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Thursday, December 31, 2015

in association with - 3 black girls, 3 chinese girls nearly save us communities 3 times

 lives matter compendium - John would you have time on march 20, 2023 before G6 cooperation water events begin to host what we know of how 6 young ladies (3 black 3 chinese) almost saved american communities 3 times. 20th is good date because thurgood marshall rev al hathaway fav ny summit is on  john knows medgar evers story from at least 10 visits started by the artistically brilliant Ms Song one of diannes chinese sherpa's to her UN architecture competition  

 ; these were continued by 2 chinese ladies who attended abed's 80th birthday; as you provably know in 1963 both evers and kennedy were assassinated; about 75 years earlier 3 baltimore black ladies won first legal suit of amendment 13- they built what became both thrurgood marshall's home community and where freddie gray was slaughtered causing pope francis to ask rev al to meet him; - more at -regarding march 20 I am not sure if the other fred (rosa's lawyer, resident of  former slave of booker washington's universuity Tuskegee and Jimmy Carter friend can zoom in a dew bon mots

for me meeting muhammad yunus led to witnessing the greatest stiryteller of our times , trusting his daughter will play his music for decades to come, tranfering io knowhow networks of Fazle Abed - 3 times a charm when it comes to being accidentally greenwashed

berween 2007 and 2015 i met muhhad yunius about 30 times - he didnt want any help with his stories of microcredit ; he discarded the 10 people who helped him launch global social busienss netwprks in favor of a german agent

and we spent 7 years building road to atleanta yunsu youth competitions due to climazx a month befire teh sdg launches with nobel peace laureates at atlanta


when it comes to white women bad luck surrounded mrs aol and daughter of ted turner lets hope mrs jobs , mrs bezos and mrs gates turn up what went wrong with 7 never trumps but has always revolved rounf whether women empwermebt web3s america and every cointry with an sd generation at the same time

see 2025 report final cooperation edition featuring abedmooc 30 greatest women cooperation networks of all time and von neumanns final countdown (in association with 2023's top 10 lives matter cities/places hong kong singapore baltimore glasgow geneva ny  tokyo mongolia slovenia womens-web3   (bye bye dhaka you'll always be missed brother bhai)



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    march 20-24 - can i check whether individually or together you want to host something during this week- its not long away given influential peoples dairies around john kiehl and others - first we have UN goal 6 summit - we know two of the main solution people - from singapore jack sim who has his own water day nov 19 at Un and has spent 20 years on this after selling his 40 singapore businesses in 1999- second we have unhabitats man in geneva the tech and main unenvoy solution networks of UN; i went to school with david attenborough's son and am still trying to work out whether bbc and king charles or japan emperor a water specialist even know this summit is on; so much needs embassy partners - surpisingly nigeria is one of the embassies to most help our people stage the goal 6 also jack sim now does bophub -I'd just got to know ckp prahald when he died ... anyhow jack's reviewing every major social entrepreneur catalogue for what scales and he is able to linkin almost all singapore faculties and students ,,, next week also stages jesse jackson rainbow push wall street summit (25th plus edition)- 15 years ago i started travelling with muhammad yunus on a king family project through dozens of hbu towns and cities; whilst i found remarkable students the very top of hbu universities seemed very siloised and through post-subprime era most concerned with their pensions; ultimately baltimore rev al hathaway is main inner city community youth connector i understand being the real thurgood marshall community- the pope also helps him as rev al's community was in middle of riots and all baltimore faith leaders called to rome- and rev al says jesse jackon summit is as good as black community engaging business solutions by and for black communities linkin; before covid john and I spent a lot of time at medgar evers brooklyn - however if there is one black or colored community in new york suburbs you most arrange meetings in please tell me location- for example I know one of the new york state civil rights commissioners so its just possible I may be able to find a missing link if we can share ideas and of course if we find them at right time some of johns contacts can help 100 times more than i- overall my understanding is everything guterres tries to change with AI and metaverse and youth comes to peak summer 2024- after that I more or less give up unless some of the above has leapt forward!! I do have one last book on 73ed tear of von neumann coming out and it mainly marries lessons from bangladesh and 1 billion womens empowerment across asoa since 1970 - in this regard singapore is helpful; two trips to hong kong are helpful ; i know the taiwanese american who built business school 2010-2015 at Peking University - we are still trying to navigate where asian womens can most reconnect after the 7 awful years of triump and covid - above all I recommend trying to linkin alumni of - as fei-fei li alumni show there are no machine values- all values are human - can we include diverse enough designers of ai; google's leader is predicting 1 million times more effort in ai computation than today by 2033 (by which time we'll probably know if we have found way to escape extinction or ...)- I havent yet found how to connect with someone in fei-fei team but am at her dc event tomorrow I am asking everyone march 21-25 whether they can find link to her cooperation networks- of course both of you know a lot more than I do in terms of who's actioning/funding what but mathematically we're passing so many tipping points that new york's next 16 months may be absolutely critical--- sorry for long tour - if there's one action movement above that interests you most which?; or if you have a bookmark to your most important movement of 2023 please share- thanks , best chris