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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

i dont use the web separately from 10 other things like zoom and google tours -which indian city are you writing from - my maternal grandad spent 25 years with gandhi in mumbai- his family were mainly nurses and pharmacists- kemps corner in mumbai is named after the family-its a small highly connected world

and i dont want large audiences - i want to linkin the most trusted ones

i dont have funds -if you have a change the world purpose out of india what i it- i zoom with many other purposeful indians or i use whatapp +1 240 316 8157

i a just a diaspora scot

i live near usa national institure of health near washington dc- i am not medically expert but i am a data guy- i got my ma in stats from cambridge over40 years ago- i have mainly done data projects on asian societies starting with work for unilever on empowering female communities indonesia 1983- all the data trump is using is wrong- apologies for the mess that causes everywhere just when young people had so many sustainability challenges to share

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