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Tuesday, August 1, 2023

launching zeta 1

Zeta tours are AI (Architects Inte0 by or for younger people- but note 99% of world is still in infancy with good ai so eg a report like UNICEF on ai may help everyone

1 - sunita gandhi;  jeanne lim 1  2  ;;  vriti saraf 1    stefania druga 1   audrey cheng 1   melinda gates Mongolia Bolor Bettsangel

we welcome your nominations why did we start here?
our knowledge of sunita's intelligence goed back nearly 30 years when she was young prfofessional at world bank- she had graduated at cambridge being brought o in her parents school in City Montessori Lucknow- the only school recognised for a peace curriculum and by Guinness Book as the world's largest run by one family- often rated as a top school in india sunita's parents are gandhian- ie they retain no personal assets or profits; this is why anyone in india who wants eg to end illiteracy or innumeracy will likely know sunita but international social entrepreneur movements have never noticed; with about 50 years graduating now millions of kids you can be sure their approach to new technology will be curious but of course not leading in resources - you'll also like get an answer directly from sunita if you mention my name chris macrae and have a question relevant..transparency note i did fill out the nominations fir sunita for a ted prize around 2007- didnt quite win but frankly that was a mixture of ted's loss and my lack of admin talent- well have you ever met a best ever teacher? love to know who and whether she or he needs any publicity for their next big win with millenials

we diaspora scots  1/400 of humans are a stubborn bunch -we know which people have made life better for everyone wherever we have travelled and observed - none in our opinion more than the 1/1000 people of hong kong - jeanne )also a Berkeley MA in Psychology has marketed top us tech companies tech for decades but more recently has started her own intelligence network - if there is a better digital space for multiplying womens community building emotional intel than please tell us ;added advantage hong kongers probably have more tech gamers per head than anywhere ; and smart games and smart ai are now known to have a lot in common; 

our understanding is vriti saraf had over a decade of experience after graduating from teach for all and then started a wporld reserach tour of schools ranked locally best when covid hit - so she returned to new york and started a virtual club of 10000 future teachers; today its not clear what college students need brick and mortar classes for until you have seen what knowhow you may blend through ed3dao and k20educators

stefania druga is likely more formally recognised as a centre of ai education - we hope to find out more soon

we first expereienced the energy of audrey cheng when she was the most exciting speaker at a world bank youth summit; before the age of 25 she had founded one of africa's leading coding schools for girls and boys; while this keeps growing she is now in florida partner director for discord

we've already discussed why everyone can celebrate melinda gates leaps for youth women and human ai here

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