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Thursday, January 1, 1970


I am a huge fan of how reeta roy has grown mastercard foundation - she has connected much of boston's best village mobile entrepreneurs since graduating from tufts and for some time out of toronto where 2g technology eg blackberry relevant to eg mpesa generation models hubbed- she followed the extarordinary innovations by the quadir family and thence fazle abed; it will be fascinating to see if her knowledge and that of 2023 candidate Banga for world bank get a chance to multiply

 Very interested in investment foci of mrs steve jobs and the changes in foci of the recently divorced mrs gates and mrs bezos (ms mackenzie scott)

chatgpt offers these views  of ms mackenzie scott

  1. he Equality Can't Wait Challenge: In 2020, MacKenzie Scott partnered with the Pivotal Ventures team at Melinda Gates' investment firm to launch the Equality Can't Wait Challenge. The initiative aims to fund and support organizations working to advance gender equality in the United States.

  2. Seeding Sovereignty: Seeding Sovereignty is a nonprofit organization that focuses on Indigenous sovereignty and land rights, as well as environmental justice. MacKenzie Scott donated $4 million to the organization in 2020.

  3. Racial Equity 2030: In partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation, MacKenzie Scott is supporting the Racial Equity 2030 initiative, which aims to address systemic racism through a series of large-scale grants.

and these of Ms Laurene Powell Jobs

  1. Emerson Collective: Emerson Collective is a social change organization founded by Laurene Powell Jobs that focuses on a range of issues, including education, immigration, and the environment. The organization uses a range of strategies, including impact investing, grantmaking, and advocacy, to advance its goals.

  2. College Track: College Track is a nonprofit organization founded by Laurene Powell Jobs that focuses on increasing college access and success for low-income and underrepresented students. The organization provides a range of services, including academic tutoring, college counseling, and leadership development.

  3. XQ Institute: XQ Institute is a nonprofit organization founded by Laurene Powell Jobs that focuses on transforming American high schools to better prepare students for the future. The organization supports a range of initiatives, including curriculum development, teacher training, and community engagement.

news on melinda gates (as well as her early interest in compiling pledges) seems to be emerging ..

In 2015, she founded Pivotal Ventures, which invests in for-profit and non-profit companies with a view to improving women’s lives in the US. Her 2019 book, The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World, She is contributing to contributes to Co-Impact’s Gender Fund and recently announced her support for not-for-profit social enterprise Harambee.
The Financial Times mentions her interests in a new breed of collaboratives but one would need to check which she is in : CLIMATE The Hive Fund for Climate & Gender Justice Climate Leadership Initiative Climate and Clean Energy Equity Fund GENDER Black Feminist Fund International Trans Fund Global Fund for Women RACIAL EQUITY Pop Culture Collaborative The New Breath Foundation The African Visionary Fund Liberated Capital SOCIAL JUSTICE Pulsante Amazon Defenders Fund Blue Meridian Partners YOUTH Visionary Freedom Fund The Firelight Foundation The New Schools Venture Fund

x alumni NAD Macrae:: Japan Order Rising Sun 1988, UK CBE @myUNUSlab :: :: first 60 years of debates on AI for humans :: maps of global trade's continents and oceans :: remembrance hubs 2020-10 rsvp



Questions of the month:

June 2019 DC Axios:

News Shapers: Trade and Tariffs

Could we start sharing a

Map from North America

To Latin America where

regional chambers of congress

explain the trade freedoms that

will make or break their peoples:

Eg South Dakota’s view

El Paso’s view

What's your vision for what we humans can do with a trillion times more tech than when we landed on the moon? And if we don't achieve you vision with a trillion what moore is needed?
axios has a lot of ideas- eg mid june 2019 why not help peoples of russia make the most of wheir their planet interfaces with the arctic circle before talking up colonising mars?
here's our midway vision drawing on surveys published in The Economist (originals at

DIARIES & Resources
BR0 BRI Apr 019 Beijing 36 nmatuional leaders + guterres & lagarde &

BRUN May 2019 UN report digital coop led by jack ma and melinda gates
BR6 Aiib 2019 - luxembourg ETA July 2019
BR1 G20 Japan june 2019 - emperor celebratyions with 196 nations novemebr japan
also in 2019 apec chile;

Resources BR2 - Nilekani storyboard bn person id reboots india

2019 2020s 1 trillion times Moore than moon race 1960s; 300 trillion dollar gap wests most liquid finance and humanity’s most vital goals

Ghana sends more students to china universities than any other african country; Ghana woe 6th education laureates- first won by Bangladesh girl empowerment networks- jack ma partners Bangla fintech but not yet edutech- 7th education laureates wise nov 2019

Founder vanke wants to maximise japan goodwill connections and diary of world stage events – eg g20 emperor celebration olympics japan expo 2025

Ctrp founder maximise what sino-japan tourists value eg green twin community tourism- fresh slow food value chains; arts rituals

Japan Emperor & Prince Charles (commonwealth) visions for 21st post colonial harmony -connection with 5g visionaries eg maso-san ma, Zhenfei, yang

Charles first united japan and European economies at 1964 olympics- Britain (english speakers) main reconciliation responsibility across south asia belt. Connected with prince charles are BBC world leading journalists nature and culture

India’s critical year starts with election results and how billion person digital id used- how did AIIB (UK connectors Jin’s daughter, Alexander, Lord Stren) Mumbai go, whats goal of luxembourg aiib- can japan and china share more projects eg Jakarta- metro japan , slums aiib and worldbank- APEC diary nov

Education youth friendship embassies

Schwarzman -china’s rhodes scholarships for global affairs students @tsinghua sponsored by US blackstone Japan Softbank Hong Kongs CKGSB -american university prof championing us-india affairs at schwarzman as well as spiritual movements like DAMO

5G Embassies

Which countries believe 5G #DigitalCooperation key to SDGs- which billionnaires lead market value chain

Fashion billionaires:

Value of youth celebrities

Japans’s Uniqlo

Spain’s Zara

All Asian girls livelihoods

Smartest pro-youth and local to global mediators eg tian wei liu xin

UN Connections-

UN china 20 subnetworks

:border that both china and un need most worldwide support

UNESCO inside education G5 AI teachers assistants

Italy bridge to EU and all med coastal belt nations and latin south. Romano Prodi – Italian translator of Entrepreneurial Revolution 1976

Faith that true community can change anything if can connected with knowhow – Confucian, Franciscan, …

Belt Road Mapping Embassies

Infra banking Embassies

Interesting spaces CEEC +1 _+1

SCO plus india; 6 plus 1

Cofac; Celac ; BRICS APEC

Jim Kim move for afri9ca infrastructure- UNCtad focus on Africa;

Geneva epicentre of unctad itu wto who red cross wef-IR4

2018 BR6 Unctad Oct 2018
BR1 world bank annual meetiong (Indonesia ) update on billion dollar project to end slums- launch of 2019 world dev report - livelihoods

BR9 FOCAC 3 sept 2018

Wise UNGA sept 2018 NY &

AIIB Mumbai June 018 &

G20 J Prep from 1 Aug 018

MAolympics to July 2020 Japan &

...Shall we design markets for 10 billion, 3 bn or zero people?..

As people concerned by community and global media, this is our fast moving understanding of what partners in UN's great debate on sustainability goals (17 goals is a lot for one screen -more at is about? we (eg 6 generations of diaspora scots mediating community health across 4 hemispheres) love to hear what you think the purpose of sustainability goals education is. rsvp

Depending what languages and faiths you use, different origins to this debate can be found. The one my scottish diaspora family knows best started 175 years ago in 1843 around James Wilson. His first concern was whether it was possible to design markets so that 2 islands - britain and ireland- grew in peace. He founded The Economist in 1843 to host what became a 17 year debate during his life time. The results were mixed ..continued here

MAP win-win coastal BELT and continental high ROAD

41st year of celebrating return of china as central kingdom.. macrae dictionary of end poverty economics

Friends of Macrae EconomistDiary @175


WHO WILL BE IN DHAKA OCT1-6 2018 TO HELP GIRLS SUSTAIN HUMAN RACE NEXT LEAP ? with a typical invitation to esteemed mentors of

please join in or tell us who might represent you - i see shorebank's Home - Global Alliance - For Banking on Values now has a training institute at MIT - as i expect you know iqbal quadir whose mit lab started with yunus moved over to brac and helped form as world's number 1 cashless bank

this fall summit will be at brac
the main chinese participant is ying lowrey - the main academic researcher of jack ma and beijing teaching university tsinghua

she is being asked whether she wants to move to hangzhou to co-lead the alibaba global business school, which is a partnership with UNCTAD and others best able to scout for dev world's most sustainable youth entrepreneurs

as you know april saw the gamechabging event of jack ma taking 20% share in brac's fintech

this oportunity will never come agaib to ask co-creative scaling questions like
will bkash and jack's fintech for poorest 2 billion across s asia- how might nilekani's 1 billion person universal identity fit into ultra poverty reach

what is the ,livelihood connection between fintech and edutech and girl empowetment

if it is true that there are 300 trillion dollars of most liquid assets none of which see sdg solutions as an asset class what can the un do about this'

jack is now connected with 4 un movements the latest with melinda gates invited by guterres is to report on digital cooperation by march 2019 in time for beijing to accelerate all its new development banking partnerships and belt road mapmaking across continents may 2019

ying knows who the top people around jack ma are so any idea she understand she will ;pass on- indirectly she also trains the 1000 young people who tsinghua sends abroad since she helps host the youth friendship space afterhours that all 3 top beijing universities meetup at because its within walking distance- chinese global broadcasters are known to select their global youth panelists primarily from this space

mostofa from bangladeshi villages if day to day builder of this summit- originally sir fazle asked us to do it with his education director because brac had started being left out of the best edutech connection of the wise laureates a summit founded around celebrating him'- i diont understand why global summits do that so often because i dream all people could learn finance and end poverty from a team editorially led by sir fazle

jack ma has said from 2020 he will move to education as his main challenges

if none of your people can be there but want to submit an investigation piece we will be trying to get student unions from both brac and chinese university on the case mentored by ying or relevant members of sir fazles team or both

my famlys foundation 9th year of being a minor sponsor of evengts dad at the economist';s end poverty sub-editor would have approved of - we return to bangladesh after year 3 main event composed 2 roundtables at japan embassy whose chief moderators were sir fazle abed brac and kamil quadir bkash

i remain in dc 240 316 8157

detailed questions best go to mostofa who is working on this every day with brac and liaising with ying lowrey - we were privileged to bring 2 chinese students to sir fazles 80th birthdays and they had helped make initial connections with ying and tsinghua - her main mentor in usa is columbia's nobel laureate phelps of mass thriving

July 2018: breaking news from EconomistDiary, Norman Macrae Foundation partners with BRAC- Bangladesh's and girl empowerment's hub of WISE world's first education laureate to host futures roundtables of girls' fintech and edutech. October 1-7 sees our 3rd event following roundtables with Sir Fazle Abed and Kamal Quadir which were both kindly staged by the Japan Embassy in Dhaka, Though largely unacknowledged. dad , Norman Macrae, was awarded The Emperor's Order of the Rising Sun with Gold Bars for relentlessly arguing that essential to sustainability goals would be a return to people/family centric economics ; :Population-wise this would be led by the East especially the tenth of the world's young women living in China and Bangladesh. We aim to celebrate the recent fintech partnership between of and Jack Ma's Ant Finance of Alibaba -which is set to bank for empowering the poorest 2 billion on the planet. Moderating the week will be Ying Lowrey, Chinese academia's lead researcher of Ali Baba, featuring fresh news of the new global business school and all curricula celebrating SME value chain: (More on Professor Lowrey of Tsinghua.)

At time of writing (3rd week of July_) Jack Ma was just invited by the UN's Guterres to lead a new panel on digital cooperation in every market : first report march 2019 ready for 100 nation's leaders of Belt Road Imabineering (EconomistDiary May 2019 Beijing BRI 2.0 host Xi Jinping).

On Dhaka's Road to Beijing, friends of BRAC and ALIRESEARCH hope we will progress edutech connections -ref why Norman Macrae's Entrepreneurial Revolution at The Economist posited a sea-change in education would be necessary if sustainability is to be all parents' gift to millennials livelihoods and joy of being universally connected. washington dc 240 316 8157


Jack Ma and Melinda Gates report is due Spring 2019 in time for sustainability's top 100 national leaders to celebrate at the second summit to be hosted by Xi Jinping Beijing May 2019

more at which aims to celebrate formal meeting of national leaders eg over 65 national ledaers mapping beyond colonisation's world trade routes - next beijing may 2019, tokyo olympics summer 2020 - and informal collabioations next dhaka oct 1-7, 2018 -

Worldwide Update for linking in peoples sustainability world trades during 1461 days of Trumpdom - see how to use map at @obamauni #TheEconomist or this linkedin group on Jack Ma's FifthEconomy

From The Economist 1976 Coming Entrepreneurial Revolution by Norman Macrae; celebrated across Italy with Romano Prodi - where are friends of small enterprise globalisation today? Norman died 2010- april 2017 Romano Prodi at Beijings ThinkinChina -Norman's 3 MVPs of Entrepreneurial Revolution

Sir Fazle Abed, BRAC Bangladesh, Chief Guest at Japan Embassy celebration of Macrae 2012

Jack Ma

Muhammad Yunus, Chief Guest Norman;s last public birthday party St James, London, 2008

MAO: women lift the sky of half the world -

BELT ROAD IMAGINEERING -elementary game rules-
look at all neighbor nations or states - can you see a win-win trade? - either you produce lots of something the other place doesnt or there is a community service solution that educators could swap or mobile APP; if you can find win-wins with places where people previously distrusted each other so much the better if your nations have trustworthy media to HELP YOU(TH) JOYFULLY MEND BRIDGES

Breaking Jin faces off silicon valley 5 May 2018 == japan's abe hosts may 9 meeting china (li pm first state visit for 8 yeras may 8-11) and korea moon jae-in
welcome from and &

2018 Obituary Hall of Fame

Dead's John Perry Barlow- the kindest rock star any millennial could meet

- hopefully larry brilliant will once again pick up the silk road baton from east-west-to-space-to-earth
.one-a-week-dc- april 23 girls life skills

deming 14


  1. Create constancy of purpose for improving products and services.
  2. Adopt the new philosophy.
  3. Cease dependence on inspection to achieve quality.
  4. End the practice of awarding business on price alone; instead, minimize total cost by working with a single supplier.
  5. Improve constantly and forever every process for planning, production and service.
  6. Institute training on the job.
  7. Adopt and institute leadership.
  8. Drive out fear.
  9. Break down barriers between staff areas.
  10. Eliminate slogans, exhortations and targets for the workforce.
  11. Eliminate numerical quotas for the workforce and numerical goals for management.
  12. Remove barriers that rob people of pride of workmanship, and eliminate the annual rating or merit system.
  13. Institute a vigorous program of education and self-improvement for everyone.
  14. Put everybody in the company to work accomplishing the transformation.

These total quality management principles can be put into place by any organization to more effectively implement total quality management. As a total quality management philosophy, Dr. Deming’s work is foundational to TQM and its successor, quality management systems.

50 years of
back when man landed on the moon my father's life work at The Economist imagineered the same sorts of maps that Belt Road Imagineering now mediates -

magic (what jack ma calls loveq) webs when a third place can win-win-win with the first two- this may be neigboring on in thesde digital days it may be anywhere

there are so many community solutions that educators could be swapping - so much work for young prople to do to joyfully beceome the sustainability goals generation

elementary plus true media rule
most lessons can be swapped at almost no marginal cost wherever there is now enough mobile connectivity- this should be the biggest story all media are socialising - is your meda? if the trade involves moving product then get out an atlas of the world- are the ports and roads (overland rails , pipes cables) mapped so that every communit cab linkin?

BRI is a game with various pieces - the first is big and small nations (click)

advanced games - there are some old powerful people who refuse to tell their kids the truth - here are some broken systems that educators must help youth mediate beyond if our human race is to be sustainable

to say that invetsirs cant afford eg belt road infrastructure is nonsense - most peopes today find that one out of every 5 days they work is taxed so governments can play wargames- wherever that tax is spent on win-win trading infrastructires the need for armies and navies reduces; there is similar nnsense about we cant affor to go to green energy - the 2 reasons we cant afford this are government rules that still support dirty waste and places where government dont value youth (their renewability) as much as elders; it is true that are a few nations today whose only main trade is dirty energy- the solution is to celebrate every way tehse nations become leaders in elearning 9that is jobs creating solutions which can be freely swapped because every community needs their youth to do these) - this is part of the reason why our book timelining sustainability generation first publishe in 1984 clarifies why massive beyond classroom education will be needed if the human race is to globalise in ways that match natires eveolutionary values

brics quicktour 1 sa 1
2025 superport quiz- america's #1 superport : mexico or ? ; South asia's#1 Cox's Bazaar or? Arctic's #1 ?



are humans racing to extinction or thriving out of every community - problems include education has never wholly focused on innovation; the rich western world's biggest banks have used new tech in ways where sustaining children and communities -explore 10 back of envelope solutions to end human extinction - tell us where world class summits are helping youth networks to innovate humanity

?india's most exciting summit ever?

5* ranking awarded to summit processes 2016-2020

Please note we welcome votes for other 5* rankings but once 10 are interconnected it will be harder to make case for new ones

10 MICRO-G20 (see also

9 Ali-Expo (Tokyo 2020)

8 New development banking summits especially this co-chaired by china and India –patter established around aiib BRICS sgo and related summits

7 Girls-edu WISE summits - next big summit : WISE@UNGA new york sept 2018 -february briefing on all india survey of this NY Valentines week

see 6 leading nationalities now contributing to education revolution in addition to qatar

china bangladesh and asean ghana france india usa

6 Green big bang summit (co-hosts being formed discuss with korea-china co-hosts aiib2017) and can eg climate commitments of nations be blockchained

5 Belt Road Summit Biannual 65+ national leaders action debriefing Beijing – mirrored by some Guterres subsummits “global2.)

4 Confucian-Franciscan-Family values summit –still searching eg with Canada Sherpa movements and Vatican www.premiosciacca.itand historically Barcelona Med-sea cultures summit

3 Summit on top 10 missing curriculum of youth jobs that can't be taught in classrooms – eg china’s hujian has shown that English as second language can be designed around 20000 peer to peer skype community with trust protocols designed so language learning is the sole purpose

2 Open Space College Dean movement – Tsinghua University uses related idea- it applies for patents so its scholars can maximize their social impacts and designs the worlds number 1 startup suburb to start at the other side of the university’s gates – see also


in 2008 (subprime -see 9 year old's tough question to 2000 new yorkers january 2008)
.... the world's 7 historically richest nations G7-led went into paper-currency bankruptcy once again caused by property bubbles and mathematical frauds; 13 less rich nations( said they would help save the system if G20-led summits were born, and citizens prepped the next year's agenda - what's the biggest subject valuing youth's sustainability that each year could prepare for; of the 7 rich nations Canada has done an amazing job of bridging g7 and g20 (english peaking nations USA, UK not so good due to being ruled by the sort of media in which brexit and trump seemed like the silent majorities last chance )

- notes to history teachers - develop a training moduile on why walls dont help youth - china and germany have gained tremendously by celebrating the end of walls:... however as our 1984 book clarified by 2000 mankind will need to wake up to its biggest risk being the discrepancies in incomes and expectation of rich and poor nations- how did g7 leadership design global 1.0 1984-2008 without waking up? can 13 + 1 (canada) nations wake up the other 6 - see parallel summits on new development banking; is your nation ready to celebrate china's 2 paradoxes: 1 if you count the chinese diaspora, china is already far the biggest economy but english speaking experts dont value that? even those media peope who wrongly headline such english-economic models can now see that by 2030 china's mainland will be peopled by 700+ million middle class consumers- will they be the fussiest consumers demanding hi-trust brands or the opposite dismally ruled by big vested interests epitomised by the worst that DC and New York accidentally big banged



Playlist with videos from all sessions




Tsinghua university is an underacknowledged gold mine which amy knows how to search along with graduate alumni of Xi Jinping's main youth-village networks geared to his 3 year mission to end rural poverty in China -see also essays on ending poverty of Jinping since 1988 collected in book Out of Poverty

Norman Macrae Foundation awards 10 www summit 5 star ratings every 5 years


Macraes’ 1984 book chapter 6 mapped why sustainability of human race would depend on youth and sg goals jobs entrepreneur competitions being hosted by world service tv (eg bbc and then india’s DD) just as universal mobile access linked every community- this didn’t happen hence our 5* rankings as a major concern of youth journalists for humanity

The current worldwide ranking started at Hangzhou big data small and green finance g20 subseries 2016 – these continue with names such as EWTP , Gateway17 --- And concludes with Japan Olympics partnering in celebrating communities for all youth ALI-expo ***

Currently 5* ranking awarded to summit processes 2016-2020

Please note we welcome votes for other 5* rankings but once 10 are interconnected it will be harder to make case for new ones

10 MICRO-G20 (see also

9 Ali-Expo (Tokyo 2020)

8 New development banking summits especially this co-chaired by china and India –patter established around aiib BRICS sgo and related summits

7 Girls-edu WISE summits - next big summit : WISE@UNGA new york sept 2018 -february briefing on all india survey of this NY Valentines week

see 6 leading nationalities now contributing to education revolution in addition to qatar

china bangladesh and asean ghana france india usa

6 Green big bang summit (co-hosts being formed discuss with korea-china co-hosts aiib2017) and can eg climate commitments of nations be blockchained

5 Belt Road Summit Biannual 65+ national leaders action debriefing Beijing – mirrored by some Guterres subsummits “global2.)

4 Confucian-Franciscan-Family values summit –still searching eg with Canada Sherpa movements and Vatican and historically Barcelona Med-sea cultures summit

3 Summit on top 10 missing curriculum of youth jobs that can't be taught in classrooms – eg china’s hujian has shown that English as second language can be designed around 20000 peer to peer skype community with trust protocols designed so language learning is the sole purpose

2 Open Space College Dean movement – Tsinghua University uses related idea- it applies for patents so its scholars can maximize their social impacts and designs the worlds number 1 startup suburb to start at the other side of the university’s gates – see also



According to Macrae 1960s surveys in The Economist, Japan the first former empire to successfully grow a post colonial world trade – soon followed by diaspora chinese and first network to turn former colonies into win-win world trade models; followed form around 1972 in very different ways by Bangladesh and mainland China but with many common priority solution franchises eg rice science for the poorest ; village doctors

It would be fitting if Jack Ma can launch his 3rd carer connecting japan and china in friendship in the happiness ,markets which he has identified at world economic forum 2017 as:

Health , sport and community and arts for all participation, half of adolescent education beyond classroom, green solutions and nature tourism

We also believe that the 30 million development challenge that is North Korea can be mediated by Japan, China and South Korea collaborating to the maximum on this part of the belt road with any other nations that wisk Korean youth a happy 21st c

Previous 5 Year WWW series and updating notes including links to the English-sino world record book of jobs creation at along with family of 20 pro-youth co-blogs by region and SME market-space

chris macrae 240 316 8157 washington dc




Is Art the Solution? | Reza

Reaching Beyond the Frontiers of Poverty | Susan Davis

Putting a Face on Poverty | Marcelo Giugale


Building a Big, Bold, Beautiful Market | Eleni Gabre-Madhin

Can We Conquer Tuberculosis? | Shelly Batra

Reinventing Education in Rio De Janeiro | Claudia Costin

Innovation, Inspiration, Infrastructure: 3 Keys for rethinking education | Rafael Parente


Nowhere To Go | Christin Clyburn

People First Design | Jeff Risom

Believe in Yourself | D'Banj

Will the Poor Always Be With Us? | Jim Yong Kim

diary 2025-now-1969- 1944: global2.0 now -youth race to sustain planet out of eevery community and across every border -needs smarter mediation & mappin NOW! than mans race to moon

expoenential investments can rise or collapse civilisations - now on a local to global scale of vital connectivity - to spend 4000 times more spend more on worldwide commns tech (2025 vs 1944) started up -eg due to .stored computer program innovation 1944 -von neumann ; cf oscar 015 turing film..The Economist's UA Pro-Youth Economics

associated youth jourmalism research webs and open spaces include:

Principle 6: 6 Exponential Maths Keynes 1 - As economics increasingly rules the world of man-made systems, economists will either design or destroy the life-critical market purposes that most people need. The exponential impact metrics that economists have a do-no evil responsibility to map pose a critical valuation problem -one which Einstein predicted hi-tech human race might not solve in time!

..home - questions to DC hotline 1 -301 881 1655 in joy of MOOC -Massive Open Online Curriculum

.old stuff-

events dairy 2015 june30 5 days dc greatest ever celebration creative children; aug 14 athgo's 5th celebration of wizard tech at world bank; sept 23 fringe parties round dc inspired by POP and Pope; october 9-11 world bank starts its year in peru; oct 13 san diego celebrtaes womesn social credit; global health montreal nov italics means need more info
Example of world record job creation reporters 1FE current pro-youth livelihoods reporting bases Tokyo and Dubai- searches sustainability best actions from japan corporates like Toyota, university professionals eg Tokyo medical millennials sans fronteires, regional foundations like Abdul Latif, partner advice to eg elearning satellites map makers; family tree's special culture relations connect eg Japan, Indonesia, Phillipines, UAE .
Smith alumni send Special thanks to ChatGpt on notes relevant to commonwealth's 180th birthday .in 2023.Sub to our linkedin newsletter; to contribute to Media's Golden Oldie: 1860: One year into his innovation project with Queen Victoria Charter bank and first annual review of the peoples taxation, Economist founder James Wilson died of diarrhea Calcutta. 112 years later banking on poorest east asian village women ending diarrhea started the deepest partnerships in human economic development maps . ups and downs in human moral sentiments exchanges had taken over 100 years of English Constitutional Change, and 2 world wars and the dollar replacing pound as global currency before the question of whether the quarter of humans on the subcontinent of India were to be free to tax and build their own places. By now The Economist was starting its 3rd decade of quzzing leaders on Von neumann and Intels' exponential transformations. And if you traversed beyond the Bay of Bengal to the far East coastline rising north from Singapore, the question of how about 30% of peoples livelihoods were to grow was hi-tech dependent on coastal belt innovations streaming down from Japan Korea S Taiwan-this being the first Asian corridor to join 4 others as beneficiaries of the legacy of Neumann and his peer maths "GOATS" (3 in USA - UN North, UN South, West Coast between Saints of Francis & Clare and one with UN's Swiss epicentre) : The Economist's story begins 1843 as a London Scot JW's diary of how to support 20-something Queen Victorian transform constitution of an island from slavemaking gunboating empire to hoped for commonwealth; it took James Wilson's life (died Calcutta 1860 of diarrhea) and legacy 180 years to get to 2023- can media (Swiss UN global connectivity since 1865) design cooperations whch millennials need TO BE 1st sustainability generation (Applause) or extinction's destiny (boos -dismal beyond belief FTX RVP #45 subp 911 ...). Since James was an alumni of Adam Smith - we welome all diarists to 265th moral sentiments summits Glashgow UUn June 2023 - ( after action debrief
Economistarts.comking and worldclassdaos....
Lot of cooperation needed to advance Guterres UN priorities of 2023 - where can we connect
Join the dao of 2025report- last edition beyond extinction: the overall story of co-research von neumann scoop- who will unite what good with 100 times more tech per decade - chapter 1 how 5 tech eras have accelerated since 1865 -3 in the last 30 years.
chap2 how from 2016 the UNs framework offers first transformation in gov serving people since beginning of government in king's English - can you all be in time to celebrate most massive cooperations for good
guest chapter 2 page visions of those talking on redesign of 2020s be that web3, dao decentralised finanace , regenerative communities- which tech is applicable, which tech gets in the way?
how before 2016, a billion poorest women set the pace on sustainability economic modeling- learn from 3 phases- designing 10000 person communities with no electricity; sharing the university of leapfrog models lessons from 15 years of playing annual game of
appendix of terms as they first appeared in the economist from 1951 (often their original meanings have been altered by vested interests - check out whom and avoid their advice like the plague
Tips for making 2023 most cooperative year of 4 billion youth & 4 billion elders start with browsing bop at linkedin - tell which coop to eD headline at eAI eArts eB eU eWA eWO eF eG eL
First 75 years of
schools brief with alumni of von neumann & The Economist ... web3: AI change teacher
read all about it - how english speaking world service failed humanity in spite of at least 16 years time to live up to this 1984 tech-wizard charter of sustainability to 2025 invites you help fix this join first 100 person zoom in memory of Queen Elizabeth - greatest public servant English speaking world
Breaking April 2023: did the lies Murdoch's broadcasters told in 2020 compound under 1 billion dollars or 100 trillion dollars of damage as far as designing media millennials needed if there is to be first sustainability generation?
Help publish youth's web3 year of 23 -rsvp
It would be interesting to know what Queen Victoria wrote in her diary when her first special envoy to
charter bank by and for india's peoples died 9 months into landing calcutta of diarrhea;
and why it took another 112 years before
girls empowrment first asian bank - BRACooperation started up by a reformed Oil Company man began saving humanity
M3 crisis: 1/1/2000 missing 2025 report's media good
(chapter 6 pdf download written 1984) opportunity of majority of world being aware of humanity's greatest risk = greatest mis-timing of my life; hope its not 2020s terminal mistake for our uniting species
Help publish youth's web3 year of 23 -rsvp
Can 100 times more tech per decade since 1930 advance enough COOPERATION to sustain millennials out of every inhabited GPS? tick tock by 2030 it is mathematics (of chaos) likely that we will know whether 2020s being saved us from mother nature's wrath and irreversible species destruction. Most exciting decade to be alive. Cooperation needed at and every game worldrecordjobs can help you and yours and meta-soc play
From our archives- 1860 17 years into founding Economist, James Wilson's most ambitious project partnering queen victoria in launching chartered bank by and for the quarter of peoples on india subcontinent stalls.
Wilson dies of diarrhea 9 months after landing in calcutta. 85 years later sir kenneth kemp (father in law of Economist's Norman Macrae writes up legalese of Indian Independence. Sir Ken did not know that partitioning was about to happen. Peoples of East pakistan draw colonial aera's shorterst straw - not only a colony of West Pakistan but blocked out of access to what have been south asia's superport. 23 years later cyclone kills a million peoples and shell oils regional young superstar ends his contract to start helping women build the new nation of Bangladesh. The greatest economic miracle produced by a billion asian mothers begin. The first network cooperation - oral rehydration ; 112 years after wilson's death illiterate village mothers first homework is how to mix boiled water sugar and salt to stop diarrhea killing one thord of infants in tropical villages. Inspired by this abed and 1 billion women map 30 cooperation platforms 1972-2019 - BRA-C (Bangladesh Rural Advancement Cooperation). First meta partnership BEAC UNICEF Tropical china; from 1996 leapfrog partners beyong vilages without electricity start to web end poverty's races. Japan and silicon valley ask abed to go international - vrac university with james grant as first world class colege begins 2001
meanwhile in 1890s london 2nd editor walter bagehot continues queen victoria's project - can the English Constitution end the slave making mentality of corpoartesd like East India company with a commonwealth constitution. Although many believe Victoria did plant this legacy for the 20th C royal family - not in time for east Insia comoany to ruin another quarter of the world's lives - the chinese after 1960 clsoe themselves to global trade rather than accept ultimatum to accept opium as a currency. Just as it takes peoples of the place we now call bnagaldesh 110 yeras to start freeing their own trade, so too contenetal china. By 1972 out of desperation both bangaldesh and china depend on raiing womens productivity from mear 0 to more than that of men in every community developing children. On the Bangladesg side follow the mapping of the reforemd oil company ceo fazle abed; on china tropical side note that one child polict meand half of all familiyies start to be dependednt on how brillainatly entrepreneurial their 20s something daughter becomes

Dedication: Sir Fazle Abed 50 years (2019-1970) supporting billion women end poverty:.Notable learning curve exponentials of diarists of Economist & global village audience interactions impact of global viewspaer disapperaed did first 150 yeras of our diarists map enough intel for millennials to be the sustainability generation?
. what if human development determined by family's social network quality situated within web 3 2 1 0 after electricity before webs 00 before electricity
Primary purpose founder (London Scot James Wilson 1843) can global viewspaper mediate goals 2 and 1 end hunger and end poverty- changing slave making tdae toward multi-win commonwealth: wilson's pjhilosophy Smithian (last writings morality of markets before engines; first 16s of engines impact on national branding; wislons 2 signature partnership with queen victoria - end corn laws starving half of ireland's population; go to calcutta to start charter banking by and for the people; sadly wilson diee of dairrhea withing first year in vacutta but son-in-lam bagehot continues transfolrmation of Englsh Constitution
From 1951 given greatest scoop by vin neuamann - ask what peoples do with 100 times more tech per decade 1930 to 2020s-particularlycan zero sum games be resplaced by sustainable above zero sum trades - eg networks applying life critical knowhow multiplky value in use opposite to consuming up things
Norman Macrae's learning curve in 28 years before being mentored by Neumann: first 13 years home schooled btitish embassies including Stalin's moscw; then soend s last days as teen navigating airplaned bomber commandnd Burma before 6 years of good fortune; last class taught by keynes cambridge; mentired at Economist by sur geiffrey crowther autoboigrapher of Economist's first century
stories from mapping 100 times moore: best ever western leader decade fyt=ure chalenge - kenned'y's moon race primarily biproduct satellite telecoms (alumnisat) and interdendence - 2 atlantic segments : america's new european; Euro's old; asian about two thirds of humans dependent on pacific coast's world trade (that leaves up to 15% to decide which ocean integrated their muti-win games0; age 39 macrae permitted one signed survey a year- begins with 10 years of surveys of what futures do peoples want - 1962 Japan and rising Asian neighbors; 1963 people of Russia; 1964 peoples of Brazil & Latin America ...1968 peoples of south africa; 1969 rainbow peo[ples of USA- from 1972 alarmed by nixon's exit of dolar from gold standard begins 40 tyear future histiry genres with early fici on fintech, edtech, healthtec as well as energy markets; from 1976 joined by prodi argues for future capitalism grounded by sme networks not just bigger and bigger corporate and gov; 1984 prepares for last 5 y years at Economist with 2 genres - 2025 report book first published with chris macrae on updating sustainability deadlines and opportunities/threats of web1-3; biography of von neumann ; last article dec 2008- huge risk web 2 age of millennials will be underinvested with youth having to bail out elders; can blockchain distributed finance be last chance antidote to every greater political havoc of printing paper money?
Systems truth - big organisations hate innovation (ironically artificial intel best at integrating deepest real time data in way no human gov can do real time)- notably powerful western people blocked from transparent unlearning by media & lawyers; gov2.0 is about how hard one transformation of gov is since horse was fastest way to communicate; industrial revolution 4 shows how hard for big corporates to innovate beyond past system; 2020s last chance crises may involve privileged gamesters racing into web3 societies who havent yet learnt from billion poorest women attempts to leapfrog from web00 (without electricity)in 2001 friends of billion poorest women proposed solution - new universities who share their alumni's open community to community sdg solutions- see and discuss meta challenges to as predicted in 1984's 2025 report transformation of edu essential to survival of human beings (echoing HG Well's civilisiation race between edu and catastrophe) .. women4empower; herstory's turning points - some dates approx as took decades- if we've missed or wronged herstory (valuing womens planet Xponential multipliers with men's) -please rsvp - all errors mine alone gandhi 1906 thrown off south african train-starts 40 years of chnaging education from infant up (see -seeds future of mandela nets; 2020s gteatest ever network multiplier gandhi &montesorri; remultiplied einstein 1940s; in 12 post war yers greatest ever maths networkers leave legacy of 100 times more ytech per decade; from 1951 scoop of what to do with 100 times more etch relayed tp economist journalist for humanity; by 1960 ai labs twinned to face both coasts (pacific 75% of human sustainability; atlantuc 25%); by 2020s media's last chance at transparency see as too much data streaming from every gps not to blockchain and humansAI (see; 1843 smihian james wilso starts royal society newsletter gossiping why royal family need to celebrate sdg1 and 2 end starvation of eg Irish; ebd impoversiation of british raj; biggest underknown -did queen voctoria despatche wilson with idia's own chartered bank to get rid of him or to design multi-win commonwelath trading; in any event wilso dies of diarrhea within 12 months landing cacutta; it tales 112 years and partitionining of india subcontinnent before former oil company regional ceo fazle abed fimaces solutions of end diarrheas as killing tropical asian infants and end starvation by maximis vilage rice tech (borlaug)- having celebrated 100000 vilages first demonstartion of these solutions - unicefs japmes grant sonsors transai extension; coming from china missionary epidemiologist family - abed and grant partner in nationwide vaccination against infant diseases; thats 3 of the first 30 mass colaborations of the who ended poverty 2019-1972 (as for other models of western aid, who knows but data shows whatever else thy did it wasnt the vast majority of extreme povery ending); see the irony of web00 world (no electricy ) contributing more to sustainability than ever other world at - finders crossed web3 starts to emulat development economic leaps of web00 women; 1758-62: very intersting adam smith scotnds worldwide contribution to human development let alone emotional intel; bes ever summary of nature and humans market purpose before endines; best ver plea to startup engine applications everywhere not juts london 1760 east idia company's admin MOMENTS OF THE ECONOMIST - founded 1843 to mediate sustainability 2 primary goals - end hunger & poverty by Smithian James Wilson; 1943 centenary's autobiogtraphy compelling testinmong on what went wrong with negineerings in 20 most advanced nations (19 white); from 1945 Economist takes on Neumann's suggestion of greatest journalist scoop ; what to do with 100 times more tech per decade 2025-1945?; is there an optimistic rational way out of Orwellian Big Brother endgam?. If so how will educators and youth web & do what economists and elders cant even imagine/ ANNOUNCEMENT - from june 1 2022, the first post of every month will often linkin the previous month's update of - In turn this is one of the main celebration collabs of 2025Report and friends celebrating progress along the roadmap to UN secretary general's digitalisation "UN2.0". Codesmeta welcomes co-editors rsvp help AI make 2022 youth's most collaborative year-
2016 glory to every natural deity sept 2016- after 1st year review of SDGs jim kim makes his biggest move- what un hq and unesco have just reported is sdg4 wont happen before 2100- so he starts a pre-nft club on digotally cooperative education in geneva (getting unctad blessing to intro any educatir interested in etch to itu); just in time for engineer guterres to take up 10 year chair ofiun2.0 - from summer 2017- digital cooperation research becomes the =iggest change movement the world has ever seen with any government invited to benchmark nay unite un2.0) 2122 unga summit on ed no longer fit for purpose 22-23 school year of greatest every prize sdgmetaverseprize.orh and more unseen wealth compounding out of ed3 nfts than all the oil wells on earth

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