Scot James Wilson dies in year 2 of chartering taxes & financial services piloting Queen Victoria's vision commonwealth across india subcontinent - 112 year later fazle abed and 1billiongirls picked up where James parted; by now Economist was in 22nd year of Von Neumann AI survey ...INTEL of week 4/24 "Cyber-Physical Internet (CPI): Sending and receiving manufactured products just like sending and receiving instant messages" host UN

Latest news. from UN Guterres+30 - CEB
In tribute to 8 billion humans cooperations during covid our diary reserves 2020 for upcoming global village zoom innovations of digital futures for humanity, and we celebrate 2021 with updating aide memoire of what college students (& millennial generation & bottom of pyramid cooperation networkers) need to help the UN empower however much the establishment tries to drown them in debt or ban them from accessing the greatest brain cooperation tools to be evolving in 8th decade of Neumann AI multipliers where the analytical capacity of artificial brains outpaces the humans by many orders of magnitude but the ability of humans to advance each other and prevent extinction is only as good as the depth of data mapped
how to mix web3 for sustainability - good blockchain- good chatgpt; sdg storytellers on metaverse- daos for sdgs -eg DG4 -world class brands on 5th decade of chartering brand leaders for sustainability - at the start of 1990s we challenged 20th C media experts not to get involved with greenwashing - see the brand architecture practice we established
why not help millennials assemble AI's most exciting partnerships (2023.1 ) around the UN (2020)?

Sunday, September 12, 2021

help assemble zoom diary of 21-22 - 100 events every global graduate needs to share knowhow of

universities that spend too much of their students time on monopoly teaching by individual professors and monopoly exams certified to the confines of those professors old brains -and keeping their alumni separate from worldwide alumni collaborations -  are probably the greatest risk to your nations younger half ever being the sustainability generation

 anyhow lets assemble the 100 most open minded leadership zooms in 21-22, and the review claims for and against 

 or help us assemble the most collaborative univesrsity in the world - the global university of poverty

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