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Saturday, July 6, 2024 Q welcome Wash Dc region

Chartering began 1989 - dad, normanmacrae was semi-retoring from 5 decades of writing weekly leaders from The Economist; our mission how could people who practised media and maths identify/support most pursposeful organsiatiosn and networkds: ones that compound intergenerational good and winn-wins with all whose trust they seek; this latest version of charing has evolved from 1989 when we traingualrused 3 main questiosn: what identity do scieties need toi trust most in exchngaing value; inside an organsiation or across its parners hod fo people inteligent serve , what do leaders do archiecuraly and in dramrising chngaes societyies need to value in this aera of fast moving tech and species defining challenges - dad as a teenager became a keynesian and interested in linking win-wins across hemispheres; apartly as a doaspora scot; partly as licky survivor of spennding his last days as a teenage navigatir in allied bomber command burma campaig ...more

by including markets (bottom left of article's picture) as one of the 6 triple-wins of AI Chartering we can gain from asking Gemini or other chats questions like these: .....

For much of 21st c it was common to talk of e-markets eg efinance ecommerce elearning eagriculture ehealth -do people still study markets in this way or to get a full view should we be talking about AI as adjective to each market could
When it was common to use e- I dont recall people saying we should stop doing e until we understand the ethical consequences? or conversely were transparency discussion naturally iterated into what leadership of digital futures was visioning - actually in that sense i thought all designers of markets had agreed to consider the UN's sdg language- what i dont understand is today we seem to have lost the context frame of compound opportunities and risks in one bug expertise which seems to view itself as General Ethics
- here's doc of this first markets Q&A with a chat

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