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Tuesday, October 17, 2023

us policy update jy 2023- bill Create AI  best ai diary in west - nominations to

as we enter year 6/10 of trillion times more compute power going into chat llms, whose helping humans everywhere see the words worth co-creating

ai celebrating greatest (ie most good for 8 bn beings) human intelligences (1950-2030)

 welcome to agendaheroine AI  2023 would have been dad  100th year questioning humanity's goals and 73rd as diarist for Neumann-Einstein-Turing including The Economist to 1988 and 2025report from 1981. That concluded Neumann futures 1.0 - what god will people united where they get access to 100+ times more tech per decade. we didn't dare mention exp multiplier of mapping 40 year future - but now we know congress was informed 2018 that there would be trillion times more computing power for man-made intelligences by 2030; please help humans see the diary of uniting humanity  - what needs be in AI AgendaHeroine -eg speakers today from 3-day wall street ai bash laguna beach - see the agenda

notes from and after 4 months of testing whos intelligence since 1950 do action the most humanity we converted ti-tac into a 9 win game board-  WHY AIit includes diagonal win-wins of Women and Youth AI with humansai playing bingo to centre and 4 corners (also world hemispheres N.E.W.S for valuing goodwill mulipliers and consciousness (love emotional intel enough to integrate natures coides - see also smiths logic board 1758 - journal of new economics Glasgow U)

on the woemsai diagonal

herstory celebrates 

2001 when steve jobs hosted 65th birthday part of biallion asian womens intelligence mapmaker fazle abed in silicon cvalley

in 2009 centrefold:  the greatest female mathematicain and neuroscientist fei-fei li had handed at harvard and with demis hassabis they declred a decade of vision data collection for training intelligences

5 years (3rd to 8th od UN sdgs) after congress briefing 2018; melinda gates leaped ahead from sponsoring with ceo nvidia ai-4-all in 2015 lto ibrary on lifting womens connectivity for good feature's november's 45 year update on learning curve by fei-rei li "worlds I see" and early 2024 dear black girl untining intelliugences basketball superstar aja wilson sees and celebrates; this is very timeely as in trems of actioning community inteligencs black gorls are taking lead all over brooklyn - a practice lab within sight of the UN capus on other side of east River

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