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Friday, November 4, 2022

 hello have started a newsletter at linkedin can we the peoples linkin a different future ? Ironically it seems to me that if we cooperated around hi-tech we could solve so many crises that somehow tech has so far accelerated. My family and connections have been questioning tech and leadership for 71 years now when my father at The Economist met von neumann in 1951 and was told to ask what goods would people unite around wherever they had 100 times more tech per decade - eg moores law soon gave those linked in to silicon valley 100 times more tech and satellite telecoms have always been to my peer networks the most curious gravitational force that kennedy's moonshot decade brought us. A new year round schools competition has been started - enter by Xmas to ensure your place is connected with 10000 viral storytellers of sustainability by spring 2023 - in my mind this will open up opportunity for community funding of sustainability solutions see

Also here are links to our 2 sister journals published out of Glasgow University - in June 2023 Glasgow intends to host 265th adam smith celebration of moral sentiments around the theme microeducationsummit we aim to discuss what changes are needed to education and design of technology and community building if the younger half of the world are to be the first sustainability generation- if you have questions or potential contributions you can either contact the journal editors via the web sites or ask me to send your mail on - I am at - I may be back in Glasgow by summer 2023 but currently strive to mobilise new yorkers around UN tech envoy roadmapping of UN2 and indeed all improvement to public servies that the best of tech and human intel could bring

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