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Sunday, May 29, 2022

Updates on UN declaration - education is no longer fit for purpose

First declared by  UNESCO & Guterres late 2021; UNESCO & Barcelona in May report optimal fix is to redefine teaching as profession most responsible for sustainability generation - this is also due to be the main resolcable crisis discussed at TNHA Sept 2022 NY

--- news from adma smith and Economist alumni: queries welcome Wash DC

- New york friends are hosting as many real and zoom events as we can up to general assembly september on following dynamics of the education crisis- if you know anyone who would like to join in please say - we have framed the crisis this way so that differ5ent grades of teachers can both discuss the challenge to the ages they are responsible for and upstream downstream system links to younger or older...

.. Education’s Extinction Crisis – we’ve designed world in which less than 1 in 7 kids at age 15 are maximizing LoveQ Development, and this seventh are not openly connected with sustainability of their generation ...................................................................................How do we know this? Both through Asian Women Empowerment research since 1972 and recent UN research of what educators say matters most every 3 years of Child’s Development. Within most national systems another third of kids are being lost every 3 years from most vital human Intel & emotions

 ...............................................How did this all go wrong?-My father at The Economist kept a diary showing over 50 years of  failure since 1950 to collaboratively mediate Gift of of Von Neumann’s generation of 100 times more tech (AI) per decade locally & globally. Dad had met Von Neumann in Princeton 1951 and Neumann mentored Economist journalists to scoop the question of 100 times more!

One 2020s solution? #Aiforgood & UN2.0 as SDG Digital paradigm for ESG governance of largest organisations uniting humans. We can also learn since 1972 from Asian poverty alleviation women's networks inspired by Paulo Freire to build nations' education and sustainability collaborations across generations

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