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Thursday, December 31, 1981

3/19/2024 Intelligence fans most critical day yet.

 Why crucial update of

5 Taiwaese most likely to save humanity

Fei-Fei Li's friends of educationally opn AI4all

Policy makers collision of 2024's top 10 tech chage multipliers which man-made intelligence merely gravitates

Update of King Charles Diary of Brit's versions of Rnglish language logics and rhymes since bard and newton's visions collided

.....more crossroads coming UNsummitfuture.com


Today's Intelligence fan's most important day yet thanks to Nvidia's Jensen H - to see why www.economistdiary.com/1981 - My family & i started up 2025report of intelligence most important future days on my 30th birthday 1981 which in turn was also dad's 30th year of meeting von neumann and agreeing economist journalists would try to live up to being neumann's future diarist. Why today? update by nvidia's leader - when Jensen saw crossroads of fei-fei li's 2012 AI Imagenet world championships breakthrough he started building million times less costly computers for those doing biggest data analysis. With Melinda Gates he also founded Li's education NGO ai-4-all. which gave her a 4th platform independent of 2 NSF, 3 Stanford, $ Google Cloud J is one of 3J's pacific coast taiwanese americans linkin uniquely youthful doers of change for societal good openly connecting all others. Another Jerry is heads Stanford trustees while his artistic Japanese wife helps mrs doerr with agenda of the new climate school at stanford. The third taiwanese family led by Joseph built the neuroscience labs at their alma maters stanford and yale and have been celebrating mental/physical health of black girl superstars out of brooklyn and san diego. Of cause there's also Maurice Chang ove in Taiwan still the producer of individual chips - 80 billion of which are configured in gpu bought from Nvidia. Wow what an amazing world of innovation we're traveling through!. Much Moore at update www.economistdary.com/1981 www.2025report.com final edition www.economistwomen.com


previously Golden Oldie 1955's Diary

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  1. Today's probably craziest yet for fans of millennials intelligence saves humanity. At Nvidia annual event brother Jensen explains his purpose of building million times more computing GPUs stimulated by seeing Fei-Fei Li's world championship AI breakthrough in 2012 (With Melinda Gates Jensen-Bhai helped li found ai4all since 2014). There may be some fireworks - Jensen has already made clear at UAE world gov summit what he thinks of Altman's attempt to take over all future media with call for investing 7 trillion dollars in altman vanity. More at www.economistdiary.com/1981 - on my 30th birthday (also dad's 30th year as von neumann diarist at The Economist) my family and i stared 2025 report diary clubs for those interested in whether 2025 would be better or worse than 1945. (Bit sad that Billion womens intelligence -a world once so brilliantly seen out of Bangladesh seems to be no "moore" but i guess thats how West's history often overtrumps Orient's herstory). Beyond my brain to know quite why. Chris GlobalBroadway Whatsapp + 1 240316 8157