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Sunday, January 8, 2023

 Dear Sampson so wonderful to meet you and Lidia Hakizimana at national press club during science week while Biden entertained African leaders 

I'd like to rehearse some possible conversation topics of why youth's half of world needs to celebrate goats of maths 2020s if there is to be an sdg generation and if africa in particular is to live up to all  youth's and nature's potential

Flatiron 2023 Coop Leaps zoom open 9am to midday Ny time

Of course you may have your own fav way to introduce this by zoom jan 18 -or please connect sub-clusters where people can advance actions way beyond my 71 year old ability 

but here are some issues I believe john friends and I have been wondering about for many years now as ny crossroads to big finance UN sdgs, Geneva's media tech since 1865! aka ITU, media agencies education's future as well as 100 times more tech per decade (the survey von neumann asked my dad to start when they were both in ny 1951) 

what would first maths dao or maths teachers NFT look like? Is at as simple as listing 100 most magical maths wizards of all time and pointing to today's best coach of what those wizards discovered - of course "best" introduces wave of Digital Cooperation questions of at what grade and with what pay so that coach isnt wasted but also maths from k to 40 is redesigned - america is about 25th in teaching maths (me not great fan of Pisa but) so in my opinion (especially after what happened at brookings this week) US unlikely produce any next einsteins for sdgs  before 2030 - certainly not the systemic way von neumann and his most cooperative peers schooled that dad and I have studied in detail in our von neumann biography

Perhaps more urgent are questions like those below unless someone whose made a fortune from maths wants to help launch mathsdao or integrate it as eg 100 seats of the overall ed3 revolution dao - Ms Saraf the founder of this wonderful dao has already proved a campus is a disadvantage if 18 year olds up want to train in very specific edge for helping their generation -see unconference nov 2022

 LEAP Q Cooperation NOW!

What is role of maths:

Africa 2040-2030?-next 7 years web3 designed

Un tech envoy and science

Digital coop and cooperation every way to be lifelong student-teacher if had personal dashboard, personal trainer back from 3 billion new jobs green community tech
Crises of tech envoy & gov 2.0
is CODES  everything maths - especially chaos maths - bottom up adaptation community cooperations - does deep learning exist without both deep and inter-silos database

Aiggood is all tech change of web3 – what can design web 3 to end hatred etc of web2,1 -eg good ops of feminised metaverse ; bottom up databases – eg climate adaptation ; Decentralised community treasuries daos/ blockchains – eg tech appended to every goal – fintech foodtech health-tech green tech or other synonyms such as e in e-commerce or e-learning

Global connectivity is media tech since 1865 out of ITU swiss corridor where goats of ,maths developed before extending to 4 more maths corridors including princeton N and princeton-gov-sw (notably these 3 coridors re[resented mindsets of 20% of humans who are white); so during first 10 years of economist-neumann search 1951-1961 good news = japan coastal belt corridor and how it stimulate Moore 100 times more chip power from 1965 stanford/silicon valley : 70% of human development depends on pacific ocean trades not the strange atlantic med suez maps of Britannia (The Economist was stated 1843 with 20 something queen victoria to try start resolving this right old english mindset mess)

Trust/safety rising (inter-generation) exponentials – western global professions don’t audit these instead  they externalise risks at borders

just a conversation starter- confident you and john and all have smarter ideas than me

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