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Saturday, November 19, 2022

 Through the 2020s Economist Diary aims to be at the crossroads of several professions my family tree contributed. As global diaspora scots we have often convened in Glasgow or my patrenal family's resience in Isle odf atam but not lived in Scotlamd. In fact we have lived and worked in  or withmost asian countries peoples; my dauf===ghter has actualy f=grown up since 1997 in Washington Dc so that gives me some sort of view of every hemispeher; from 2015 I have felt taht the UN's attempt to innovate giv2.0 was also where my afthers' last projects became in my case 16 trips to Bangaldesh to map a billion womens empowerment since 1972

what i will try to do from now on is clarify which profession a post spaks most to 

here is one to the brand media and mediation community Q&A welcome

Ewondered if you have ever come across Brand Consultancy of Leo Burnett. For last 6 years of 20th c I helped them form that but ultimately they applied opposite advice to my main text book brand chartering - how brand organisations learn living scripts -. At one time around 2000 3 of the largsest ad agencies and 3 of the big 5 accountants were all tapping into my work, Bot as my experence of valuing intangibles developed all the biggest fraeworks of brand and auditing diverged from my search for world's most trusted purposeful orgs and networks. I am not sure wher my expereince meshes with yours but look forward to discussing. If you have a look at eg - the purpose of lifelong education in web3 world is probably my last big  search now I am 71 years old and trues to link many generations of my family's experience including dad's half century influencing The Economist and his signature works Entrepreneurail Revolution & Future History of Sustainability.

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