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Friday, October 13, 2023 - 73 years ago (1951) The Economisrt sent my dad to new york princeti=on for a year to learn with von neumann about 6th tyype of engine for brainworkers (dad became his biographer) as well as to do interviews with Un, Wall Strret etc.

so we' are always interestd in sgaring ideas- who's intelligence imost helps consistently advance humanity from 1951 and particularly mow. Intelliugnece needed can be very local as well as worldwide depending on specifific local problems.

we always like sharing ideas but right now we have a particular gameboard we'd love to hear views on; it integrates 9 opportunities so that the younger half of the world can continue to advance life on earth as much as the ildr half.

3 dimesnsions on intelligence who's most helping 

1 all humans

2 more specifucally womens advances eg family 

3 more specifically youths advances

3 are about what tech people are mapping every day:

foundation models involve trust and safety- they need to be particularly caring for eg local health and local challenges with nature- fortunately eg hassabis ai teams have just open sourced 200000 protein codes - so biotech is leaping forward as you read this- who's doing that at foundation model connects

another dimension concerns the very top tech ceos nearest next tech advances- who among them is helping with how tech can next solve life critical needs for everyone not necessarily short-term profit

another is who's uniting citizens offering benchmarks we can all share on the advancing the goals=that 200 nations declared in 2015 as urgent but which according to the UN last month are still going mostly the wrong way as far as 8 billion beings are concerned

our final 3 dimensions

wgo connecting personalsised learning and digital ids

whos designing 1001 language models to make web3 more translation fit for millennials than web1,2 if they are to be te renewavbe generation

who's most helping un and indeed any government transform to giv2.0 -servant leaderhsip empowering people instead of powering over them


we are delighted to share survey results or if you have alterantive wording but heres the world we can see when these 9 diemnsions come together

23-24 library from womensai and hai - Melinda Gates womens lift library and Stanforsds HAI wizard Fei-Fei Li

The Worlds I See by Dr. Fei-Fei Li

from womens ai - Melinda Gates Womens Lift Library and suerstar AJA Wilsom

Dear Black Girls: How to Be True to You by A’ja Wilson
Available February 6, 2024

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