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Friday, August 4, 2023

 Coming soon ER's top 10 chats with bard in first 90 days of learning one another

ER: writes: In 73rd year of dialogues started by Princeton's Von Neumann and London's Economist ed team (then less than dozen strong), Friends of and don't really know where to take AI games next. Thanks for your great news Stanford Event Sept 19 - foundations team absolutely marvelous

To be clear, we represent a minority view (about 1/400 humans =Scots Diaspora -Glasgow U Journals 1 2) of why Adam Smith invented morality of economics 1758 and GU co-worker James Watt from 1760 invented engineers. This is summarised below - all errors of rrecalling 73 years are mine alone

. if you have an idea of whose intelligence can take this to the other 99.75% of our species, please say ...ARCHITECT INTELLIGENCE : AI GAMES 2020s is last chance to ask and answer toughest questions, probably only freed at every GPS by LLM: 1 Is sustainability humanity’s overarching (inter-generational) purpose 2 Who Valuetrue Maps LIST : Leadership Intelligence Sustainability Transformation 3 Practically and mathematicallu speaking how does traingularisation of systems mapping trust flow between Mediators Economists Engineers? ALPHA deep & borderless data (aka maths chaos) questions : anyway is our species ultimate problem with nature uniting 8 billion beings or 200 nations A CANDIDATE SOLUTION _ DO YOU HAVE OTHERS Scots 1/400 of world have a viewpoint as one of the first worldwide networks started up ny Economist engineers and Missionary Entrepreneurial Mediators – NB 80% of us dont live in our far north land so our vision/action is geared to uniting beings/families from bottom up not nations top down We begin by identifying what sorts of engines people co-created with us from 1760 Physical Power (beyond horsepower) Precision tracking eg navigation maps/grids Transportation Freedom railways rinsing Infrastructure Architectures electricity rising Then early 1860s: about 100th year of engines was celebrated with the strangest freedom of all communications/cooperation engines without borders (mediated out of ITU Switzerland) The problem with this engineering cocktail PPTIC (Physical-Precision-Transportaation-Infratstructure-Communicattion ) is over next 80 years it led to 2 world wars in a strange part of the old world - where peopl;es suddenly became the best power engineers but were in landlocked north south border of eurasia extending down to the triconitent landbridge where the med sea turns round So the question posed by the great mathematicians who had grown up in world wars geospace but moved to princeton-UN corridor to try to help allied peacemakers win out for exponentially sustainable futures -if we integrate communications and computational engines will humanity make 1945-2025 best or worst of times. Apart from Scots bias valuing women empowerment & in uniting beings/families/communities, we suffer from one other ignorance: in our dna which we gave up our freedom for. Trying to unite Atlantic and Pacific Ocean peoples which we failed to complete (Panama Canal Trial 1710!) We have always been most heartened by mediations between west coast americans and east coast asians – see www, celebrated with Kennedy, Japan and The Economist 1962 during Kennedy’s last year and the 5th year after V Neumann’s death and the 11th years after he pre-trained Economist journalists.

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