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Tuesday, October 10, 2023

can new york save humanity

Actually for over 40 years tracking started in The Economist sees Stanford as number 1 intelligence ecosystem for sustaining millennials - alongside that can NY-UN win-win with youth?
welcome from to friends20 from StanfordBrainHAI 5 to WomensHAI 9 5 1 to WomensHumanYouthAI95173
to UNWHYAI 8529173 to UNWHYAIVERYGOODTECH 852917346 
whats NYAI on 23-24 year 8/15of 200 nations asking  8 billion intelligences to action 17 sdgs- change co-brand sdg 177 ppp as UNWHYAIVGT:9Melinda Gates Flatiron Women Lift bookclubs Fei-Fei Li worlds to see november;, Aja Wilson Dear Black Girls new year; does Priscilla Chan have collab agent in NY? ; 8 Guterres Summit Future &  WHYAI UNVGT ;7 Brooklyn MS T1 & BlackSportsWomenBarclays & Neuroscience & HongKong-Taiwan Goodwill ecom value chain wizards ; 6 Personalised Ed Ids 5 Hassabis at Courant maths; who's FFL NY agent beyond extinction 1?; 4 1001 LLM ? ; 3 Stanford Global Asian Us alumni (see Asia Society celebrations of yang (chair of stanford trustees) ; jim kim & NYU Med Tuition Free; 1 who's left to realise Abed & Steve Jobs 21st C vision uniting women sdg grads without alumni borders with 30 deepest cooperations    

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