions of any weekly newspaper

reference Economist centenary autoibio 1943: From birth in 1843 The Economist was charged by its founder James Wilson with the social action:  support a 20-something queen victoria change the design of english constitution from slavemaking empire to commonwealth-unlike the revolutions in UDA and France the UK was destined to be the world's leaders of monarchies or so it was until a 16 year old Prince charles gladly ceded that reponsibility to the Japanese Royal family seeing how much Japan embraced new technology and had at tokyo olympics become the origin of satellite broadcasting -see

From 1951 von neumann on behalf of goats of amtsh entrusted the economist with the survey what goods can privileged peoples unite with 100 times more tech per decade

Von neumann further suggested 160 year future history countdown of the world- if the first 80 yeras of communications technologies aka tele1 started out of swiss corridor by ITU's worldwide remit compounded into world war 2 after 80 years what would be the consequences 2025-1945 of computational tech multiplying communications tech

join us in compliling last cooperation edition of 2025 report started 1984 then half time along the quest of the maths goats who had also clarified in 1945 that the ir energy and artificial intel projects would compound expoenetial threats and opportunities the like of which human being had no expereince of but whisch blending or aryificial and human intellect would in all likelihood determin the bards question - to be or not to be


Is it possible for the younger half of the world to unite 8 billion beings'nn joyful lives and productive livelihoods? We see this as the ultimate examination in cooperation 

MET - Maths-Ed-Tech

      A*N where N is Nature ; & A is the kind of Action referred to socially in the oreintal saying : the king cannot change until the people change- which seems since 1776 to have had an alternative rendering ; political democarcy cannot chansge until the people (MET) change

ME(A*N)  T


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