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Tuesday, August 1, 2023

AI & Future of work

 Back in 1984 i first joined dad co-editing future possibles (2025 report); dad's 33rd year following clues Von Neumann had trained Economist journalist to follow as the future exponential change of designing media and computational engines made traditional economic models increasingly hopeless; ultimately as keynes may have been first to clarify - economics doesnt value how peoples lifetimes or data are being spent; and what it doesnt value is exponentially excluded (eg mother nature's evolution rules are being sacrificed at the altar of very misguided economic academics except where they now do human ai; anyhow in 1984 we predicted three quarters of all milennials jobs would have changed out of recognition from 20th c causing all sorts of education havoc unless every person identified with their own skills dashboard and personal llm adviser

below i crib blatantly from the people i name - i guess they will tell if i have borrowed too much

Team Roy have great zoom ai Future of Work 9 August "Our stealth-mode NextCoLabs team is hosting a 1.5 hour review of critical strategies for riding the AI Tsunami. Join me and Harvey Castro, MD, MBA.Manuj AggarwalDoug HohulinMichael MorrisseyMarti Konstant, MBA, and Roy C. Vella as we each provide rapid-fire insights about the ways that people who lead teams and organizations can leverage these game-changing technologies. Team Gary has circled the globe talking to countless strategists and practitioners about their challenges and opportunities. Fraing: an AI Mindset and an AI Skillset are critical for truly taking advantage of the AI Toolset. Register for free here. Invite all your friends. :) -gB

"Today, I thought it might be useful to talk about the different types of AI and what they mean. Language is a funny thing, and AI pontiffs and scientists are just like everyone else—they argue about terminology almost as though it’s a sport. I want to talk about the concepts underlying these definitions, and why they’re so useful."

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