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Friday, May 1, 2020

a zoom is absolutely what we need - particularly the way you shelly host it where all the features are open

i am always happy to optimistically say what i love best about someone's purpose and be corrected if i got some of the fine details wrong i have chatted to 3 of the 4 people whose replicable knowhow i admire for doing community health and mitigating infections in poorest villages up

paul farmer who i met at central euro university the year 2013  it was celebrating fazle abed

fazle abed 5 times on 15 visits to bangladesh including a 4 hour dinner roundtable japan embassy hosted in remembrance of dad and where sir fazle moderated debate on future of sdg and girls university

shelly once over lunch in dc after she had been one of 8 people the jim kim world bank did a tedx with
shelly and her daughter both now in delhi do extraordinary community based work originally to try to end tuberculosis but also on childrens first 1000 days to mitigate stunting- they will know before any official media if the virus is destroying costs of basic foods in indian villages

BUT SOROS global board in new york are people like maloch brown well meaning - he drafted the millennial goals but not people who have lived in villages developing/scaling/educating peer to peer solutions

- i can find no indication that soros yet has a main education partner in india- a huge opportunity or threat depending on who is chosen for your 1/5 of world pop- in fact once you go east of east europe - feel that soros main advisers dont really know the half of the worlds population who share the continent's south and east let alone japan or asean-look at the global board maybe i am missing something - top rank economist kaletsky looks like a lone voice for the oriental majority of the world's economy and far more than that in population terms

i met unni and anna in vienna where i understand (please correct me) unni is trusted by founders of indian organisation like Tata to clarify their sdg purpose/perpetuity/exponential audit and anna previously worked for one on the big indian microcredits which in my opinion was falsely advised by yunus, went to ipo and did not understand fazle abed- its pretty simple if you look at history of bangladesh from its birth in 1971- 12 years before yunus was granted grameen bank ordinance, brac's abed started multiplying lesson of oral rehydration to every village mother, and  para health and nutrition village mothers businesses and once there were 50000 of these very small but positive income models they needed their own banking value chain - brac was always about livelihood education franchises first, from which banking value chain for poorest emerged- brac takes responsibility to design entire value chains

soros own university central europe which he started 1991 moved to vienna last year- i think anna advises part of the gov on that- also moved to vienna is ban ki-moon who has with former president of austria started up a local to global youth citizenry curriculum and with other partners a global climate risk consultancy- moon had also be invited by jack ma to be in the ethical middle of the olympics he had become main sponsor for

so which edu system in india will join osun first- it seems to me you all can search out best choice and somehow we need to get that recommendation made to one of the 12 people on soros global board- while i know the 13 th person vincent chang who sir fazle charged with his university legacy the finances of the university and possibility bracs banking have stopped during the virus and the meet in vincent was hoping to present to soros top people scheduled for april has been serially postponed as has glasgows cop26 which we were building teams to linkin as probably has 75th birthday of un ny sept

Why the World Bank ex-chief is on a mission to end coronavirus transmission

if we can work out how to brainstorm on zoom i can find some people one level down from soros global board who are passionate about solutions and there must also be a way to get back to jim kim- kim left the new job he took after the world bank 2 weeks ag to make boston a lab for ending the virus

please correct me as needed but anyhow i hope you find some win-wns
chris macrae dc region whatsapp +1 240 316 8157

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